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  1. Wow! I just noticed the Owned/No owned filter in that page. Was this added or did I just missed it before? One way or another, it's exactly the feature I was looking for and it will make my searches soooo much faster. A bit thanks for adding that. It is extremely appreciated!
  2. That's true but the case of the reddish brown ones seems stranger. I'm pretty sure that 4085c (probably even 60897) was already around when the color first appeared. that would imply that these were actually made in 4085c after the other molds were around. That couldn't be leftovers from an older batch. There is no first date for reddish brown so I can't be sure.
  3. That's still an inventory with incomplete information to me. I think it should ideally be possible to manage each copy of each set. It's not a big problem for me because there are very few sets I have more than one copy of but for people who do, this must be a big headache.
  4. Having to go part by part is not much better that going set by set. Actually, it's probably more operations. what I meant was to have a global view of what parts I'm missing from which sets. For my part, that need is not very important anymore since the possibility to mark extra parts as not owned removed the vast majority of my lost parts. But I imagine that it must be annoying for someone with many parts missing from many sets to have to check each set or part to know what's missing from what.
  5. Yeah, I had to do it manually while removing the spares I had listed as lost also. But once it's done, it's done. I was just happy most of my old classic space sets had no spares.
  6. I have 4 reddish brown also. I don't know the sets they're from because I got them individually from Bricklink. But I'm pretty sure reddish brown came along after the change from 4085b to 4085c and there is the thin round version after that. I get a part error in my inventory on these but I'm not sure how to solve that unless some sets can be determined to contain 4085b consistently. Unless there is a function for alternate parts in a set's inventory in v3?
  7. Generally, I keep the stickers just in case. But I admit, if I had a rare useful part that was largely unusable because of the sticker, I would think about peeling it. If the sticker is badly applied but in good condition, I've had some success with taking them off and putting them back in the right place. That's for plastic sticker obviously, not the old paper ones. If the stickers are badly damaged, there isn't much that can be done to make them useful. I've been looking at buying some sticker sheets recently and current sets' sheets are usually less than 1$ for the whole sheet. so there's really not much value there. On the other hand, I would find it very sad to destroy old, hard to find stickers even if their condition is so-so.
  8. Yes, I have a few Bionicle (and/or Hero Factory) I got in parts lots (even a few brown parts) and the are indeed inspiring for steampunk. I'll have a look at these. Thanks.
  9. I think it will always be hard to manage this as long as the site manages multiple copies of the same set the way it does. And since this is a brand new site, it's probably not in the plans to change that. On Rebrickable, you don't have two entries for two copies of a set, you have one entry with a quantity of 2 (or more). That makes it very hard to treat these differently. Example: I have 6 copies of a set: -One includes the spares and is built. -One includes the spares and is not built. -One doesn't include the spares and is built. -One doesn't include the spares and is not built. -One doesn't include the spares and is not built but missing 2 parts. -One includes the spares and is not built but missing 3 other parts and one of the two from the previous set. This is pretty extreme but it is a plausible case and would be easy to manage it we saw 6 separate instance of the set instead of one instance with "x6". but that doesn't seem to be how the database is built at all. Maybe if each copy with a different state is in a different list, this could be done?
  10. I agree. Having to split stuff into many lists is a big bummer. If there are no functionalities like this to do it efficiently, it will also be very impractical.
  11. I didn't know about that limit. Indeed, when I'll need that feature, it will mostly be because I have dozens of sets built.
  12. Ok, as long as it's known. I just didn't want it to be missed. I did notice some missing parts that exist in the database. Should I submit them or will it be simpler for you to just wait until everything is available?
  13. The 2016 Ninjago sets seem to be missing an awful lot of parts. I checked sets 70592, 70600, 70601, 70603, 70605 because those are sets I have or am thinking of buying. I don't know if the others have problems but all of those do. Most minifig parts are not listed. Parts of the magic sword (sometimes the handle, sometimes the blade) are missing. The plastic flags are missing. I didn't do a detailed check, those are the obvious things that popped up.
  14. I submitted a picture of a yellow u1126 attached to a yellow 4276b. I don't have 4276a in yellow and those I have in other colors are tied up in MOCs at the moment. Hope that does the job.
  15. Unfortunately, I sold the original set over 25 years ago. I got a new one when I came out of my dark age but it contained u1125 and u1126. But I could take pictures of u1126 with 4276a and 4276b. The colors might not match though. Where do you want me to send that picture?