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  1. I am sure you can find someone that has one quite easily if you don't have one at work or at the local library.
  2. I made this suggestion: I think it will improve images of some parts where size is hard to see and won't harm the rest.
  3. fine tuning my suggestion a bit: I vote for combining all sets in the super set as a number 42057+42061+42063-1 so we could have super sets like 42057x2-1 for those super sets that build something of multiple copies of a set. Order of sets in combination should be ascending, so we don't get all the different combination of ordering.
  4. I vote for combining all sets in the super set as a number 42057-42061-42063-1 which would allow the super set to come up as a result independent on which set you searched on. it also would open up for a common way of marking up any other superset, may it be MOCS or any created by LEGO that is missing number. Superset shouldn't really contain more then 2-4 sets.
  5. wouldn't 42057-42061-42063-1 or 42057-61-63-1 better which would allow it to come up in a search for alternatives and it would open up for a naming system for supersets. while 1977-2017 more sounds like a catalog.
  6. okay more then one blue number, yeah there is a size number on tiles and axles and such, where a Image isn't enough to determine size a 1x1 tile can look like a 2x2 unless it's seen from the underside, when they are scaled to fit the same space.
  7. Number of parts you have in that color, or sets you own when dealing with set lists.
  8. It's a classic super model, which rebrickable really should handle.
  9. 4751a or 4751b or 4751c would be my guess look at for part pictures.
  10. Yeah Apply button would be better for performance
  11. It doesn't know about internal parts so obviously it change color based on color group not about its position. besides what IF I start switching in Transparent color, then those internal parts will become visible independent if the author intended them to be or not.
  12. If I get your right you want to modify/edit and existing filter and set it to a new value without going to long way around by removing and adding the new one. Personally I would prefer a drop down for that kind of action rather then keeping everything expanded. I would like to have more filters not just these large ones.
  13. You don't need to upload the MOC to use it on the site.use the custom lists to manage it. if someone is giving away the MOC for free doesn't autoatically grant you the right to upload or distribute the MOC elsewhere. You can always suggest to the author to upload it here.
  14. Nah "most owned parts in a set" do that, since it would sort all of those first, while it could also be used to find larger set that is better to complete rather then those smaller you got 100% or near that. So you don't waste up your random lot on completing a lot of tiny sets, when you could have used them to complete a larger.
  15. if you only add one of each you should be able quick skip any set that is missing more then total parts - 2. but you will never now if they are used together. This isn't really a feature the site has I just gave you the best option to try to find out. There is no sort by "most owned parts in set" might be a good suggestion, for people who want to run these kind of queries.