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  1. I am the third on being able to mark custom lists, In big Mocs, sometimes you switch some parts into this color and other parts into different color, being able to mark and reserve them makes it easy to know what is left and what can I do and even what parts I miss if I want to go for another Moc...
  2. Yes... I begin to understand the procedures and the very nice and organised work here...
  3. Ok Today I notice the set is not appearing in my pending and it is listed or submitted with a note: Added:2015-06-15 09:53:26.024741 by atheer. Last Change:2015-06-15 10:02:35.86679 by sheo those parts mentioned either showing color error or part error... thanks to all and for all...
  4. Ok, Done! Finish building the Set and identified the spare parts and added to inventory... what is next?...
  5. Hi, this is my first try, and I am not fully aware of the details so hope not to make any one here angry I am almost done with the inventory of the set 75106, Imperial Assault Carrier, but I have 3 parts that can't find them or may be I don't know how... these parts I found the details from, links are below: the following two parts have colors that can not assign to in the database... also I did not build the set yet, so can't tell about the spare parts... should I submit or.... thank you