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  1. "Include Sets I own from My Set Lists marked as Non-Buildable" checkbox can't be saved as your preferred build option. it's always toggled off when revisiting the page.
  2. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    One note to those deactivated parts, they should contain reference to the correct parts (hyperlink) please. for example if you go here: there is no way to know it should be 6141. a search will find it but you won't by navigating. a link to the part that made it deactivated would improve auto mapping travel.
  3. maybe your using some incorrect settings when using the build tool or you got so many sets above 90% that it doesn't come up. Please add more details, what set is it, what settings do you build with etc. what result do you get and what do you really expect to get?
  4. Ability to edit a change request

    Priority should be set by the system and/or by the catalog admins not by the submitter, so if there would be one you wouldn't see it.
  5. Many inventories for a set?

    How would you go about and submit a new inventory version? it's not clear to me.
  6. 1064-1 Dacta buildings: missing inventory

    No first of all it's a Dacta set so all pieces might not be used, and it's buildings so there is plenty of ways to combine bricks to get the same shape. so unless you actually have the full instruction leave the inventory empty, you can post it as a MOC.
  7. 3rd party parts

    I have plenty of incorrectly marked molded parts in my collection mostly due to reason like the above. parts that can't be used in builds is worthless so they are marked in the most common mold instead.
  8. Photo reviewing process

    for scanners just put a box around the part and the result should be as fine as if you had closed the scanner.
  9. Photo reviewing process

    3010a is used through the end of the 70, the whole 80's and the first years into the 90's that can some what easily be tracked by the printed bricks. so All fabuland sets should use 3010a.
  10. Search restrictions 500 is way to low

    the best would most likely be more clearly visible tag filters. ie you shouldn't need to know which tag that exist but be able to find them among the filters. so you can do a bit of "who is there" with the prints.
  11. Part numbers

    would it just been better to print the missing parts inventory with pictures and give him that?
  12. Part usage probability calculator

    Personally I would see that as a opportunity for a challenge. if rebrickable was collecting these kind of statistics it could be used together with some kind of challenge generator. ie Part challenge: randomly pick a part/color combination that doesn't yet exist in a MOC from the challengers collection.. ie Build challenge. pick a random set, replace inventory with random parts from the same part category in your personal collection based on statistics giving you a semi random pile of bricks to build something off.
  13. Unknown piece
  14. B Model link from main model

    I agree that Lego should be in there. but in the top choice you have to change "alternate" to "additional" because the number of set need to build will vary a lot. MLRC makes the Lego part sound like anything created with Lego, so I don't like it. I will add another alternate of the last. LIC without the "R". or why not LIB (Lego Idea Build)
  15. B Model link from main model

    if you look up moc you will also find usages. so basically any sets i morc as well since your building something a Lego designer has done before you. so that argument would just void everything. that's also why I feel it's pointless to differ between create and recreate. because the site is for recreating others work or posting your own.