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  1. Let me know if it helps them as well!
  2. Also, check this out! Vintage 1978 brown lego VERSUS modern brown lego. 90's brown lego glows somewhere in between these two and you must put black light a bit closer to notice. COOL! Also, if you fee this thread belongs somewhere else, please move it.
  3. I would def love to see more usage with collection/organization applications like these.
  4. Hey y'all! I an avid Lego collector since childhood but I suffer from color blindness. My beautiful wife usually helped me determine certain Lego colors when separating (i.e. brown and reddish brown or light gray and light bluish gray and many transparent color variations. However, I recently had a breakthrough that now helps me TREMENDOUSLY and I feel it needs to be more wide-known. (Reason I posted under suggestions, perhaps you could spread the word) When looking at neon transparent Lego pieces under a black light, I noticed that even solid colored Lego bricks could be seen differently under it!!! Light gray blocks remain the same while light bluish gray blocks glow under the light! This also works with all other Lego colors, especially the transparent vs. neon transparent! I find this helps the absolute most when dealing with a mixture of older and newer Lego. The colors and clarity are sometimes very hard to determine. The black light fixes this issue!!! Hope this helps many more, colorblind and non colorblind people alike! Cheers Punishing Cosplay
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  6. Or an alternate route would be a feature similar to BUILD where we could select our desired themes and it would show us all of the pieces (owned in our parts collection) found in any set within those themes, or vice versa (option to show us pieces that are not found in any of the selected themes). This may be easier to apply. It was late when I had the idea, lol.
  7. This would definitely be a cool feature but I feel it would slow site performance greatly.
  8. I'm not sure how far fetched this is but I think it would help a lot of people, mainly people who both collect and sell/trade LEGO. I only collect specific LEGO (Medieval, Space, Star Wars, etc.). I do not collect city stuff. There are many pieces in my parts collection that I clearly will not use (i.e. motorcycles/other vehicle parts, city minifigs, etc.) I think it would be cool if our parts told us the "probability of usage". This would be based on our LEGO collection (sets owned, theme majority) and all official LEGO sets in the themes based on our collection population. This way, for example, a police minifig body would tell me I have 0% usage probability, as it appears in zero sets (based on my collection/theme majority). Then as collector's, we could organize our needed parts better and know which parts we could sell, knowing we will not need them! Just an idea.
  9. Try clearing your internet cache/history and refreshing your browser... I am not getting any error.
  10. Bah... I can't remove them myself... sorry about that! I have uploaded a couple from my own page... can you see if it works that way? Micro Shinto Shrine (Ninjago) has been updated.
  11. I can submit links from my own page too? Where do I cancel the dud requests?
  12. How does one submit photos then? Host them on my own website?