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  1. This might be by design but it looks like a bug. In the "All my parts" page there is a filter section with a Grouping list, a search field and Category and Color filters. When I display the site on my Android phone, this whole section is absent. That seems like a CSS issue because while the page loads, I see the "loading filters" but when it's done, they don't display. By the way, I just noticed that search field. Searching in All my parts is something I've been hoping for for a long time and I seem to have missed the announcement. Thank you so much for adding this feature.
  2. If you say so. I used that example because I had commented on the problem when I first got the set and I was told it was normal for it to be inventoried this way.
  3. I agree with that. One of the main points of Rebrickable is to see what you can build with what you have. A part that you buy that can't be used to build because it was altered out of the box will just give you false positives and I don't see an upside to using this approach. I also have this problem with glued parts. For example, in this set: https://rebrickable.com/sets/5004388-1/nexo-knights-intro-pack/#parts It lists 3 parts that I will never be able to use because they are glued together with a key chain. I think in cases like that they shouldn't be listed as individual parts.
  4. Ok! So they're not anti-studs but... "anti-tubes". I guess we could call them that... Basically the same as the top of the classic minifig accessory cups. Thanks for the info. I might just need to get some of those in black.
  5. That's a pretty cool part. Are the headlights anti-studs?
  6. Vokhev

    Part ID

    Yes, that's the part. I have 2 of those and I used 1 this week so I can confirm.
  7. I did a quick test and it seems to work. Thanks!
  8. I uncheck it if there are spare parts and I don't have them but one wouldn't likely think of unchecking it when there are no spare on the off chance someone would add some later. It would probably prevent the problem (logically, it should) but I think most people wouldn't do that. To be honest, this specific problem hasn't happened to me but I recently added spare parts to Dimensions sets that were already out of print and it dawned on me that I was likely affecting the inventory of other users who had these sets for 2 years. Obviously, they're not gonna check if the inventory for these sets have changed.
  9. Cool. I just wanted to express the idea.
  10. It would be nice to have the option to get some form of message when the inventory of a set on one of our lists is modified. We could then check to see if we need to adjust our inventory. Here are a few examples of cases this would be useful for: I get a used set and add it to my list. I don't have spare parts but the set doesn't have spares in its inventory anyway so everything is ok. If somebody later adds spare parts, they will be added to my collection and my inventory is suddenly inaccurate. The old building sets don't have instructions so the best way to know if you have the whole set is to check the inventory on the site. Once I have all the parts listed, I consider that I have the set and add it to a list while removing the individual parts from my parts list. But if someone later corrects the inventory of the set, I might not have the whole set anymore or at least, I need to remove the new parts from a part list to reflect what I really have. There should be an option to not get these messages for people who don't care about this. Ideally, the changes would be listed in the message but I don't know how fesable this is. Just getting a heads-up would already be nice.
  11. I had both and didn't notice the difference until I built something that had one of these on each side (my Flapothopter MOC if you're curious) and used two different parts. I realized the difference when it came out all crooked.
  12. Ok, I plan on taking a few pictures this week. I'll try to do this one at the same time.
  13. I don't have 9244a unfortunately. Do you still want a picture?
  14. If you need a picture to have them side by side, I can probably take one for you. Just say the word.
  15. Ok, it really looked like drilldowns so I was wondering if I wasn't asking for something that already existed.
  16. This seems to be a bug. I add some part to a custom list I go into the custom list's screen I see the right number for the part I click on the part and increase the quantity and save Back in the custom list page, the number has bee adjusted Even if I reload, the number is still good But, if I click on that par to add some more, the number I see is the original number, not the current number on the list. This can lead to errors if I don't notice the discrepancy between the list and the detail screen. I will add from the former quantity instead of adding from the current one.
  17. Wait, there seems to be drilldowns for set lists and parts lists in All my parts. Do these work? I only have ones list of each currently so I'm not the best person to test this.
