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  1. Strange Part

  2. Part usage probability calculator

    Or an alternate route would be a feature similar to BUILD where we could select our desired themes and it would show us all of the pieces (owned in our parts collection) found in any set within those themes, or vice versa (option to show us pieces that are not found in any of the selected themes). This may be easier to apply. It was late when I had the idea, lol.
  3. 3D models of parts

    This would definitely be a cool feature but I feel it would slow site performance greatly.
  4. Part usage probability calculator

    I'm not sure how far fetched this is but I think it would help a lot of people, mainly people who both collect and sell/trade LEGO. I only collect specific LEGO (Medieval, Space, Star Wars, etc.). I do not collect city stuff. There are many pieces in my parts collection that I clearly will not use (i.e. motorcycles/other vehicle parts, city minifigs, etc.) I think it would be cool if our parts told us the "probability of usage". This would be based on our LEGO collection (sets owned, theme majority) and all official LEGO sets in the themes based on our collection population. This way, for example, a police minifig body would tell me I have 0% usage probability, as it appears in zero sets (based on my collection/theme majority). Then as collector's, we could organize our needed parts better and know which parts we could sell, knowing we will not need them! Just an idea.
  5. Error message using build tab

    Try clearing your internet cache/history and refreshing your browser... I am not getting any error.
  6. Set photos

    Bah... I can't remove them myself... sorry about that! I have uploaded a couple from my own page... can you see if it works that way? Micro Shinto Shrine (Ninjago) has been updated.
  7. Set photos

    I can submit links from my own page too? Where do I cancel the dud requests?
  8. Set photos

    How does one submit photos then? Host them on my own website?
  9. Strange Part

    I'm going to say that if it does not say LEGO in the fine print, it is not LEGO. May be from another Minecraft miniature.
  10. Strange Part

    What does the small print say?
  11. How to change battery/readable manual LEGO 2916 Mybot

    What you'll need: ExoForce Light brick (obviously) A small screwdriver (or other item with a long, thin shaft) (my s'driver was 2mm (0.07 inches) thick) A small 3V battery. Put the point of the screwdriver into the hole in the brick (where you'd normally put the fiber optics cord). Using quite some force, lever the screwdriver until the 'lid' pops up at the front. Insert the screwdriver into one of the small gaps at the side where the 'lid' pops up, and lever the lid up again. the lid should come right off. From here, you can shake the brick and the battery should fall out. Simply slide the new battery in and click the lid back on.
  12. Set photos

    I have provided about 50 links to images for sets that have none on Rebrickable... only 2 have been approved. Wondering why...
  13. Minifigs only section in BUILD!

    I have brought this up prior to V3 (which, may I say, is SO amazing!!) There are an ever growing amount of people who collect LEGO minifigs solely. I think if this site had a BUILD generator that would show us EVERY official LEGO minifig we were able to build, it would be ideal for collectors! This would include minifigs from blind bags, sets, accessory packs, advent calendars, etc. I think it would also improve the sites overall BUILD calculations as many minifig parts are not listed (in set parts). What are the chances of this being done?! PLEASE
  14. Build Option For Minifigs Only?

    At least update the BUILD to recognize minifig blind bags and other accessory/subset lots... :\