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  1. It's you guys that need to tweak the tools so you are happy and then give the community a green light to start submitting minifig subsets. Personally I think it's worth the time to write a guideline before green lighting a future feature like this. The situation where subset can exist in multiple sets must be resolved before subsets can be fully used for this and other cases.
  2. First of all you probably end up with part problems, most alternative brands has their own parts that doesn't have a counter part in Lego. if you make a MOC that is inspired by another brand you will be fine. even if you get very close to ripping it completely off. if you do the exact same model make sure you alter the instruction flow and don't sell the result. ie post it for free and be honest that it's a copy/based of "brand X set no Y. There shouldn't be any problems since your not profiting from their trademark.
  3. Parts are cheapest bought at flee market and big bulks but when you want specific parts, I always end up searching Bricklink and there is stores in the whole world, plenty in Canada. You can use the buy part links on rebrickable but that doesn't give you all stores. Besides it shipped to you so the distance might not be important as much as the shipping costs.
  4. Sort by highest % match and change the Number of parts to whatever you classify as large.and run a build. still get to many matches raise the bar even higher on number of parts required.
  5. biodreamer

    part 2456a?

    Some more checking and it turns out I got 3006 mold no 25 in Light Grey. this means that mold is really old. That would indicate that mold no 26 should be a quite old mold as well. found newer mold with ridges with part id 92538 in Black and Blue and that look like the regular 3006 when it comes to the side support. So mold no 26 might only been around for a short while, I only got two parts in red from that mold.
  6. biodreamer

    part 2456a?

    oh and that 3007 with ridges on the wall has part id 93888 marked on them instead of 3007 as the old had. and they have restarted the mold id count from 1.
  7. biodreamer

    part 2456a?

    There is also a new Mold of 3006 that isn't noted among the parts: In image 3006a CA, 3006 CA, 3006 ABS, 3006c? ABS This new Mold has a mold id starting at no 26 from the time they started marking the part with 3006. (mold id 25 is the normal 3006) when was it released? No idea
  8. biodreamer

    Editing Part Photos

    Can we please add this step into, so this helpfull tip isn't lost to new users.
  9. biodreamer

    part 2456a?

    I don't think we can expect anyone to have enough of a collection to iron down when a mold both came into production and when it was replaced. I have a quite big collection but it's a mess there is very hard or impossible to place a specific common part/color combination to a specific set. So finding when a "brick" mold came around is limited to looking at the printed/stickered parts to determine where it belongs in the timeline. So I would say all mold needs a discussion like this one to iron out where the cut should be. More data gives better accuracy. so for 2456, i can say that we had ridges 2012 and regular brick at 1998 by looking at my printed/stickered part. by looking at the color I can move the edge to at least 2004 since I have both mold in Dark Blueish Grey and the earliest set with this part was released 2004. a cut somewhere between 2004 and 2012 is not accurate enough. So I wouldn't be able to confirm it because the mold was introduced in my dark ages. So that will need the help of the community which can help fill the missing gap with data. I don't own a similar mold for 3006, so if that exist that should be processed at the same time. I have no reliable data at all on the larger bricks because I have no stickered or printed version of them and all my parts is in the basic 7 color scheme. (white,red,blue,yellow,black,light grey and green) which are worthless to point at a timeline.
  10. biodreamer

    part 2456a?

    well if we look at 3003 and 3003a the ridges are cosmetic and just visible from the underside unless transparent, still if we look at 3004 we have only a single entry when there should be four if such minor changes as side support and hole in pin would be enough for a new mold since they are cosmetic and visible only from the underside unless transparent. This what I mean, we either need to add a lot of molds and do the hard work of finding out when they came and went in the production history. Right now it's very hard to understand where the border goes because it is shifting for each part.
  11. biodreamer

    part 2456a?

    The ridges on the wall is because the wall is thinner to save plastics, so calling them reinforced is a lie it's after all weaker. they need that ridge to keep the grip on the studs with the now thinner walls. we currently have a very weird distribution of when a part needs a new mold. sometimes it just small cosmetic changes other cases they require new functionality. I have several times asked for a guideline on this that the site follow. When that is posted we can start splitting and renaming molds before that it seem to depend on who look at the request.
  12. biodreamer

    level 15

    No it means you get the Pro Plan for life, ie you no longer have to pay the monthly/yearly fee, if your already are a pro plan member otherwise you are simply just upgraded. it doesn't give you the right to buy plans for other people for free.
  13. Big risk of confusing it with batman, just saying. try to get the ank in there to reduce that.
  14. You actually don't need to have the set as own to run a build check with it as long as the number of sets are three or less you can manually enter them in the process. So that can be used if you just want to know what else you can build if you get another set or two without committing to buying them.
  15. hmm if it comes sorted in categories, I can see the benefit, such as viewing all your bricks at once. viewing the whole collection in one matrix is probably to much to ask for. if it could be combined with a goal number for each part, it could be a easy way of knowing if you need to expand your collection in that particular part/color or if you already have enough.