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  1. After not logging in for roughly 7 months, I just realised there is a new limit on the number of private MOCs we can submit. Is this change permanent or just for the time being? I have a new MOC that I need a parts list from and the old private MOC system was great for ordering parts.
  2. It was on both pages for the planetary sets (TIE Bomber and TIE Interceptor) for part number 4740pr0001b uptil yesterday. Now shows the correct BL ID. I tried the Add Cart again, with an empty cart and all, same problems lol. I tried again with an all light bley setup, the yellow and some other stuff popped out. Not sure why it's happening. I wish all the sites would just use the LEGO part ID number instead haha.
  3. Hi there, I have some new bugs to report. I have a private MOC whereby it states here that at ToyPro they have 27 lots out of the 30 I require, but when I click Add To Cart, over on ToyPro's site I will see only 11 lots and majority of it are of pieces that I do not use on the MOC in question, which is mainly in reddish brown. In comparison the listed items are mostly in light bluish gray. Some pieces are what I have in use on the MOC but they make up probably 3-4 out of the 11 lots that appeared. Same issue occurs when I try to add the bits to carts on BrickOwl. Previously it was the appearance of a single Yellow round stud in all cart additions, now this issue. Also, when attempting to convert parts into BrickOwl's wishlist, some turn a different color than what is required. You can try it out with the mini Wookiee Attack set aka 6968 that was unreleased. The 1x2 brick (x2) and 1x1 round plate (x2) in trans neon orange turn into dark tan when added to the wishlist. I am attaching an image to show the issue. Part 2555 with element ID 255526 also cannot be added. Here is the error message: Added with the following errors: Error adding part 2555 (BOID 2555): Invalid BOID, item not found You have the add the item manually with the given element ID to make it work on BrickOwl. Also, item with rebrickable ID 4740pr0001b, which is a printed clear dish that appears on sets 9676 and 75008 has a wrong Bricklink ID. On Rebrickable the BL ID is 4740pb05. The item ID there is 4740pb005.
  4. I am also getting the same issue. ERROR: Invalid BrickOwl Order ID When attempting to upload a new private MOC's parts list from .LXF file. Tried with both Chrome and IE browsers, does not work either way.