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  1. I downloaded it to have a look. I really don't think it's for me. Just starting from the sets to sort the parts feels completely backwards to me. Maybe it's just because it's not linked to our inventory for now. Perhaps it will fit more later. As for the app itself, I ran into several usability problems. -When I go to enter the bin or drawer, I can't see what I'm typing, the keyboard covers it. -I never found how to save that data. No matter where I click, I loose what I entered. -If you click on a set but not a part and go to Update storage, the app crashes.
  2. Add a global "consider spare parts" toggle

    Yeah, that option is a bit hidden but so very useful. That would be ideal. What I sometimes do for missing spares is to use the checkbox mentioned by TobyMac and then add the spare parts I do have as loose parts. Sometimes, when I happen to get the missing ones, I remove the spares from my loose parts and uncheck the checkbox.
  3. Helmet without visor dimples

    Sorry for the double post but there are two discussions about basically the same thing: Some discussions I participated in a while ago (perhaps on this forum) concluded that they were most likely production errors. It makes sense. I first thought they were the original helmet design but the yellow castle uses visors and is from the very first year helmets were used so it can't be. Also, the castle visors are the only ones made for these helmets but modern visors do work with them (though sometimes awkwardly). I do use things like goggles on old helmets.
  4. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    Some discussions I participated in a while ago (perhaps on this forum) concluded that they were most likely production errors. It makes sense. I first thought they were the original helmet design but the yellow castle uses visors and is from the very first year helmets were used so it can't be.
  5. parts with stickers

    Ah, ok. I thought there was support for actual stickered versions of pars like on Bricklink.
  6. parts with stickers

    Is there a place where I can find details on this feature? I checked the Plans page and I con't find anything about it. It'S something that might interest me.
  7. Adding Tags to Sets

    I just realized that the tag checkbox list is sorting in a case sensitive way. It probably would make things clearer if capitalization was standard.
  8. Adding Tags to Sets

    Yeah, that's the idea of conductive. Quick addition: All 4 of these sets can have these tags: Light Sound Light and sound And is there a 3v tag? https://rebrickable.com/parts/71603/electric-light-sound-insectoid-tail-4-x-20-x-3-needs-work/8/
  9. Adding Tags to Sets

    That could be nice even though I'm not sure how much I would use it personally. There are quite a few LEGO scales though. Here's what quickly comes to mind: Minifig scale: Obviously Maxifig scale: The old figures from the 70's with articulated arms. Microfig scale: The boardgames Nanofig scale: Saturn V, Hellicarrier… Bigfigs tend to represent big characters in minifig scale sets so it's probably not a scale but could still be an interesting tag. Minidolls are pretty much minifig scale so they could be the same scale but would also make a good tag. Action figure scale: The Technic articulated figures. Fabuland scale: or does that count as minifig scale? Belville scale Scala doll scale: If it's not the same as Belville Buildable figure scale: The large figures they currently sell (mostly Star Wars) Jack Stone sale: And other similar figures Basic figure scale: The small one part figures HO scale: Old sets with HO scale cars 1:1 scale: Ship in a bottle, Ideas birds… Architecture scale: Architecture sets Legoland scale: The various sets made in the few years before minifigs. Maybe? Duplo articulated figures scale Duplo old square figures scale I don't know if the current Technic sets are all the same scale but I would imagine not. Other scales like the Mars rover or the large technic R2-D2… There is also stuff hard to put in one scale like Bionicle and Mixels. Wow! I knew my list would be long but I expected half that!
  10. You, sir, are giving one heck of a service! That's exactly what I was meaning. I almost feel bad mentioning my issues seeing the work you obviously put into my comments. Anyway, this is getting to be a really sweet search engine. By the way, at first, I didn't like that clicking on the name instead of the checkbox would uncheck all the others in the same category but I've realized that it's another way of doing things even faster. Good idea.
  11. This is really minor but I noticed it so I'm reporting it. When you delete a list you get this confirmation message: Are you sure you wish to delete this Set List? All Sets within the list will also be removed from your collection. There are X sets that will be removed with this Set List. If the number of sets is higher than the number of sets per page, it displays the number per page instead. Like I said, it's really minor.
  12. Adding Tags to Sets

    Cool! I might give you more sets that would fit into light, sound or both if I have time. I'll put them in different lists.
  13. Adding Tags to Sets

    The way I see it, the "9V" tag is basically the sum of tags "Power function" and "Conductive" (with the current nomenclature). I don't particularly care about the names, just the concepts. I think it's a good idea to have all 3 but I agree that if you can search with multiple tags at the same time (which I'm not sure you can), you could just search for both tags together and get the same result as the "9V" tag. In that case, it's less pertinent. I realized that there are much, much more sets with the conductive bricks interface than I previously thought. The early Mindstorms fit in there as well as a few remote control systems and a whole bunch of trains since the motor has connectors for lights. I'm not sure if I have to do something special for you to be able to see my lists. I'm posting the links here. If it doesn't work, tell me what I have to do to make them visible to you. Conductor: https://rebrickable.com/users/Vokhev/setlists/173116/ Light (I included fibre-optics since they also make light): https://rebrickable.com/users/Vokhev/setlists/173117/ Sound: https://rebrickable.com/users/Vokhev/setlists/173118/ Motorized: https://rebrickable.com/users/Vokhev/setlists/173119/ To be clear, the last 3 lists are just the sets with the conductor bricks interface that have light, sound or motors. It's not all the sets with lights, sound and motor of any system. Please, tell me when the tagging is done so I can remove the lists.
  14. Adding Tags to Sets

    Ok, I'll try to build you the list for the conductive bricks interface. I'll create lists for both Light and Sound while I'm at it since most of these sets will fin into one or more of these. I won't have the whole list with other voltages but it'll be a start. Should we add a Motorized tag while we're at it? It's pretty much the last application of electric after light and sound. By the way 6481 is in light and sound and doesn't seem to have sound.
  15. Adding Tags to Sets

    Also, I agree that there is kind of an overlap between themes and some tags but I don't think we can assign more than one theme to a single set so it's pertinent to have tags for something like this set which basically contains 4 themes: https://rebrickable.com/sets/6704-1/minifig-pack/#parts unless the IS a way to put more then one theme in which case, it's definitely redundant.