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  1. Was an auto-subtract feature added to this new version? Or is Thea's V2 workaround still the best alternative? (Reference
  2. Thank you for replying. Before I posted, I had read several posts that seemed similar to mine but none of the answers explicitly said, no that can't be done. Instead, some of the answers offered the conditions that must be met like you just did but since the nature of my question basically says that I don't have all of the parts, I wasn't sure why that's being offered as an alternative or workaround. What am I missing?
  3. I finally finished recording my loose parts to My Parts so I can start building! Even though I'm missing lots of parts, I found an official LEGO set that I want to build and I get to the place where I see-- You have all... You have some... You have none... of the following xx parts. I will use the parts/quantities from the All and Some lists exactly as they're listed. Is there an automatic way to subtract those quantities from My Parts?
  4. I've been playing around with the What Can I Build and really struggling with the exact color match setting so I reduced MY PARTS to two; one dk gray Door Barred (4611) and one black Door Frame (4071). Find sets to build = exclude sets, exact color match, include official sets, no MOCs, sort Highest % Match. The 1st set result contains dk gray door but yellow door frame. 2nd result has dk gray door but lt gray door frame. 3rd match matches both my parts, color and qty. Can anyone explain why I even get the first two sets when they aren't exact color matches? I would expect the 3rd match to be my 1st result. Also, when I'm looking at the parts of any result, is there a way to display the ones that are mine so that for example, when I looked at the 1st set result, I could see that of my two parts, only the dk gray door was going to be used? Appreciate anyone's help.