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  1. If that could be possible, it would even be better indeed. But I dare not to hope for that much.
  2. When viewing one of my sets, it happens sometimes that I accidentely click the delete button. Would it be possible to provide a pop-up screen to confirm deletion. Thanks already
  3. I've sorted my bricks partwise and not colourwise. The inventory list in Rebrickable as wel as the list provided by LEGO in their instruction booklets is based on colour. When collecting the parts for a set, it happens quite a lot that I have to open the same box several times to fetch the same part but in a different colour. It would really be a great help if Rebrickable could offer the possibility to sort the parts by their part number. E.g. set 75002: part 4073 (plate 1x1 round) in yellow, light bluish gray and dark bluish gray appear next to eachother so I have to open this box only once. This would really be a time saver and is a bonus only an online platform can provide. I'm sure i'm not the only one with this problem. I don't know how your database is concieved but I think this should be possible since the part name is identical. Thanks already