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  1. hello i own the 8816 set from 1994, and i saw that its page has only the catalog image. I found this page that says that the page should have a text "We have no image for this Set! If you can contribute, please Submit a Change Request". I can't find that in the page. How can I submit a picture of my set?
  2. Well, I've tried cross matching the technical parts and I think this is this: Does this sound good? The woman wants 100 NIS (about 25$) for all the parts in the picture. Sounds like a good price, no?
  3. Thanks! I was sure the technic would get the first hit.
  4. Hello I found someone willing to sell some sealed bags of parts but she has no idea from what (multiple) sets. Can anyone identify these bags? dropbox link to the images (i want to share it high res): Thanks!