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  1. I am about to make files AND new generated instructions for my older MOCs, as I used PDFs with photo sequence before. Sometimes it is easier to show critical points with the good old photos, so I am thinking about to keep the old files next to the new ones, but can I show them both as Building Instructions, or I must choose one, and should link the other one from the descrioption? Thanks for the tips and tricks in advance :)
  2. Sounds good to me. I support this suggestion. This way people who are not interested in B-models, won't need to run across them all the time, when they search for a category which contains a number of them.
  3. @Simon I will need to re-upload some BIs, as my older links seem to be broken. However, the set 6801 works well
  4. @thea Thanks for the shortening, and I think You're right, that we wont need this kind of linking at the main model. However, I will submit the B-models first, and then transfer the shortened links there. I am just wondering if the photo of the back showing the B-model could work as a set image, instead of my photos. What do you think? An example (red rectangle shows the exact B-model):
  5. Thanks for the info @Simon, I will run through the links.
  6. FYI, Nathan re-imported the formerly (in RB v.2) active B-models and the links for their instructions, as well as he fixed the B-model listings under the "Alt models" tab, handled separately. For example: For the moment, it will do the job very well, but the recent questions are still there. (Back of the box photo, possible new category...)
  7. I have uploaded a few other box photos (front and back too) In case you say okay for them, I can change their main photos and even make a link to B-models. There will be more but at the moment I have other tasks link:
  8. plastic.ati

    Unknown piece

    You're welcome
  9. I've just uploaed a photo cutout for the set 6881. Later I can try to take better photo, and align the pic, but even at the moment it seems to be better than the earlier one.
  10. Thea, I will take a few photos later today, and give them a try. I think a photo/scan of the box front would work well, as the instructions have been folded originally.
  11. I took this photo of the back of my box:
  12. Thea, do you mean I should attach a photo of the backside? In case yes, I would need some advice, how? I even couldn't use simple HTML tags to make better looking links I'm also about to change the main pic. That seem to be easier, as it's a simple drag&drop, however I don't want to delete someone other's contribution without a word/approval
  13. check this: