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  1. Everything get purged at bricklink after a certain time. it differ a bit on what it is, what the time is from 6 months and up. that include your personal orders etc if you don't back them up yourself.
  2. I say share the part entry and post picture alternates like we do on molds. not worth duplicating set for imo. unless the stickers actually differs.
  3. and is a broken program on many computers, so your most likely not doing anything wrong. I have tried that program on two of my machines after they broke it a two years ago. (it was working fine before that) One I only get a black screen, the other the mouse pointer goes behind the program and isn't rendered. So the program is unusable. MOC people should really stay away from that software or make pdf instructions after working with it, if your lucky enough to have the software run on your machine.
  4. I was not talking about the black square it's for the pattern machine in the Lego factory. I just don't get the "shadow" thingy shape on the neck. what cause that curvy form.
  5. yeah getting the same angle when taking photos is hard even if you do all of them yourself. and then getting the right lightning and without having your setup cast shadows on the scene.
  6. That looks much better, now it's just the pattern that is low a resolution.
  7. looks a bit to reflective to me, seeing the hands in form of shadows would be fine but now it more look like it's a mirror, the rest of the imperfection is due to low polycounts and the fact that the print isn't a texture but regular polygons. (flaw in ldraw) so neither of those can be expected to change. what is that weird shadow on the neck in all renders?
  8. Well I don't see why you would by something like that you got the inventory and the picture those two will add up to a complete build for free, it's like a puzzle you can buy the solution for.
  9. what color setting do you have when building, that will affect if the part shows up in missing or not, you might have 21 if you sum all colors up.
  10. biodreamer


