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  1. Hi, I noticed that parts marked as <EXTRA>Y</EXTRA> in BrickLink XML are not shown in the inventory preview when submitting a set. Is this a bug, or are spare parts added separately by the admins?
  2. It's called a non-profit, not a non-revenue. :-) A non-profit can make money, or even hire people, it's (more or less) not allowed to distribute profits to members.
  3. When I try to submit a change request, I get this next to the submit button shortly after it shows "Saving...": {"status":"failure","msg":"ERROR: invalid format specified."} I've put "31020-1" in the set ID (Rebrickable shows the green checkmark) and the body text is not following any particular format: Missing: - 2x 4211000 ( - 2x 4560177 ( I also tried replacing URLs with "Rebrickable part #3660" and similar, in case it was some kind of spam filtering, but it didn't have any effect. I'm using Firefox 37 on Linux. Everything else seems to work fine.