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  1. biodreamer

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    Why not use subparts on the containers so either you add the "full container" item or the container subpart that is without the base plate(s).
  2. Well it's not really only a issue for minifigs but also for things like the space police prison subsets, which comes in all larger space police kits. I would say you shouldn't use set numbers, rather some kind of name, or theme tag. That is if the sets are released at the same time and no previous set has it, if there is a rerelease of a subset, in that case the old set number would be fine.
  3. The question then just comes down to naming convention for minifigs that exist in more then one set.
  4. I prefer the subset approach of minifig because that doesn't require any unique data structure. it can be used both by part of sets and for minifigs and in that case any utility they have on them should be included. You can then simply tag all subsets containing a minifig as a minifig that make filters that show only minifigs.
  5. biodreamer

    Question about partnr 44510

    No I did not, i was spot on. there is nothing to wonder about when it comes to the left one. I am just saying that there is many parts that get features that isn't utilized in the end.
  6. biodreamer

    Question about partnr 44510

    Your right it's not used but most raised base plates have those shape to keep them from getting pressure damage when building on them. so that is the reason for the hole, ie support so why not make a piece fit in it when your at it.
  7. biodreamer

    Early LEGO History (1949 - 1965)

    Well you used capital letters on both BK and the reason why I was against that is that you don't know if it's two colors or one ie B and K or BK. while if you mix you now that each color starts with a Capital letter. Bk you know is one color. so that LBG isn't Lime + Blue + Green or Light Blue + Green and so on. All capital is ambiguous. mixing size isn't..
  8. biodreamer

    Early LEGO History (1949 - 1965)

    K = key, not true for Lego colors. even if it is one of the most common colors. ink color naming is not what I think about when reading lego colors and most won't know what K stands for. I am fine with "Bk" if Bl is to ambiguous for you.
  9. biodreamer

    Early LEGO History (1949 - 1965)

    Don't think there is a trans-Yellow I just kept.growing the color list just in case some odd ball sets has been released after without getting a proper set number.
  10. biodreamer

    Early LEGO History (1949 - 1965)

    there is the architecture sets like 521. those came in Light Grey and right now they use a increasing number, but if we are going for letters...
  11. biodreamer

    Early LEGO History (1949 - 1965)

    I think it's better to leave the region out of the name if they are not sharing same set number and just have those as tags. Some sets are not sold every where for example: 6941-1 was never sold in Sweden. should that set then get a different region market compare to the rest of the Blacktron sets? finding out which sets that where available in what country at what time is a giant puzzle. We don't get all sets since we are a smaller market the same must be true for many other countries. Should we get or own region for the Swedish printed brick like the "Brandstation" that was for the Swedish market then? Wouldn't that actually be a good use for multiple inventories rather then creating a lot of copies? where you only exchange the printed bricks? Don't understand why N would be the letter for Black. I mean I understand that you took B for blue and you can't use B again for Black. White, Red, Trans-clear, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Light grey, Trans-yellow, and so on would make it easier to get the color reference and if it's a small letter you know it belong to the same color letter as previous. That combined with ordering the colors in alphabetic order when multiple is listed and they are all equal.
  12. biodreamer

    Early LEGO History (1949 - 1965)

    I prefer the post-fix letter for the color. it's a bit messy to find the right post-fix for the right color if you navigate by typing. it also create some kind of grouping of the sets. You can always create a conversion table between the old name and the new. but to be honest it's not really a big issue since many parts and molds keep changing so it is something that has bee going on for quite a while.
  13. biodreamer

    Early LEGO History (1949 - 1965)

    marbled bricks should be treated as "cleaning" bricks and not be something that should be dealt with. But I think it would be great to include all known colors in a way that doesn't produce a error. We simply need the ability to flag a part + color combination as valid, preferably when a picture has been submitted independent if there is a set with the part or not. This would solve the pick a brick and the old part by part sold business and some odd findings in factories for part that never got a set.
  14. biodreamer

    Early LEGO History (1949 - 1965)

    Yes like always fix what's there first then add new stuff. especially since adding new stuff is something anyone can do.
  15. biodreamer

    Early LEGO History (1949 - 1965)

    1) There is only so much you can do here if you don't sit with the box in your own collection, better scanner won't help much against the low resolution printing of the catalog in the first place. 2) if your referring to set that is white/red and Blue/yellow , black/trans-clear. You shouldn't split them further then how they where sold. 3) I would personally be okay that we use multiple inventories since it the same set just "mold" changes, but multiple sets might be nice when browsing those old sets however then you really need to know when the sets changed. The question is what are you going to do with those HO cars that didn't seem to be the same color in all the sets. 4) The Samsonite sets should of course get in. make sure you tag those so people wanting the see all of them can. I would love to have a better check on those HO cars, bikes and other figurines.