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  1. Adding Tags to Sets

    what kind of tags do you want to add? it might be useful tags for everyone.
  2. Part Pictures vs LDraw

    Feel free to do so, right now I think they focus on parts that has neither Ldraw, lego or picture. I think pictures are always nice especially on printed parts.
  3. Sub-parts

    To me there is one key component need to be set before even consider going all the way. You can deal with subparts from a top down approach or bottom up approach. Ie you add the parts with subparts into the inventory and you get the subparts automatically. subparts would only be looked at if you allow assemblies to be taken apart or if you actually have subparts in your lose parts that isn't used by a assembly. [setting per category] the bottom up would work from subparts to calculate how many of the assemblies it could build. (ie for the one that enjoy taking things apart) which from my point of view would make parts with subparts kind of obsolete.because you can't really precalculate how many of each assembly you can build and stick with it because then two assemblies might actually use the same part which then end up being used by a inventory causing a incorrect build result. Just to be clear that we actually discard the latter approach for the first one. because they can never work together.
  4. List of My Sets which contains a specified Part

    Simply go to the part page and click on one of the parts colors and you will get the list of all sets having that part + color combination. in the drill down set : Owned to Owned and you got the result. so for blue:
  5. Minifig Numbering

    most part stick with the oldest mold number. there is at least four or five different torso molds.which hasn't been separated into different parts yet. might have something to do with the fact that some prints has been made on multiple molds and been in the same sets.
  6. Build - can i check a specific set?

    just search for the set and you will find out: just press the build button to get the missing pieces.
  7. Sub-parts

    Nonsense, everything a admin can do can be done by the community. so if there is a "inventory editing tools and a submit button, you do no longer need change request for that, only someone that check the submitted work.before it gets applied. in some cases a focused admin will be faster then checking all submissions but if you have all data it's faster to validate then actually do the inventory and double check it.
  8. Sub-parts

    That is why you should allow the community to contribute with as much as possible and leave quality assurance to the admin. ie approve the work package.when done.
  9. Sub-parts

    I agree that we shouldn't allow custom assemblies just official ones, if you want to build a none existing assembly simply use the sub-parts directly in the inventory.
  10. Sub-parts

    I don't think minifigs are something that has subparts, if you had said torso or leg assemblies Yes even helmets would be okay, complete minifigs would be subsets. and contain "parts" which may or may not have subparts. only parts you really don't want keep taking apart would be candidates for subparts such as wheel assemblies, hinges and such.
  11. TREAD and WHEEL for a TANK?

    Tanks are military so it goes against Lego policy to release set with them as model. So all tanks are mocs or clone brands. unless you count things like star wars.
  12. Can’t create a set (error 403)

    submitting set require level 3 and he is only level 2. so the system is preventing him.
  13. "Include Sets I own from My Set Lists marked as Non-Buildable" checkbox can't be saved as your preferred build option. it's always toggled off when revisiting the page.
  14. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    One note to those deactivated parts, they should contain reference to the correct parts (hyperlink) please. for example if you go here: there is no way to know it should be 6141. a search will find it but you won't by navigating. a link to the part that made it deactivated would improve auto mapping travel.
  15. maybe your using some incorrect settings when using the build tool or you got so many sets above 90% that it doesn't come up. Please add more details, what set is it, what settings do you build with etc. what result do you get and what do you really expect to get?