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  1. Vokhev

    Can we see submitted pictures

    Anyway it's nothing critical, especially if the occasional bad submission is not a major pain for the admins. I was just curious to know if the feature existed for photos since it does for MOCs and change requests.
  2. Vokhev

    List of rare Unprinted pieces?

    I saw that we can see the position but not the number. For example, we know it's the 150th most owned set but no that 2000 people own it. It's too bad, the second number would be more representative.
  3. Vokhev

    Using Estimated Value to Appraise Collection

    Over here at least (Canada), there are often limitations for certain items. For example, say you're insured for a total of 100000$ of goods. There might be a 2000$ limit on jewellery. So even if you only have 50000$ of stuff plus 10000$ of jewellery, you would not get 60000$ but 52000$ even though 60000$ is well below your total maximum. There are usually limits like that on collections. But the definition of collection has to be taken into account. If you have 200 DVDs because you like watching movies, those are goods that you use. They won't be limited and you'll get 200 new DVDs. If you have a bunch of rare valuable DVDs you keep sealed, that is a collection and will be limited. The line can sometimes be blurry. Toys are goods but a bunch of classic space sets in their original box are a collection. There would probably be much argument with your insurance company. In my case, I play with all my LEGO and I let my nieces play with them so they are clearly toys and shouldn't be limited. If they are still available, they would be replaced and if they are no longer available, they would be replaced by something equivalent. I have no idea if Bricklink could be seen as the item still being available. Maybe. If not, I would probably end up with the same amount of bricks but only new bricks.
  4. Vokhev

    Can we see submitted pictures

    The ability to cancel a submission would also be nice. I sometimes forget to change the colour and all I can do is resend it with the right colour, leaving the admins to sort it out. If you could cancel it, they wouldn't have to do that job.
  5. Vokhev

    Copy/paste problem in MOCs

    Like I said, when I want to be sure to loose all RTF, I paste through Wordpad. I just wanted to let you know the issue existed.
  6. Vokhev

    Picture priority

    Ok, I'll wait a bit and see if it refreshes. For the parts that showed up twice, I think I know what's happening. It's cases where the Element Id picture has the part on it twice. I guess it keeps its priority even though is doesn't fit the standards. In case where the picture with many parts on them were photos, my new pictures with only one are indeed the default now. Is there anything we can do about these Element Id pictures with 2 parts or shall we live with them?
  7. Vokhev

    Copy/paste problem in MOCs

    It was Microsoft Word. That's pretty standard... And the reason I use a word processor is because I want to use the word processor feature to make sure everything is ok with my text (English is not my first language). But I tried copying from Notepad and indeed it desn't happen. I even copied my text from Word to Wordpad and then from Wordpad to Rebrickable and it solves the problem. So I will just try to remember to do that to avoid the problem. But, to me, having an RTF editor that doesn't properly accept content from the most common word processor is a big problem for content quality and should be investigated. But like I said, for myself, I have a way around.
  8. Vokhev

    Copy/paste problem in MOCs

    When I create a MOC for Rebrickable, I first write the text in a word processor to decrease the chances of mistakes on my part. But when I paste the text in the textarea for the description, some spaces are removed. This happens about every one and a half line. It's kind of annoying and can easily mess up the descriptions of MOCs.
  9. Vokhev

    Picture priority

    I'm curious about how the system decides which picture to show in parts lists. I've recently sent in pictures for parts that already had pictures on Rebrickable but that picture didn't respect the standards (either the part showed up twice in the picture, front and back, or the arms were missing from a torso. My pictures were added (and I later realized there were already photos in some cases) but the same picture still shows in lists so my pictures didn't really help solve the problems I was trying to address. For the torsos, I noticed that they don't seem to be flagged as "similar picture". Maybe this has something to do with it.
  10. Vokhev

    Can we see submitted pictures

    I still have a few dozens to send. I wasn't lookig for my submission specifically at the moment, I just couldn't find a way to see them and I was wondering how to do it if I'm ever not sure what I have and haven't sent yet.
  11. Vokhev

    Can we see submitted pictures

    On the home page, we see the change requests and MOCs we've submitted that are still pending but is there a place where we can see the pictures we've submitted?
  12. Vokhev

    Look in My Part Lists Only doesn't seem to work

    I tried giving it another go and this time it works. I guess something was stuck in cache or something. I wonder though, is there a way to search in all my parts? (from lists or sets) That'S actually the feature I was looking for.
  13. Vokhev

    Parts without images

    It might go down further. I took 105 part pictures yesterday that I will be uploading in the coming weeks.
  14. In the Search Parts page, the is a Look in My Part Lists Only option. It doesn't seem to work. For example, If I search for the words "Classic Space", I get 39 results whether it's checked or not and I don't have all parts referring to classic space in my lists (as much a I would like to).
  15. Vokhev

    Wrong image

    There seems to be a glitch with part 970c00pr0756 Legs and Hips with Medium Dark Flesh Belt and Holster Print. It has the right image on the part's page, but in my part list, it's a completely different image.