  18. But it's a feature that does make a lot of sense. I never thought about it because for now, all my sets are in the same list but once I start splitting them up, this might be useful. This could make the set list feature much more useful depending on what a list represents. For instance, I used to have a second list for my damaged parts that I still wanted an inventory of but since there was no way to exclude them from All my parts, I ended up moving them to a custom list which is a bit of a clunky way to keep inventory. As far as interface is concerned, a drilldown in All my parts for set lists and parts lists would be lean and clear. I have no idea what that involves behind the scene though.
  19. For my part, I mostly build stuff I create myself. So my main sources of parts are sets that have parts I want and Bricklink lots from sellers who have parts I want. Most of the time, I don't yet know what I'm gonna do exactly with the parts, just that they might be useful for my style of construction. I do sometimes buy sets because I want the se itself but it will inevitably get added to the part reserve eventually. As for keeping models built, it depends greatly. Some sets I kept built for many months before breaking them up for parts (like the fishing store). Others will be built once, just to see it and confirm I have all the parts and will be taken apart pretty much the day after. It'S similar for my MOCs. Some I build for fun, take a picture to remember and break them apart shortly after. I tend to keep them much longer if I intend to bring them to shows. Some of my steampunk MOCs have been built for a few years. For some of those I didn't want to loose, I made photo instructions as I dismantled them and entered them as MOCs on Rebrickable. That way, I can rebuild them later if I want. Right now, I'm in the process of taking everything apart because I want to build something with all my parts available. My collection grew a lot since building some of these so I never actually had all these parts available at the same time.
  20. According to my Rebrickable inventory, 72170 parts.
  21. I know the feeling. Though globally, it's not the case for me, since moving to the house, I probably spent more on LEGO storage than on LEGO itself. I hope I'll be ok for a while now.
  22. Here's an idea of my current setup. I've since added 4 more of the grey modules to fill in the top space and I have another black module on the other side of the table. The Bionicle parts are in bins because I don't use them much and they take a lot of space. For my part, the system is ever evolving. The size of drawers I use and the level of sorting depends on the parts I have. Most sets I buy cause some level of reorganizing. For example, when I started sorting, my technic parts were basically: Small drawer for grey pins Small drawer for black pins Small drawer for all bushes together Medium drawer for all axles Medium drawer for pretty much all the rest That was all technic parts from non-technic sets. Then I bought the Bucket wheel excavator (I thought, if I'm gonna get technics, I want to have enough to build stuff.) so I got a brand new module and filled it with technic (it wasn't actually enough). For example: Standard axles length 2 to 12 each got their own small drawer Special axles were all separated in subsections of 2 small drawers Beams got 8-9 medium drawers, 3-4 small ones and a large one (for the longer ones) Black pins moved to a medium drawer as did the 3 length blue pins Many other types of pins got a small drawer Many pieces got promoted from the "others" drawer to their own For instance, gears got a medium drawer, all mixed The numbered connectors each got their section, even those I only had 2-3 of because they look so much alike, I thought it was wiser to have them sorted etc. Since then, I kept refining as I got new parts. For example: Gears are all sorted and fill around 8 small drawers with separators I recently upgraded larger L beams from a small drawer to a medium one because they overflowed I split bushes into two small drawers, the big ones and the small ones Right now, technic takes about two black modules and a few bigger drawers for the large parts. Note that I'm mostly a system collector, I only have a handful of technic sets. I use a similar approach for sorting system bricks. Some types of bricks used up a single small drawer when I first sorted and now fill up most of a module. I find that the key is having many sizes of drawer to accommodate the reality of your collection. Hope that helps.
  23. Vokhev

    Minifig assemblies

    Just throwing my grain of salt in. At first, I didn't see the use of this but I'm currently dismantling all my MOCs and the custom figures I had in them to rebuild the original figure. It is absolute chaos. To find the figures I have, I need to flip between Rebrickable where I have my collection and Bricklink where figures are detailed. And that doesn't cover the figures I bought individually because they are inventoried as parts. I know this is not on top of the list but it would indeed be very useful and I wanted to express my support of the idea. If we could add figures to our collection pretty much like we add sets and be able to see all the figures we have whether they are from sets we own or we got them individually, that would be wonderful.