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  1. I would have to use three dimensions for my setup, but that isn't my major pain when it comes to the collection it's keeping any inventory location up to date since I have to move the boxes around as the content grows and need to change container. or when new types of parts are added. I try to keep categories together which cause even more moving around... if I had a software which could help me adjusting and manage that growth.
  2. what does it do that rebrickable doesn't? what needs does it fulfill?
  3. biodreamer

    Using Estimated Value to Appraise Collection

    yeah it's odd that a site that is called Rebrickable assume people don't use their bricks... They should encourage well used bricks after all. maybe they could add that as a flag on set lists and part lists, ie used vs new. rather than doing it on a entry basis.
  4. biodreamer

    [No Color\any color] bricks appear as missing

    No it doesn't. it works it way through the list and whatever is left is reported as missing even if you have that color and was missing an earlier color.
  5. biodreamer

    Possible app for parts?

    Well you would need to use one of those AI support image detection programs and I think you need to limit it to loose parts not piles, ie no parts touching or hiding each other, and it's actually doable with today technology. You however would need a sizable database of part photos from all kind of angles. I think it will fail to detect tiny mold changes and of course prints facing away from the camera. I don't think you will get rich by doing that at all. it's a lot of time to collect data most likely community based so you don't have to do all the work. So building the app is actually the easy part, feeding it the right data and validate the outcome is the time consuming part.
  6. biodreamer

    Using Estimated Value to Appraise Collection

    it assume the part is in new condition, which make it worthless for me. I use most of my bricks at least ones.
  7. biodreamer

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    Okay let me know so I can submit a picture for the Bold part so people can see the difference.
  8. biodreamer

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    3008apr0001 and 3008apr0002 seem to be duplicates, there is two Grand Theater prints but only one is "thin" afaik, there should be a difference in the part description if there is some mold or print that differentiate these.
  9. biodreamer

    Known variations from box part count

    Yeah that would increase the need for a model A inventory. I think they should be in the excluded part category among stickers. if you need those to match the sets part count.
  10. biodreamer

    Help with pieces please

    First step would be pick some large bins and sort it in categories. ie bricks in one, plates in another, don't worry if it doesn't match rebrickables categories aslong as it makes sense to you so you know where to look for it. when that's done you can chose between two methods, 1) find the odd parts/prints and from that find a set and attempt to build or pick out the part inventory, set by set and add those sets one by one and mark any lost parts in the process. or 2) just attack each bin in order and sort them in detail and add the parts into a part list and when you have done that use the build algorithm to find the sets you own. You still have to do this with whatever remain if you choose option 1.
  11. biodreamer

    "LEGO" mark on the studs

    and the slotted bricks is blank on the stud and has the old Lego bone logo underneath instead. so if it's really old it's much harder to see the difference between "lego" as a clone brand and the other clone brands as well as the original creator brand for those bricks. This is before my time and the time of my collection, and it's really tricky or expensive to get bricks from this period.
  12. biodreamer

    "LEGO" mark on the studs

    Well there is Lego brick with other letters on the stud. Those are grip test bricks and a worth more to specific collectors, I have a few with "F" and I know there is bricks with C on the studs. So everything that looks like a clone isn't always a clone.
  13. biodreamer


    Stickers should always be "optional" ie not required from the "build" engine perspective. so any extra created part should be in the excluded inventory section which would not increase part count for a set.
  14. I had photos ready for my new part submits but couldn't submit them at the same time, looks like I have to wait for the part to be approved before I can submit photos. That is very inefficient an it doesn't give the admin all the information to base a new mold or print entry on. Would be good if I could upload at least one photo during this process.
  15. biodreamer

    tile for set 10211

    Confirmed that image is broken.