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  1. I'm facing similar issue now, where I have 17 different parts with stickers applied that I'm unable to add into inventory. Doh! There is no intention of using these parts without stickers as they are pretty useful - have some cool pattern, show control panel, number plates, etc. Basically everything that could be useful in a MOC as a great addition. Pretty much what Rebrickable is for. I'm willing to understand if parts with stickers will be available on Rebrickable at any point of time? If YES - when? If NO - what are the alternatives to get such parts added?
  2. Nathan, not sure if you had made any changes to fix this issue but it seems to be gone now.
  3. Sorry, wasn't able to copy-paste the error text so attaching screenshot instead.
  4. I'm using stable 64-bit version Vivaldi browser (Chromium based) on Linux. Neither hard refresh nor clearing cookies helped getting rid of this error message.
  5. Still getting this issue on any Rebrickable page I would open.
  6. This morning I started to the message below on every page (see below), with two options - Go to Bugs forum - Close. Oops, something has gone wrong Please see the Bugs Forum for help with the issue below, or create a new topic for it if not found. Or you can try refreshing this page. Message: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token var - URL: data:application/javascript;base64,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 - Line: 1 - Column: 439 - Error object: {}
  7. There is a slight positive update - point #6 is somewhat "fixed". Data is more clear to read, but still not ideal. Addition problem noticed: default file is set to "year", which is irrelevant for MOCs, especially when you checking specific part. It would be much better to set it for "number of pieces (decreasing)" Plus filter stops working after couple of tries.
  8. Hi, Let's take and example page: http://rebrickable.com/parts/41239 How it used to be: it was possible to click on desired colour of the part on bottom of the page to receive a pop-up where it was possible to switch quickly sets and MOCs containing that part. "Sets" tab would highlight sets that I own. How it is now: clicking on desired colour of the part on the bottom is a LINK now (http://rebrickable.com/parts/41239/technic-beam-1-x-13-thick/27), which opens another page. It could have been OK maybe (don't find it very convenient), however opened page is somewhat useless. Why? 1. Opened page shows picture of the same part, but now picture is increased in size - Well, I know which part I was looking for... 2. Some non relevant details, like "appears in ## of sets" on first sight 3. Relevant details is not accessible without scrolling 4. There is no easy way to switch between Sets and MOCs - you now need to remove one tick and tick another check box, click on Filter to get a switch. 5. Page is being refreshed, so you need to scroll down again after each "Filtering" 6. Filtered output is not informative. What is really needed is to see a picture and number of pieces set/MOC has. This number is simply lost in the list of available details. Final note: there was a very simple yet very effective functionality that took only couple of seconds to check required details. Unfortunately it is now useless and additional browser tab required and over time consumed for a simple task is much-much more. It is a pity this downgrade took place. I hope it will be fixed back or to a better solution soon.
  9. First of all, name of the topic isn't great, looks more like place in inappropriate part of the forum but it is not! Back to suggestion. As you may know some of us acquire parts via many way including new/used sets, BL/BO orders, LUG and other ways. It happens that number of some pieces exceed necessary limits. This happens when you buy unsorted lots or new sets. While you cannot do much about unsorted lots you can do something with new sets. I'm a Technic guy and I have 80%+ (90%+ most of the time) of parts for studless area sets, that is including new ones. Sets that are cool or have too much great parts are on to-buy list. At the same time there are other sets that are on the edge - the are pretty nice to have, have some cool parts, but some of them are already to much in my inventory. And it would be nice to same some money to have only what is needed. Previously I've been using "Build it" feature for new sets, to check the missing parts, which is cool and quite helpful. However I'm missing some sort of a table which would show extended information. I imagine this like: 1st columns contains all the parts (small image + name + colour) 2nd column shows number of parts in a set 3rd column showing number of parts you already from this set Advantage of such option: Understand type of parts you'll get with a new set and how many Choose if it reasonable to buy a set In case of "unreasonable to buy" case you can filter the parts you need (some of them might already be in own inventory, but might need more) and create wishlist or ability to export to BL/BO. I would imagine it having all possible sorting options + "hide parts" feature available on "Build it" page. Hope idea is clear. Don't hesitate to show me if existing feature already exist.
  10. I believe you understand, that post such inventory change my parts will be correct, but will mess up for someone else - because they have different part in their set. Could you please let me know how alternative inventory could be added. Submitting completely new set inventory, just for one varied part? Should there be an alternative set inventory for each part variation? It will be a bigger mess than it is on BL (which is not true actually - didn't find any issues with Technic sets)
  11. The main reason I've raised this suggestion - because of the issue with two following parts: 32005a - Technic Link 1 x 6 without Stoppers 32005b - Technic Link 1 x 6 with Stoppers They are fine in official sets, but they are not 100% interchangeable - while one can only have axle with towball one one side, another can have them on both sides. And this feature is commonly used in Technic MOCs. Since official set inventories are incorrect "Build this MOC" shows wrong missing parts. If this is not enough to be reason to fix such issue (-s), then I don't know...what's the purpose of Rebrickable then?..
  12. I see "unidentified" parts as a better choice rather than using incorrect part version/mold/color by default. My initial idea or suggestion would be to let us know somehow, that there is a variation of certain parts in a set I'm adding to collection. Let's say I add such set to my collection then I see two options here: 1. popup new window telling set I'm adding has variations and allow to select correct color/mold/type in the same window 2. add parts having variation in color/mold/type for same set as unidentified. Upon clicking on this part give a popup or choice to select correct part. Leave some mark on this part, like "*", to remeber this part was manually chosen or similar. Selecting "default/more common" part is not an option - how can you define "common" without knowing part distribution during production time? My initial idea or suggestion would be to let us know somehow, that there is a variation of certain parts in a set I'm adding to collection. Unidentified part is miles better than having incorrect part by default.
  13. I could suggest parts, that have mold or color variation, to be added as "unidentified". But once you click on such part it should bring you a selection dialog, where correct part mold/color (for this exact set) could be selected.
  14. As you may know LEGO has variations in some parts used during production of same set. However Rebrickable has no option to select correct part, that came with a set, but is rather stuck with a single version. Like the situation with following two parts is really messed up on Rebrickable: 32005a - Technic Link 1 x 6 without Stoppers 32005b - Technic Link 1 x 6 with Stoppers Almost all my sets have opposite version to stated on Rebrickable. No wonder it messed my numbers of required additional parts. I've ended buying extra (that's not bad ), but still doesn't look to be precise. 41999 has 32005b, instead of 32005a 9398 had both versions 8081 my version has 32005a, instead of 32005b 8070 my version has 32005a, instead of 32005b 8435 has version 32005b, instead of 32005a might find more...