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  1. many of those are work in progress and some should really be sub-parts and combined parts so user can choose to what they want to split up and not.
  2. just use it as inspiration.
  3. Why, just buy tons of grey pieces and build your own, that's what's fun with building castles. copy others work is just a lack of imagination.
  4. I barely own anything slotted, but it's the first generation of Lego and don't really have the same functionality as the newer one that is standalone and has studs. Imo these should really be different parts, might be the best way of solving the incorrect mold relationship order c->a->b it's not quite the same as the bricks without tubes, they can often be used interchangeably while the slotted version will only work with slotted bricks placed just right. The newer mold however could be used with slotted bricks but it wouldn't actually need to be slotted anymore. so the page is wrong when you look at the a or b mold. That information should be corrected since c was released before any other mold and was replaced by the solid stud version followed by the hollowed stud version. (most with glass)
  5. Yeah that is a good section when they motorize a model. not sure what use the idea is all you need to know is the missing parts and the current system handle that fine.
  6. Alternative builds should only use parts from the set. otherwise it's just a MOC and not an alternate build. so the suggestion is void per definition.
  7. I would use the rebrickable Rest API to query for part images, that way you can refresh your database when new images are added.
  8. Well that would turn Nathans job into a management position more then it is already today running all the admins and moderators today. I think it's better that he works on adding good tools for the community to contribute with. rather then having to manage and test all "code snippets" the community want to plugin. where most probably have a negative impact on the server performance due to not really understand the full complexity of the source code. If you have some cool functionality idea you can probably outsource it to your own software/app/webpage by using Rebrickables Rest API. When you done that successfully you can show that to Nathan and perhaps get it integrated as a new feature.
  9. I agree there should be a window of a week or so when signing up for contributing with a set. If you signup for adding a set task and as long as you keep updating new stuff the task is owned by you. if nothing is added in a week the owner ship is released and anyone can request to continue the task. (not losing any work). Beyond that a user should be able to request a takeover which the task owner either can accept or reject. if they accept it, the task owner ship is transferred as is. ie with whatever work the first owner did. ie this way one can do inventory and then transfer to a another which do the photos.
  10. How old are your computer? 30 seconds is not normal startup for even most heavy softwares, I mean windows takes less that to start from cold boot, so either your computer is ancient or you have something very wrong with it. if you have privacy issues you shouldn't really have installed windows 10. because it's worse then 7 and 8.... I don't think you can trust it even if you toggle of all those settings that are ON by default. I guess that is a more and more avoidable future with more and more software running google analytics or similar kits which is a kind of boxed spyware because it tell the author how you use the program as well as any problems you encounter.
  11. Isn't the sort order a bit weird on that screenshot? I tried that query with my collection and it ended up fine. 12 pages ranging from 100% to 0% but I found this in the list: That's NOT technic.
  12. there is several very common parts that cause this. try a black 1x2 plate or some of the other common bricks/plates. i think the queries need to be preprocessed or limited to work on these.
  13. Hi you could abuse the system a bit by adding a "wanted" set list and put the set your planning to buy in it. and then rerun the build. Then when they are bought and has arrived simply drag them over to any other set list. Simply toggle the build mode for the set list to run with current or the near future inventory. or if it's just a few add them manually to the build query by typing in their set numbers in the extra fields.
  14. The blue is the lower part of a Fabuland roof.
  15. Another approach would be import it into or any ldraw that support ldd import and make the steps yourself before handing it to your son.