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  1. If the system supports this name length, I think Biodreamer has the best idea.
  2. That it does! For some parts, I had no idea where they came from but they looked like they could be Fabuland stuff so I just browsed through Fabuland set pictures until I recognized the parts.
  3. It's still not great but when there is no picture, you can sometimes tell what the part looks like by looking at pictures of the sets containing it. That's how I found some old Fabuland parts I got in a lot.
  4. Following a comment by @chris38911, I tried this and yeah, if you change page, you can't access that popup, even if you come back to the first one.
  5. I tried it just to see and you are right, behavior is not consistent. If you display a single list and click on a part, you get the popup where you can change the quantity. If you change page, and click a part, you are brought to the part in full window and don't have the same options. If you go to page 2 and come back to page 1, you have the same problem even in page 1. It seems something is getting lost in the navigation. I'm pretty sure this is a bug. I'll submit it.
  6. I can't express how much I agree with the idea of not passing through the "load all" screen. It is certainly the most demanding one on the system and you virtually never want to see it. @biodreamer, my personal favorite would be checkboxes next to each category/color so you could filter on more than one at a time but that probably requires a lot more changes and would probably be more demanding on the system. Assuming that only the current two filters are kept and with only one value at a time each, the ideal interface would allow to switch both with only one reload. Dropdowns with a submit button could do that. For example, I want to go from Red sloped bricks to blue bars. Right now, I need 4 reloads: Remove red Add blue Remove slopes Add bars With @Kalais's suggestion, or auto-reloading dropdowns, I need 2: Change red to blue Change slopes to bars Thant's already massively better but with dropdowns and a submit button, you only need one. You switch both lists and press submit. One load with a very small number of results as opposed to the current 4 which mostly contain larger number of results each.
  7. I've finished sending requests for the sets I have. Hopefully, the corrections will also help with the other Ninjago sets.
  8. I submitted changes for the Ninjago sets I have. I still have to do Misfortune's Keep. Hopefully, that helps.
  9. I mentioned a few of these in individual submission but I think there's a wider cleanup that needs to be done. This part and it's color variations are inventoried very inconsistently: http://rebrickable.com/parts/19857pat0001/minifig-ninjago-wrap-type-2-with-wraps-and-knot-pattern/ It's dual molded so presumably, one color (either the hood or the wrap) will be in the part name while the other will be the color selected in the inventory. I don't know which should be which. This is a link to one of them but others are inventoried differently. Once this is done, it will be necessary to check each set to verify if the color must now be changed.
  10. Wow! I just noticed the Owned/No owned filter in that page. Was this added or did I just missed it before? One way or another, it's exactly the feature I was looking for and it will make my searches soooo much faster. A bit thanks for adding that. It is extremely appreciated!
  11. That's true but the case of the reddish brown ones seems stranger. I'm pretty sure that 4085c (probably even 60897) was already around when the color first appeared. that would imply that these were actually made in 4085c after the other molds were around. That couldn't be leftovers from an older batch. There is no first date for reddish brown so I can't be sure.
  12. That's still an inventory with incomplete information to me. I think it should ideally be possible to manage each copy of each set. It's not a big problem for me because there are very few sets I have more than one copy of but for people who do, this must be a big headache.
  13. Having to go part by part is not much better that going set by set. Actually, it's probably more operations. what I meant was to have a global view of what parts I'm missing from which sets. For my part, that need is not very important anymore since the possibility to mark extra parts as not owned removed the vast majority of my lost parts. But I imagine that it must be annoying for someone with many parts missing from many sets to have to check each set or part to know what's missing from what.
  14. Yeah, I had to do it manually while removing the spares I had listed as lost also. But once it's done, it's done. I was just happy most of my old classic space sets had no spares.
  15. I have 4 reddish brown also. I don't know the sets they're from because I got them individually from Bricklink. But I'm pretty sure reddish brown came along after the change from 4085b to 4085c and there is the thin round version after that. I get a part error in my inventory on these but I'm not sure how to solve that unless some sets can be determined to contain 4085b consistently. Unless there is a function for alternate parts in a set's inventory in v3?