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  1. When I visit http://rebrickable.com/build_set?s=5893-1&setlist=1&partlist=1&s1=&s2=&s3=&c=1&ignore_print=1&ignore_mold=1&ignore_alt=1&ignore_minifig=1&ignore_nonlego=1 it reports I a missing "2x 76138 Technic Shock Absorber 6.5L with Soft Spring" and says that I have 0 of them. Also when I check http://rebrickable.com/myparts, especially "Technic Steering, Suspension and Engine" it is not listed. I regularity backup my parts as bricklink orders file and the part is still my backup of the 12.Oct.2014, but missing in the backup from the 30.Dec.2014. Did you had a database issue? After re-importing all my parts its back.
  2. Part http://rebrickable.com/parts/15569 as in http://rebrickable.com/sets/70806-1/castle-calvary-the-lego-movie-2014 is called x167 at Bricklink http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=x167&ccName=6051502
  3. Multiple values would definitely nice. Its both nice for the user to as well for the moc designer as a quick feedback on how to improve. Written feedback is of course much more actionable, but I am not sure how many users would sit down and write it. So written feedback, together with a thumbs up/down could also be an option. Then a moc designer could especially look at the thumbs down comments and reply/react/fix/improve.
  4. Yep, searching for 45729 is what I did, seems they prefer the 44375 though, as for wanted lists etc. it sometimes matters which number to use. I could not check the brick, as i don't have that one yet. But thanks for pointing out!
  5. http://www.bricklink.com/search.asp?itemID=17758&colorID=0
  6. NP. Thanks for the quick fix. Works again. Also with my hndwritten files.
  7. Yes it seems so. I deleted all my parts and started to re-import my orders and have the same issues.
  8. This is how the file starts, no extra chars, the xml is well formed, not sure whats wrong :/ <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- http://www.bricklink.com/help.asp?helpID=207 --> <INVENTORY> <ITEM> <!-- Trans-Clear Slope 45 2 x 2 --> <ITEMTYPE>P</ITEMTYPE> <ITEMID>3039</ITEMID> <COLOR>12</COLOR> <QTY>11</QTY> </ITEM> ...
  9. hi, trying to tech rebrickable about my PAB items. I wrote a bricklink inventory file using the colors from http://rebrickable.com/colors. The part-ids are what is printed on the brick / what bricklink shows. Now when I import this I get the errors below. I am attaching the bricklink file. The weird thing is that I think the parts are correct http://rebrickable.com/parts/3039 http://rebrickable.com/parts/60603 ... Any ideas? Stefan There were errors or warnings processing the file as shown below. Loaded 131 of 423 parts. Part 3039 (12) changed to 0 Part 3039 not recognised Part 60603 (12) changed to 0 Part 60603 not recognised Part 3004 (13) changed to 0 Part 3004 not recognised Part 54200 (98) changed to 50746 Part 4589 (17) changed to 0 Part 4589 not recognised Part 30153 (17) changed to 0 Part 30153 not recognised Part 3070b (17) changed to 0 Part 3070b not recognised Part 3024 (17) changed to 0 Part 3024 not recognised Part 4073 (14) changed to 0 Part 4073 not recognised Part 30046 (115) changed to 0 Part 30046 not recognised Part 92947 (1) changed to 0 Part 92947 not recognised Part 3794 (3) changed to 0 Part 3794 not recognised Part 54200 (155) changed to 50746 Part 3034 (2) changed to 0 Part 3034 not recognised Part 30136 (2) changed to 0 Part 30136 not recognised Part 44301 (86) changed to 0 Part 44301 not recognised Part 44302 (86) changed to 0 Part 44302 not recognised Part 98282 (85) changed to 0 Part 98282 not recognised Part 2555 (85) changed to 0 Part 2555 not recognised Part 98284 (88) changed to 0 Part 98284 not recognised Part 3022 (11) changed to 0 Part 3022 not recognised Part 2540 (11) changed to 0 Part 2540 not recognised Part 2432 (11) changed to 0 Part 2432 not recognised Part 3037 (11) changed to 0 Part 3037 not recognised Part 3040 (11) changed to 3040b Part 4286 (11) changed to 0 Part 4286 not recognised Part 3298 (11) changed to 0 Part 3298 not recognised Part 3660 (11) changed to 0 Part 3660 not recognised Part 2877 (11) changed to 0 Part 2877 not recognised Part 74698 (11) changed to 0 Part 74698 not recognised pab.20140118.xml
  10. Oh my, I was not sure what will happen if I click 'Use this part ...' and I was afraid that the part would be added to my parts perhaps. Maybe change the label to "Part Details"?
  11. When I lookup a part, e.g. http://rebrickable.com/parts/53586 it would be awesome, if it could tell me whether I have the part or not and if I have it how many of them in what colors are in my inventory. Happy new year to everyone! Stefan
  12. Yes. I was thinking of multiple part lists too. Still I'd like to confirm the import.
  13. I got a bunch of loose bricks from the fleemarket and wanted to import them. So I wrote a brinklink orders file and imported that. Unfortunately I mixed up the colors in some cases. I did a snaphot of my existing parts, so I could just delete all and retry. It would be nice if one: could undo the last import or import and after rebrickable parsed the file, confirm the import Now I will look for a color number table
  14. I don't know how the algorithm is implemented, but doing all 3 together should be cheaper. One you calculated the percentage I can built with 'ignore colors' the other matches should be subsets of these. The more I think about this I realize that this offers a bunch of nice problems for coding challenges
  15. I wonder if the a page could contain the color matching variants as java script code. This way one could switch back and forth without a server round trip and without recalculating the match.