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  1. never-mind, I just ordered it from brick-link directly. sorry to bother you @Nathan!
  2. @Nathan: I have to get this list parted out for my brother's Christmas present, and it has been refusing to load at all on the "buy parts tab". I've been trying for quite a few days with no success, and still can't get it to load at all on that tab. See here: bakery parts list for the parts.
  3. Thank you for all your help, It is working now... I appreciate your quick responses!
  4. I am us based, and do you have any updates on this bug or possible fixes? (I've also noticed the Brickowl links work properly so only Bricklink is the issue, if that helps!) I was going to order these parts here tomorrow: but since it's not letting me it looks like I'll have to wait...
  5. It seems to work now, but only when I click the "share URL" button! Here's the one i had the most problems with before: Link to my list EDIT: and now it's not working again!
  6. I meant the whole moc is parted out via ldd and isn't showing up as buy-able. sorry i wasn't clear.
  7. Okay, so in my Custom lists, I have MOCs I know the parts are available from Bricklink, yet when I click on "buy parts" it shows and error notice with "No stores matching your filters were found"... the only problem is, all my filters are just set for Bricklink, and only sellers from the USA. Here's the kicker: some lists allow for me to order parts, but most of the others show the error page notice. Anyone else having this problem? If anyone can help, please do!
  8. I put it in twice now, and it still doesn't work. something is going wrong between putting this link in: and it being publicly posted to Rebrickable.
  9. Okay, on my end of things, my MOC in this link( ) has a download instructions link. However, I have gotten word that it's not there for everyone, just me. It's like it shows up for me, and no one else. User Lego-test-set first reported this to me, and i can't find the issue. Can I have some help please? Also, Lego-test-set's comment and my reply have seem to vanished. I know I posted to it, but it's gone now! Can someone help me with that too, please?