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  1. When I get a new set, I always check if the spare parts correspond to what's listed on Rebrickable. If they don't, I submit a change request. Since all spare parts are submited by users instead of imported from LEGO like the main inventory, I wondered if it was useful to you to receive a confirmation that when the spare parts are indeed the right one, confirming the original user's submission.
  2. Vokhev

    Part Identification

    That was honestly a lucky guess. I know nothing about Znap except that it's a different system. These looked like very different connectors so I checked the Znap category just in case and it was right there.
  3. Having it create the lost parts automatically would be nice indeed. That would be perfect after you inventory a bulk lot and later realize what almost complete sets you have in there.
  4. Vokhev

    Part Identification

    Could it be this? https://rebrickable.com/parts/32221/znap-connector-3-x-3-4-way-a-axial/
  5. Vokhev

    Can't find a part...

    Yeah, I got it in a bit bulk lot and it's one of only 2-3 parts I really couldn't find for a while. Glad to be of service.
  6. Vokhev

    Can't find a part...

    I think it's this: https://rebrickable.com/parts/2352b/windscreen-2-x-4-x-3-frame-with-hollow-studs/ I also looked for a while.
  7. Unfortunately, I entered my dark age a few years before that so I can't really help with that one. One trick is to check for rare colors that would have been produced only before or after the proposed switch date and see if any of that color are on the market. Also, it might be a good idea to start a separate topic for this conversation instead of putting it all in this generic set inventory topic.
  8. We had the same kind of problems when we did the plates with clips and cliplights a few years ago. Also, you can't rely on set pictures, event from the actual boxes. I've had new sets that contained variants different from the ones on the box and instructions. There's usually a transition period of few years when both versions were in use, sometimes in the very same box. I think there is sadly no perfect solution to this.
  9. Vokhev

    Inventory help

    Maybe you set list is set to not be included in build calculations or something like that?
  10. Yeah, Bricklink would be my suggestion also.
  11. That's what I thought also. If there is a way to trigger the mail only on changes that affect the inventory, that would be perfect.
  12. Wow! I nearly missed this. That's insanely powerful and versatile! Thanks!
  13. No, the feature wasn't there back then. I suggested those links just a few weeks ago and Nathan implemented them very quickly :)
  14. Vokhev

    Gold color question

    That's what I think also. I have quite a few of those in pearl gold and there can be considerable variations.
  15. That's simply awesome. This will make inventorying bulk lots so much quicker. I just can't get over how much you're listening to the community for things like this and how quickly you include them. Thank you very much!