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  1. 40174 Iconic chess set is in both Bricklink and Brickset. For some reason, though Lego themselves and Bricklink call it Iconic, that word is missing from Brickset. It was released this year and I have one - which fact I would like to log. If you are waiting for someone to do an inventory could you tell me how I could do that?
  2. 41067-1 Belle's Enchanted Castle - a Disney Princess set 2016 listed in Brickset, but not here. Likewise 40221 Fountain - a Creator set (2016) has its full breakdown on Brickset.
  3. In the part details you state all sites are using 19995 for this dog. However, this is misleading as in Bricklink it is bb594pb01 which features in both the Big Bang theory and 2 other sets on Bricklink. You are showing I have none, when in fact I have 2, but don't wish to change the quantity until Bricklink and Rebrickable both show this in the same set or sets.
  4. I noticed this too and it is really inconvenient. Please tell me it really is just a bug and won't last long.
  5. When I am in the screen for a particular part - say 87087 - at the bottom it says n parts in x sets - or words to that effect. Selecting a colour (Dark Bluish Grey for example) shows me 1-60 of a possible 87. The sets I own are in green, which makes it easier to locate them. So far so good. My suggestion is that all the ones in Green are shown 1st, or an option to change the 'Sort By' to 'My Sets First' be possible. This is especially useful if there are hundreds of sets for the part and colour I selected. If this is not too tedious to do I would find it very helpful.