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    Test it without load is all I can say but all my pneumatics is old school. the type you had to manually pump to get things moving...
  2. Those sets where released in many versions telling which version it is the hard part. but this is two different sets for sure. Edit : Actually I think it's three, because I don't think the Taxi and the cinema belong to same sets since the font style doesn't match.
  3. Imo we do not need more specific badges, badges should not influence what people build period. it should be more of an encouragement to build anything instead of doing nothing to get an active community.
  4. welcome, Have you checked the help section of the site there is a lot of information and getting started guide in there that can be useful for you, and more is added so it can be worth checking it once in a while. 30 bricks is a bit to small for a premium build imo. I don't think they have enforced the minimum size yet but there is a plan to restrict premium to a bit larger sets. with small sets like 30 bricks you have a 3D puzzle that can be solved with a picture and the inventory with some difficulty depending on how compact it is. I think there is some things to consider before going premium. the first one is do the money really matter? I mean if it will end up just being pocket money for you should consider releasing it for free and allow donations. and let as many enjoy the fruit of your work. I a in this camp, there is so many better ways to earn money that I wouldn't charge for a model even if it took months to complete. another reason to see if you actually have the potential support for a premium is to release the first few MOCS free to see how popular they are. if you put a paywall straight up your less likely to know the answer. and it can be a good idea to do a mix, Have some small free models available that might draw attention to the larger payed ones.
  5. Not glue, so the parts can be recycled into something else the day the mosaic isn't wanted anymore.
  6. an official source that is younger than brick links catalog and it's original source. so there is good reason why BL is as it is. Personally I have always seen the leg color as the main color and the hip as secondary. So first time I encountered BL I thought that was awkward to start with the hips. But then we have custom assemblies and some special sets where each leg has it's own color, which kind of make the leg as main color fall apart. luckily that is a special case rather than something common.
  7. I would say no to any "premium" instructions for original sets, it's better to allow some kind of donation for those who want to support people contributing. and as far as I see it the digital copy do not need to copy the original instruction step by step but allow the author freedom to rearrange the building phases if they think they can do better. as long as the end result is the same it shouldn't matter.
  8. Well then go around looking for something like this: it might not be exactly the right spring but should do the trick. Should be possible to buy in a local hobby store or hardware store.
  9. it's simpler to buy new parts they aren't that expensive and you can use the spring less as regular cylinders
  10. Studio is useless on my computers and they don't seem to have any intention to fix it even if the bugs has been around for years. and has been reported by many over and over. it simply doesn't render on some hardware. (nothing odd just standard intel and nvidia laptop chipsets) giving (null pointer exceptions when launching the GUI elements) using a old windows framework that hasn't been updated since before windows 8 was released. Studio isn't made in a mature software development process that is for sure, seem to be run like a hobby project. I guess if everything is working you don't see all the issues or cause you to see when it fails. I could get it to work on my old windows 8 tablet but then the mouse pointer went behind the program so seeing what you clicked on was impossible after the windows lost focus the first time. LDD was working it's only problem was mostly the lack of ability to manipulate the instruction creation and the number of parts available, for me it was the lack of old parts rather than new. So I am still forced to use old aged Ldraw software with all the limitation that format has. So a big No to only support studio or any specific 3d software as a source for instructions, they can't run on all machines so PDF or other more common open source document style is always good, so you can open them on your mobile devices and tablets that isn't windows based.
  11. Well I must assume you can download a instruction you bought more than ones, so maybe someone did.
  12. I was reffering to these:
  13. in that case some of my old mocs should be linked that way rather than having a MOC entry. I also have some LDraw models of some small official sets.
  14. A bit odd order to add things, wouldn't links to instructions be more important than 3D models and why not just have one link for each and don't limit it to a specific instruct or 3d model file type. it would be really good to be able to add these files like you can on MOCS on regular sets/sub sets
  15. if you just want the gears why, not buy them loose at bricklink or brickowl?
  16. When it comes to that hidden price guide,Shouldn't it just track changes in price. ie if the price remain same don't do a entry, and limit the number of data points to 100 (3+ months worth of changes). That way all sets will have data in that field even if they are rare and barely sold. (as long as one set has bee sold since the feature started monitor the channels) That is the problem with bricklinks price guide data is flushed after 6 months, so if you find a rare sets you won't know what it's worth.if a set is unavailable put it down to zero, so we can see not only value but availability. ie when did the last set sell and how long did it takes for it to sell at that price
  17. Well when the photo library is big enough it could actually be a good idea to change those preferences.
  18. 3003b has a incorrect photo of a 3003a, it makes those entries confusing, since they don't follow chronological order.
  19. This is my personal opinion regarding photos. Standard should be one picture per part taken from a good angle to see the part main features, However if a part has more than one mold, and you can't get the mold difference in the main picture without having a bad view angle, two merged pictures into one is preferred as the main picture. So in case of 3001(a,b,c) and such bricks I would prefer if the two parts in different angle remain, but cleaned up according to guides. and for the notion of it's easier to take 2 pictures than one and your more less requiring photo editing, adding them next to each other is easy compare to cleaning up the shadows and light issues. (you guys still need to add the set light level step to the tutorial, which is great by the way) This way we can be sure that the part exist in that color since the mold difference is fully visible and not hidden under the part. This way I can simply browse my part collection and see all my parts and don't need to hover over each molded brick separately to see which is what mold. I however would still prefer if images had alpha/transparent background instead of white. so for 3005, there is no need for a picture merge, it good to have two picture but since there is no mold with a different underside, no reason to focus on it in the main picture. So the standard stand alone picture should be used. This parts only have different logo on the stud, different pip positions and of course different mold indicators ie letters and number beneath. So far we haven't divided entries of either of those reasons so photos of it isn't required.
  20. Can't you make another dummy for unknown sources for any time period, because there was a period you could buy classic parts directly from shops part by part and that was what this entry was intended for. I requested it for that particular reason.
  21. No it's not changing the date of the set makes it worthless, especially since one was reddish brown and not brown which means that parts is from the 2000., if your going to put everything into the same set why make all the other dummy sets. I say move these to legostore-1 or legoland-1 set and return this set to it's original name. so we have one set of the classic system parts like the original idea and picture indicate.
  22. Those parts did not exist in that period and do not belong there! Parts like 3003b and 3001c belong in that set. together with a lot of slotted bricks
  23. Check current topics in: and keep an eye out for new entries, in this case check the MOC session and the tool you used to design with.
  24. Official Lego sets don't have LDD files unless a fan has made one, so your requesting something that doesn't exist.