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  1. At least update the BUILD to recognize minifig blind bags and other accessory/subset lots... :\
  2. Would it be possible for Rebrickable to establish an option in BUILD that would let us know what official LEGO minifigs we could build (from all sets). I think this would be awesome!
  3. Thanks guys, I definitely see the faint ridges in these little impostors!!!
  4. Okay... adding a huge load of LEGO to my database. Stuck on these: Brick Round 1 x 1 Open Stud (Dark Red) I clearly have 4 that match the LEGO Dark Red... BUT I have 8 that are a brighter Dark Red color... with open stud. I thought Mega Blocks only did the closed studs of this particular brick. Am I mistaken? They are clearly not Reddish Brown either.
  5. I tried switching to "similar" colors and it added some sets to my build list but still remains inconclusive... The two example sets I mentioned are still not showing up...
  6. Thank you for the tip, I shall try that and see how my search looks!
  7. Thanks for the response... do supplementary sets not show up even with the option selected to show them?! Anyway, here are two examples of sets with a high percentage that do not show up in my BUILD query: LEGO Set 6654-1 - Motorcycle Transport LEGO Set 6384-1 - Police Station Not sure why this is happening. I wonder how many sets are actually not showing up in total...
  8. I have my build search results ordered by Highest Percentage and it gives me the list of sets I can build... normal. However, when I search a specific LEGO piece I own and match it to a possible set I can build, it has a completion of 91% yet does not show up in my BUILD search results.... WHY? Thanks for any help.
  9. Hey there! First of all, AMAZING PAGE! I am chugging away at adding all of my pieces color by color. I have one question: Is there any way to exclude an entire theme from my search results (What can I build?). I know you can select specific themes to display but I see no option to exclude all sets from a specific theme (i.e. Basic) Thanks for your time!