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  1. Most Useful Power Function Motor

    That's a very interesting page!
  2. Multiple Sets ?

    I think you need to put the two sets in different setlists. Then you should be able to manage them individually. I think it's not ideal but I'm afraid it's the best way. Maybe an admin can confirm if that's the best way to go.
  3. I use it every time I consider buying a set.
  4. Sub-parts

    I just tried it again and it works. I was on a different computer last time. I'll try again when I'm back there.
  5. Sub-parts

    Yeah, it's the right kind of thing but if it doesn't include the sets. I don't really see a use personally. Also, I just tried it and it doesn't seem to work. I redid the light bluish gray hands searche with the checkbox on and I get the same results (ie: mostly stuff I don't have). Did I do something wrong or is there a bug?
  6. Sub-parts

    That's pretty much what I thought. Also, yeah, the levers are maybe not a great example. I just wanted to mention another besides the minifigs so people would understand what I meant and that was a case I had encountered before. You might be right that improvements to the search engine would address all these issues.I see two improvements to the search that would help a lot, especially when combined. 1) Search my parts. At its simplest, it would search all my part lists. Ideally, you could choose which parts lists to include in the search. 2) Quotes! Right now, if I search for "light bluish gray hands", I get all parts with those 4 words no matter the order or if they are together. For example, I get torsos with light bluish gray arms and yellow hands because all the words are there. If adding quotes to a search would treat the quoted text as one string to search, that would be very powerful, especially if you can also include words outside the quotes that would be treated like they are now. But I have no idea if that would be possible to implement in the current architecture.
  7. I'm not sure the "Appears in Year" parameter of the part search is working properly. It seems to exclude parts that first appeared before the beginning date even if they were produced during the interval. For example if I use for filter: Search string: 2 X 4 Part Category: Bricks Color: Any color Appears in Year: 1990 to 2018 (default) I get 3 results that don't include the basic 2 X 4 brick seemingly because it was first produced before 1990. If I select 1979 (of before) to 2018, it appears. I have a hard time seeing this as the intended behavior.
  8. Sub-parts

    I forgot to answer that. I would do it the other way around. I would start from the assemblies we have. We don't want to create more assemblies, we just want those that are actually present in sets and we have that now. The point is just to be able to know what subparts are in these so we can list them with some specific functionality. Here's an example: Torso Police Uniform with White Badge and Pocket Print (https://rebrickable.com/parts/973pb0091c01/torso-police-uniform-with-white-badge-and-pocket-print-black-arms-yellow-hands/#parts) was only ever sold with black arms and yellow hands. So there still would be only one assembly of it. This assembly would simply have in its subparts: Torso Police Uniform with White Badge and Pocket Print Black right arm Black left arm 2 X yellow hand Ideally, there would be a way to flag some of the subparts as having the color of the main parts (torso and arms in that case) while others would have a specific color (hands). Kinda the same ideas as the "Flexible Hose 8.5L" who have the "Ends same color as Tube" mention to avoid multiplying assemblies for each color. That would actually reduce the number of torso assemblies for cases like the 5 colors of classic space torsos who are 5 different assemblies right now. The descriptions of torso assemblies follow a coherent enough pattern that I'm confident sub-inventories could be generated from these description bay code in the majority of cases. @legolijntje I know it may not be used by most people and might be a lot of work (though I think I see a way to minimize that). That's why I asked if it was in the cards. The idea came to me when I noticed that Bricklink goes even one step further and seems fully recursive. You'll have a value pack whose inventory contains 3 sets whose inventory contains parts and a minifig whose inventory contains parts ans assemblies (legs and torso) whose inventory contains the subparts. I don't think Rebrickable should go that far (though it would be cool) but I saw the potential in a more manageable version of the idea. And just to be clear, I don't propose to split these assemblies, just to add a "subpart relationship" to them that would be used by specific functions like a "My parts with subparts" search without altering other functions of the site. That's all. Also, I use Rebrickable almost exclusively as an inventory tool. I never tried to build a MOC published by someone else and it's not in my plans. I've been talking about the site to other AFOLs near me and many people are looking for an inventory tool that manages both sets and loose parts. I think nothing gets close to Rebrickable for that and most people (who didn't know the site before) were very interested. This may be where Rebrickable could get a much larger user base. That's why I think a feature that increase the site's capacity for inventory is a good thing. For now, torsos are one of the only place where my inventory neither reflects reality (because I can't properly inventory partial assemblies from bulk buys) nor give me the tool to consult the details of my inventory (the aforementioned impossibility to know how many arms/hands I have of each color). That's the basic motivation for my suggestion.
  9. Sub-parts

    I think I see it the same way as Biodreamer. Minifigs and parts with subparts are not exactly the same thing. Though, yes, you need to be able to put a part with subparts in a minifig. The big difference is that when I look at "All my parts", I expect to see all the individual minifig parts (heads, helmets, torso assemblies, etc...) But I don't normally expect to see all subparts of every part I own (258 black right arms, 97 blue right arms, a gazillion yellow hands, etc.) but it would be nice to have the ability to know this if we need the info (maybe a checkbox to decide if we want to display parts or subparts. "Parts" would display torso assemblies and lever assemblies for example. "Subparts would display torsos, arms, hands, levers and lever bases. It's clearly not something very simple especially since it would create a torso part for almost every torso assembly we currently have. But it wouldn't affect inventory calculations that currently exist unless you ask for subparts details. The torso assembly (for example) would still be a part so it would simply be listed as it is now. It would just contain links to it's subparts. So when you ask for subparts level of detail, parts with subparts would not be listed but their subparts would be included in the results. That avoids the need for nesting parts which would indeed be very heavy.
  10. Sub-parts

    Is having "sub-inventories" for parts that can be separated something Rebrickable considers adding? Here are a few examples: 1) I need a number of light bluish gray minifig hands. Currently, even though I have all my minifig torsos on Rebrickable, I have no idea how many light bluish gray hands I have unless I go through them one by one. 2) I want to know how many blue lever bases I have but they are currently inventory contains lever assemblies with black, light gray and yellow levers that have a blue base and a few other colors in which I don't have blue ones. Once again, it's hard to know how many I have unless I go through each individually. Ideally, you shouldn't have to add each sub-part individually. The way they are entered right now is great. I just wonder if there's a way to get the inventory of sub-parts from that.
  11. Added set to wrong set list - How to move?

    I just noticed that there is a function to move the set to another list in the exact same screen. It's not a bulk move but it can do the job.
  12. Added set to wrong set list - How to move?

    If you go to your set list, there is a button on each set "Edit the set". There, you can change the number or delete it. But I also wonder if there is a way to move sets from one list to another, ideally in bulk. Removing and adding sets again forces you to reenter things like lost parts and whether you have spare parts or not. I didn't find it that important before but with the new limits on how many sets can be in one list, people will eventually need to split lists in two or more lists.
  13. Ok... I have no idea how to submit sets with parts that are not already on the site...
  14. This Nexo Knight promo set is missing: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?S=5004390-1#T=I