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  1. Same behaviour happens in many other Android touchscreen browser.
  2. P.S. I now see I also indicated in the title that the build percentage might be off too. I however don't know that as I have enough parts to compensate so it still off course shows 100%...
  3. Nathan, As I really like the functionality of your site I try to keep my inventory as complete and clean as possible. Recently I added some sets with lots of parts that were missing from the original set, so I used the lost parts section to indicate these. For some reason these parts are not removed from the "My parts" overview (including sets) which is not very handy as I also use the parts overview a lot to see what my inventory of the different parts are (for building my own MOC's for example) I noticed this behavior before, so not sure if this is a bug or programmed behavior. Martijn
  4. Thanks Nathan, as always a really quick response and solution!
  5. All, Just want to draw your attention to one of my MOC's on Rebrickable that I have recenty submitted to Lego Ideas. It concerns a replication of a Rolls Royce Phantom II Coupe from 1934 that I have tried to make as close to authentic but still remaining compact and filled with functions. It features Remote control, working engine and turning steering wheel, opening bonnet, "suicide doors" and trunk and suspension on the back-side. All of that in a package only 17 studs wide and 50 studs long. Jesuskyr from Eurobricks forum made me an MLCad file and rendered it in Pov-ray and then the model is even more impressive: As Rebrickable has clearly a fan-base for Technic models I hope you will find the time to support this idea on Lego Ideas en get this model official. Thanks, Martijn Nab
  6. Nathan, Do the thumbnails on the "Browse Moc" also get updated regularly as this one is still showing the old picture? Martijn
  7. Checked, and it now works like a charm!!! Thanks for the quick fix.
  8. Nathan, I have tried several times in the last days to change the main image of my MOC-2765 Roll Royce. For some reason these changes do not get incorporated. If I look though "All changes" the changes are actually in there, but they are not showing up in real life. Not very pressing issue, but would appreciate it if you could look into this. Thanks, Martijn
  9. It worked OK this morning. I tried on several browsers yesterday and tried logging in and out. Maybe has to do with the status in the database the first hours. Its solved now anyway.. Regards, Martijn
  10. I added a MOC yesterday that was approved: MOC-2765 - Rolls-Royce Phantom II Coupe [1934] For some reason I cannot change any of the admin aspects like desciption, picture or video URL. If I do that I get a warning "invalid security" For my other MOC's its not a problem. There changes will be saved OK... Martijn