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    Gold color question

    That's what I think also. I have quite a few of those in pearl gold and there can be considerable variations.
  2. That's simply awesome. This will make inventorying bulk lots so much quicker. I just can't get over how much you're listening to the community for things like this and how quickly you include them. Thank you very much!
  3. Ok, I saw there were many, that'S why I asked here before sending the requests. If I see some in other categories, I'll send requests.
  4. It's largely about mini-figure parts that have prints and come up in searches that should exclude prints, like this:
  5. I've stumbled onto a lot of parts that don't seem to be categorized well with regards to the "Include printed parts" flag. I plan to send in changes requests for these when I have the time. That's a good way to go with this?
  6. I have a suggestion that would make navigation much faster in some cases and I think it's probably not that big a deal to implement. At least I hope. When you click on a part in a set's inventory, you are taken to a part page where you can see how many you have of that part by colour/partlist. But then, if you want to go to one of these specific colour/partlist page to edit the quantity, there is no direct way. You can link to the partlist and from there filter and search for the part but you already had found the part and the partlist so it seems like a link is missing somewhere. Could the numbers in the colour/partlist grid be links to this page? Admittedly, I'm less sure of the implications for the grid in the part summary popup window but I imagine that would probably be relatively straightforward for the full page version. I can see many cases where that would be useful but here's the one I most often face. I'm putting together a used set and some parts are missing. If I don't have the part in my loose parts, I mark it as lost. That goes well. But if I find that I have some loose ones of this part, I will instead reduce my number of loose parts since some are now assigned to this set to replace the missing ones. That's when I find myself doing the running around I described above and could go much faster with these links.
  7. Vokhev

    Split set into parts

    Yeah, I thought about using the export/import function but I was wondering if there was a built-in version of that operation. Thanks for the info.
  8. Vokhev

    Split set into parts

    There is a function to take loose parts and combine them into a set in our inventory. I wondered if there is a way to do the opposite. You would first add a set, indicate if you have the spare parts and enter the lost parts for the set. Then you could split it into parts. That would remove the set from your inventory but add the individual parts excluding the spare parts and/or lost parts as appropriate. I realize this is something I would use most every time I get a lot with almost complete sets. I could build it and note the lost parts as I go and decide at the end whether I want to inventory it as a set or as parts depending on what's missing. I feel like something like this might be there and it could be just me not finding it.
  9. I agree with Biodreamer and Simon about Set vs Model. I think it's a simple way that doesn't require modifying the site and it can manage both the "inventory" and the "build" approaches.
  10. For some reason 4346 in Trans-Clear says No image available in parts lists but when I click on the part, it does have an image.
  11. Ok, I misunderstood when you wrote: I thought the "Grouping" sidebar was meant to be hidden by default like "Set lists" and "Part lists".
  12. Chrome. Here's the screenshot.
  13. It's indeed there now and it works. The toggle doesn't seem to work though. The whole section is just displayed. Unless it's a cache issue with my phone. You should announce things like that, even if it's just a post here. For one, it makes people realize they now have a new tool and for two, it allows us to thank you for your work which is very much appreciated.
  14. This might be by design but it looks like a bug. In the "All my parts" page there is a filter section with a Grouping list, a search field and Category and Color filters. When I display the site on my Android phone, this whole section is absent. That seems like a CSS issue because while the page loads, I see the "loading filters" but when it's done, they don't display. By the way, I just noticed that search field. Searching in All my parts is something I've been hoping for for a long time and I seem to have missed the announcement. Thank you so much for adding this feature.
  15. If you say so. I used that example because I had commented on the problem when I first got the set and I was told it was normal for it to be inventoried this way.
  16. I agree with that. One of the main points of Rebrickable is to see what you can build with what you have. A part that you buy that can't be used to build because it was altered out of the box will just give you false positives and I don't see an upside to using this approach. I also have this problem with glued parts. For example, in this set: https://rebrickable.com/sets/5004388-1/nexo-knights-intro-pack/#parts It lists 3 parts that I will never be able to use because they are glued together with a key chain. I think in cases like that they shouldn't be listed as individual parts.
  17. Ok! So they're not anti-studs but... "anti-tubes". I guess we could call them that... Basically the same as the top of the classic minifig accessory cups. Thanks for the info. I might just need to get some of those in black.
  18. That's a pretty cool part. Are the headlights anti-studs?
  19. Vokhev

    Part ID

    Yes, that's the part. I have 2 of those and I used 1 this week so I can confirm.
  20. I did a quick test and it seems to work. Thanks!
  21. I uncheck it if there are spare parts and I don't have them but one wouldn't likely think of unchecking it when there are no spare on the off chance someone would add some later. It would probably prevent the problem (logically, it should) but I think most people wouldn't do that. To be honest, this specific problem hasn't happened to me but I recently added spare parts to Dimensions sets that were already out of print and it dawned on me that I was likely affecting the inventory of other users who had these sets for 2 years. Obviously, they're not gonna check if the inventory for these sets have changed.
  22. Cool. I just wanted to express the idea.