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  1. I’m wondering if there is a way in the API to read a user’s custom lists. I do see in the list of API endpoints at the bottom there is an error, might there be more API endpoints than what is currently listed? Currently the last listed endpoint is Badges. Thanks.
  2. It might be cool (and drive more traffic to Rebrickable) if we could embed something in our non-rebrickable forum signatures. Perhaps a set count, or part count or some random MOCs that we have posted. Something in our signature essentially. We could select from our profile what would be available and then simply include the call to in our signature that would embed that content in our signatures.
  3. When doing a "What Can I build" search on only my loose parts, for sets that are marked as 100% it would be nice to convert them to an owned set. Right now clicking the "+" adds the set to my sets, but doesn't subtract the loose parts thus increasing my parts count instead of simply grouping those parts together to form the set. It would be nice to be able to get the few missing parts for a set and then be able to mark the full set as owned.