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  1. biodreamer

    Great LEGO Sets Book and Set 11910

    first of all subsets has the same instruction as the set and you could link to the same sources or leave them blank, I am talking on how you should build the system, Having them the same type of object would make things so much simpler, if the field is empty don't display that part of the GUI etc. an vola you can link a whole set tree no problem if you need to put subsets in subsets or sets in other sets it just works.
  2. biodreamer

    Great LEGO Sets Book and Set 11910

    From my point of view set and subsets is the same thing. set are just usually at the top of hierarchy. from a system side it shouldn't really be a difference. Super packs should hold the sets and be viewed as subsets is in normal sets shows their subsets and the inventory should be the total part count in all sets. which the system should automatically be able to merge together and cache. The master inventory should always be equal or greater then the sum of the subsets parts. So what differ is the naming system and the position in the hierarchy. making them different is only making the code and site more complex, the more you can reuse the better and the simplicity is what makes the whole subset feature so useful. When dealing with books, there would however need to be someway to flag parts as not included in the set. right now we have two types of inventories: inventory and spare parts, we would need to include a third type "not included" which contain parts from subsets that isn't included in the set but used in the instructions. ie parts you will have to buy elsewhere to build the set/subsets. This would be all parts in a Idea book and the parts needed to motorize a technic model for example.
  3. biodreamer

    Great LEGO Sets Book and Set 11910

    My personal answer to that would be that it should either have Lego parts or be a instruction on how to build or play with bricks. We can leave can leave the rest of the products out of Rebrickables catalog for now. Before we even think of those I would like to have a way to mark if I have the instruction for a set and/or box. So from my opinion we could exclude watches, glued keychains without connections. and focus on what rebrickable core feature building stuff out of parts. ie there shouldn't be a need for a inventory with 0 parts except for the intermediate steps during the creation flow.
  4. biodreamer

    Great LEGO Sets Book and Set 11910

    wouldn't that mini build be a subset, so I think you guys should look at improving that feature. so it is presented in a good way.
  5. biodreamer

    Using Stickers in MOC's

    Brick size and shapes doesn't vary. they are exactly those you design the sticker for. if you print a A4 it will always be the same size compare to Lego brick. and that is what you can expect user to have in their printer. and when it comes to stickers you should expect the user that bothers to print them to use cheap label sticker paper and design according to that. Simply stick to normal paper when designing and trying out the scales or to find the best background color that fit the color the sticker should be applied to etc. However I am quite positive that different printers will cause slightly different colors so don't be to picky, it's bound to be inexact at the user end unless they have the same printer as you. Word has measurements in cm. and you can measure your bricks to scale the images exactly that way. So step one Design your sticker in your favorite image/photo/vector software (keep image ratio and resolution in mind) then layout the sticker sheet in pdf or word document together with the rest of the instructions it's here you pick the scale while keeping the ratio locked, so it's better to have to high resolution and scale it down here then having to upscale it.
  6. biodreamer

    Using Stickers in MOC's

    Well as long as you include the sticker sheet in the instruction and allow it to printed on white sticker paper, ie you can't print white or expect user to get their hand on transparent plastic that is printable with your home printer. Your other option is to reuse official sets stickered parts.
  7. biodreamer

    Editing Part Photos

    imo diskspace is cheaper than ever but sure I am not paying the bill and the earlier you make the move the less work will it be, but sure you will have to keep both formats for a long time, but you don't need to keep adding more images that needs to be converted later. besides it less space than unprocessed images and I am sure you can run some image optimizer on them to keep them smaller.
  8. biodreamer

    Editing Part Photos

    I would prefer if the images stayed transparent instead of white background. It would make it easier to reuse these pictures in a instruction summary. ie if you put them next to each other that square white box is taking up unnecessary space. It would be good to start to have that practice if we go the way of needing photo editing for submitted part photos. That way the images is more useful for other stuff such as handmade instructions and would open up for things like dark mode or themes on the site or in any app using the API to fetch images.
  9. biodreamer

    Am I allowed to submit a MOC not done with Lego parts?

    That is you can only use Lego molds and colors. if you happen to build your MOC out of clone bricks of any kind there must be a counter part/color in the Lego catalog. So if you just lack the number and filling in with mega blocks where normal Lego parts could be, that's fine for your local build but you can't use clone specific bricks or colors. because that makes them unbuildable with pure Lego bricks.
  10. Which still doesn't cover the part I want help with.the planning and execution of the dynamic growth I don't want my collection fragmented more than necessary so I have columns dedicated to categories, trying to keep the same color within the drawer boundaries as possible. so for example right now, I have enough black bricks to take up 53 cells ie one drawer is full (32)l + 21 cells in the next. The remaining 11 cells are occupied with other less common colors. I also got 9 new cells worth of drawer of black bricks to add here: So when I execute that move I end up with 32 + 30 cells occupied by black but I also need to find the best spot for those 11 cells that get evicted in that move and find a good candidate for the remaining 2 cells. Since I don't want more fragmentation than necessary. this means that each operation will affect minimum two drawers and can ripple affect over much more. and I have very little room for empty cells so that is kept to a minimum. And every time I get more parts, I will end up getting multiple growth and or shrink operation like this which is causing a pain to keep labels and inventory position up to date. And I don't know of any software that does this kind of operations on physical storage. (only harddrives)
  11. biodreamer

    Make inventory versions usable for MOCs

    it would be better to use alt builds and submit the MOC again than hide the versions behind inventory versions. especially since you can't reach the old instruction and build the old inventory version unless you keep the old entry.
  12. Never found one that can handle dynamic growth or help with the rearrangement. There is plenty that handle static storage, in that case a simple excel sheet do the trick. I could write one myself but I don't think I will ever get that kind of free time until I retire. which is decades away.
  13. biodreamer

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    Please feel free to take on the task and add those alts to the catalog when you got the time.
  14. biodreamer

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    I don't think alt count as missing because if they do more than half of the rebrickable catalog is bound to be missing. it us as user that more or less add those they don't come in automatically.
  15. biodreamer

    Minifig assemblies

    if subsets can't be part of more than one set, that would need to be fixed and not only to handle minifigs, you also need to be able include count. ie more than one of the same subset. it would be needed for subsets such as the prisons in the different space police. as long as it is easy to search and list them in their groups. you can use the brickset/bricklink numbering. just lets keep the minifigs with gear only not two versions one with and one without and that would include any plate or brick they stand on, such as the dimension plate. ie the subset of parts that belong to the minifig. in your pick there is no such thing, well the yellow water sprayer could be a subset of it's own. I don't really like that it ends up under alt. builds. it should really be this: master inventory (models) A-model (subsets) Minifig1 Water Bottle Car B1-model (subsets) Minifig1 B1 model (alt builds) Alt1 (subsets) Minifig in Alt1 other subsets in alt1 Or possibly this: master inventory (subsets) Minifig1 Water Bottle Car (alt builds) B1-model (subsets) Minifig1 B1 model Alt1 (subsets) Minifig in Alt1 other subsets in alt1