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  1. Wasn't 100% sure if this should go in Bugs or Set Inventories... I picked up the Classic/Building Bigger Thinking set 10404-1 - Ocean's Bottom and I noticed something odd with its inventory. There's a big error message at the top stating: ...which is naturally incorrect because this is a real Set. It appears to be specifically referring to: Part 973c03 Torso Plain / Dark Pink Arms / Yellow Hands in Dark Pink and Part 90195 Window 1 x 2 x 2 Castle in Dark Pink I'm not sure what could be causing this bug, if it's affecting any other parts in this set (that are not unique to it and are thus less easy to notice), or if it might be affecting any other sets... or if it's really just affecting those parts across multiple sets since I don't know if they're actually in any other sets.
  2. Wasn't 100% sure where to post this, hope this is right. I picked up the Yoda's Jedi Starfighter set, and was looking through its inventory here on the site and stumbled upon what I think may be an error? Basically, there's two different listings for what I believe are the same torso piece: PART 973pr3847c01 MINI UPPER PART NO. 3847 and PART 973pr2367c01 Torso SW Layered Shirt Yoda, Olive Green Neck Print / Tan Arms / Olive Green hands The former listing is the one associated with the Starfighter set, and besides having a less helpful name also has non-working BrickLink and BrickOwl links so it's probably the one that's wrong? The latter is only currently in the inventory of the 2013 set 75017-1 - Duel on Geonosis. I don't own that set, so I can't confirm 100% that there's not some slight variation in the prints or something that I'm just missing from looking at the pictures. There's also 75142-1 - Homing Spider Droid, which looks like it should have the Yoda torso in its inventory, but is missing it. (I don't have that set either to 100% confirm that it is the same part, but it sure looks like it in the photos)
  3. Picked up a polybag set last night and it seems to be missing from the database here. 30497-1: First Order Heavy Assault Walker Release year: 2017 Theme: Star Wars > Mini Brickset listing BrickLink listing It's a mini model of the AT-M6 walker that's set to appear in The Last Jedi.
  4. Been away from the site for a while and was re-inventorying my pieces, and realized I must have had this set as a kid because I have the blue 4861 slope, and I definitely never had any of the other 3 sets that piece was used it (I've have had for as far as I can remember, which adds up considering I would have been 2 or 3 years old when the set came out). I also have all the other pieces of the set (although the propeller has one of its blades snapped off ), except for the white 6232 "Brick Special 2 x 2 with Pin and Axle Hole". What I do have is a white 4730 "Brick Special 2 x 2 with Pin and No Axle Hole", which seems more era-appropriate and matches the instruction scans. So basically I'm pretty sure the 6232 in the set is supposed to be a 4730. I'm not 100% on that, since we're talking about a 28 year old set that I forgot I even owned and have just had in my loose parts for all my life... But I am pretty sure. I'm still only Level 1, so I couldn't submit the Change Request myself.
  5. Wasn't sure if I should put this in Suggestions, Help, or Bugs... Long version (includes unnecessary back story of how I discovered the issue, sorry this is how I explain things): So I've been getting out of my dark ages after about 15 years, discovered this site, and have been using it to audit what I still have. Instead of simply adding sets I remembered having, since I might have lost parts over time (and it turns out I did) I went through my old Time Cruisers storage tub and added each part as I came across it, then converted the loose parts to sets as I got each one to 100%. I had the site ignore these completed sets so I wouldn't double count their contents Then I went through the near-complete sets that I knew I owned (some of which I had forgotten about) and marked the missing pieces as Lost. Then to make sure no parts of those incomplete sets were being double counted, I went through and added their missing parts as owned, converted them to sets, then parted them out into a separate part list that wasn't being used in calculations. But this is where I noticed something odd. I had two (incomplete) sets with skeletons. While inventorying I had noticed that one of my skeletons was missing an arm, and in the end that arm never did show up. While going through the above process for the set that I'm counting as missing the arm, after completing the set then parting it out and going back to remove the missing arm from inventory instead of it saying I had 4 of the arm as I expected it said I had 5. Once I figured out the cause I found other inconsistencies as well. Where did the extra arm come from? It was one of the set's spare parts. Short version (or conclusion, whatever): The site did not consider whether I had the spare parts when calculating the set's completion percent or whether I had met the criteria for converting the loose parts into a set. Thus converting the loose parts into a set erroneously caused the spare parts to be added into my collection. My suggested solution is to add a checkbox in the build options (checked by default) for "Exclude spare parts", and have the algorithm that determines whether the "convert to set" option appears require that to be unchecked. (again, sorry for being long winded)
  6. I only recently discovered this site after a growing desire to get back into LEGO (which I had basically set aside in my early teens around the turn of the millenium). All the bricks I have from back in the day were mixed together in a storage tub (that came with one of the TimeCruisers sets). Between the parts being all mixed together and not knowing what may have been lost along the way (and not honestly 100% remembering which sets I had), I decided to just go through brick by brick and add the parts in loose... Which I'm about halfway through with. I've finally got a set to show that I have 100% of the pieces, and hit the option to add it to my owned sets... Only to find that it was now counting all the parts twice (once loose and once in sets). Is there any way to remove a set's parts from your loose parts list in one fell swoop? I'd hate to have to go through and manually remove each part...
  7. Set 6340-1 Figure firec007 should be split into: Helmet: 3834 (white) Head: 3626bp03 Body: 973p29c01 Legs: 970c00 (light gray) Figure firec006 should be split into: Helmet: 3834 (white) Head: 3626bp05 Body: 973px121c01 Legs: 970c00 (black)