    if you add 9999-1 and it contains 3004 and 3004s001 you will get both those parts it doesn't decide if the sticker is applied or not. You can then either mark it lost if you care about having correct sticker inventory and don't have it, do nothing, if its still on the sheet or use the is stickered feature to mark up your part(s) with a sticker, which would potential affect your build result depending on implementation details.
  11. Looks great but I still think the transparent needs some work, they look like trans-clear with color only on the edges. sure the edges shall have deeper color but they aren't that transparent in real life especially not after scratching them up by building with them. not sure what you can do with those render tools thought. it need to measure thickness while ray tracing, not just number of surfaces and make them loose alpha the thicker they get. in fact they look funky where is the wall thickness on those bricks, you should be able to see the end of the walls on the "floor" never mind took out some brick and the thickness seem to be reflected correctly might need some tweaking with the colors still especially if any of those is one of the darker colors, the trans-red is hard to see through.
  12. why not set it up as a freemium? leave the 1$ price and link the instrction in the description. so you can get money fro the design if people want to support you.
  13. It's relaxing, it's far better then meditation and yoga. Don't mind it at all but it also lead to having to shop for more boxes and storage containers quite often. I guess you could sell what you get to much off, but never reached that point and I have two big boxes full with red 2x4 bricks. Can you have to many of those?
  14. well the fastest and cheapest way to build up a collection of parts is buying big second hand lots on flee market and ebay sites. it means a lot of time sorting, and working on your collection, since you can't really just import the result of your order. it also means a lot of incomplete sets, which isn't a problem if all you want is a lot of spare parts otherwise it a good idea to start shopping on Bricklink for the parts and pad your orders with parts you like or want for MOCS while picking up the missing set pieces.
  15. so a expensive version of simons handcrafted one, I think most boxes cost more than the Lego inside, which suffer from the same symptoms as vokhev's but with a larger fraction of technic
  16. This is my setup: First column: Wheels, Windows, Panels, Doors and Containers 2nd column Technic + Electric parts 3rd column: Tiles, modified plates, Accessories and minifigs 4th column Plates 5th column Slopes, modified bricks, plants & trees 6th column Bricks and the boxes on the drawer is the very large parts such as the baseplates, train track, boats and all the Lego dimension kits are in the boxes below. Here goes everything that doesn't fit in a small drawer so it's mostly bricks and plates but also large wheels, battery boxes, train track and train carts, castle walls and trees, there is some technic here also. This is how one of those 192 drawers look like inside. currently only one is empty the rest is filled much like this one. Depending on what you build and what color you fetch them and put them next to you on the desk. The big bins are already close so I just leave them in the bookshelf.
  17. first of all subsets has the same instruction as the set and you could link to the same sources or leave them blank, I am talking on how you should build the system, Having them the same type of object would make things so much simpler, if the field is empty don't display that part of the GUI etc. an vola you can link a whole set tree no problem if you need to put subsets in subsets or sets in other sets it just works.
  18. From my point of view set and subsets is the same thing. set are just usually at the top of hierarchy. from a system side it shouldn't really be a difference. Super packs should hold the sets and be viewed as subsets is in normal sets shows their subsets and the inventory should be the total part count in all sets. which the system should automatically be able to merge together and cache. The master inventory should always be equal or greater then the sum of the subsets parts. So what differ is the naming system and the position in the hierarchy. making them different is only making the code and site more complex, the more you can reuse the better and the simplicity is what makes the whole subset feature so useful. When dealing with books, there would however need to be someway to flag parts as not included in the set. right now we have two types of inventories: inventory and spare parts, we would need to include a third type "not included" which contain parts from subsets that isn't included in the set but used in the instructions. ie parts you will have to buy elsewhere to build the set/subsets. This would be all parts in a Idea book and the parts needed to motorize a technic model for example.
  19. My personal answer to that would be that it should either have Lego parts or be a instruction on how to build or play with bricks. We can leave can leave the rest of the products out of Rebrickables catalog for now. Before we even think of those I would like to have a way to mark if I have the instruction for a set and/or box. So from my opinion we could exclude watches, glued keychains without connections. and focus on what rebrickable core feature building stuff out of parts. ie there shouldn't be a need for a inventory with 0 parts except for the intermediate steps during the creation flow.
  20. wouldn't that mini build be a subset, so I think you guys should look at improving that feature. so it is presented in a good way.
  21. Brick size and shapes doesn't vary. they are exactly those you design the sticker for. if you print a A4 it will always be the same size compare to Lego brick. and that is what you can expect user to have in their printer. and when it comes to stickers you should expect the user that bothers to print them to use cheap label sticker paper and design according to that. Simply stick to normal paper when designing and trying out the scales or to find the best background color that fit the color the sticker should be applied to etc. However I am quite positive that different printers will cause slightly different colors so don't be to picky, it's bound to be inexact at the user end unless they have the same printer as you. Word has measurements in cm. and you can measure your bricks to scale the images exactly that way. So step one Design your sticker in your favorite image/photo/vector software (keep image ratio and resolution in mind) then layout the sticker sheet in pdf or word document together with the rest of the instructions it's here you pick the scale while keeping the ratio locked, so it's better to have to high resolution and scale it down here then having to upscale it.
  22. Well as long as you include the sticker sheet in the instruction and allow it to printed on white sticker paper, ie you can't print white or expect user to get their hand on transparent plastic that is printable with your home printer. Your other option is to reuse official sets stickered parts.
  23. biodreamer

    Editing Part Photos

    imo diskspace is cheaper than ever but sure I am not paying the bill and the earlier you make the move the less work will it be, but sure you will have to keep both formats for a long time, but you don't need to keep adding more images that needs to be converted later. besides it less space than unprocessed images and I am sure you can run some image optimizer on them to keep them smaller.
  24. biodreamer

    Editing Part Photos

    I would prefer if the images stayed transparent instead of white background. It would make it easier to reuse these pictures in a instruction summary. ie if you put them next to each other that square white box is taking up unnecessary space. It would be good to start to have that practice if we go the way of needing photo editing for submitted part photos. That way the images is more useful for other stuff such as handmade instructions and would open up for things like dark mode or themes on the site or in any app using the API to fetch images.
  25. That is you can only use Lego molds and colors. if you happen to build your MOC out of clone bricks of any kind there must be a counter part/color in the Lego catalog. So if you just lack the number and filling in with mega blocks where normal Lego parts could be, that's fine for your local build but you can't use clone specific bricks or colors. because that makes them unbuildable with pure Lego bricks.