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  1. Show part prices is always on. Turning it off in settings doesn't change anything. It used to work, now I see price below every brick.
  2. Hello, I think you should add some kind of note on 1st screen of creating new sets that someone already is making it. In last months I added 2 sets and both got cancelled with information like "Someone already added this set". I received this info on my email like 2 months from my submission... It should be instant auto - message on adding set page... It is kinda frustrating and demotivating. I spend my free time on making photos and counting/searching/adding parts to set and it is total wasted time... I have at home another 2 sets which are not in Rebricable database but I won't add them because maybe someone is already doin' it. I don't know that and I don't want waste my time...
  3. Hi, when you are at parts list and looking for 1 category (in example on image below it is "bricks") and you want go to other category you need: 1. Click Remove filter (numer 1 on image below) 2. Wait for all parts load 3. Click on the new category 4. Wait for your new category loads I think it would be much better/faster/easier if all categories names stay in the list (number 2 on image below). So you could navigate straight to another category without wasting time for loading all parts, without unnecessary clicks and save some server bandwidth. Same thing applies to Color choose. When you choose one, others disappear and you can't navigate to them in straight way. You need again load everything by "Remove filter" option... wait for everything load then you can choose another color...
  4. Ah, I found it! You need to be in certain loose list to change the quantity! I was in view with all parts lists showing together.
  5. I have no problem with adding parts, but how do I change to lower number of given part. For example I have 10 white brick 1x16 and I want to change it to 9. In old interface I could just change the number in the input box, I can't find this option here. I tried put "-1" part at "Add this part to list/inventory" dialog box but it didn't work
  6. Part change suggestions and Set adds via website doesn't work? I made some changes and I see this for almost month now:
  7. http://rebrickable.com/parts/2537b it is in "other" section now. Should be in "Transportation - Sea and Air"
  8. Hmm, dunno. For me it looks like starfish or flower, so imho it is perfect for "Plants and Animals". Many LEGO parts can be used as different things. When adding to category I wouldn't look for what is used for but how part looks itself. As for 2342 I agree too. Both those bricks are not minifig's accessories, that's for sure.
  9. I think this http://rebrickable.com/parts/11609 better fit to "Plants and Animals" then current "minifig accessories".
  10. Hi, it might be related to those topics: - http://rebrickable.com/forum/index.php/topic/1100-cant-add-new-sets-becuase-other-user-is-already-adding-it-not/ - http://rebrickable.com/forum/index.php/topic/1111-another-user-is-already-working-on-set-5003082-1/ Possible bug with sets aproove Like 1 week ago I submitted this set: 561508-1 - Turtle’s island I finished it and send for approval. Still noone approved it. Do you see it in admin panel? I submit it again like 2 days ago. Maybe you got some bug with notifications? I see admins and mods were active from that time but set is still not approved. Bug with adding new sets img And other thing is, when I open edit options for this set I see there photo of the set which is not mine. So it confirmns what I wrote here (my 2nd post) - photos are being overwritten when someone is trying to add new set which is already in WIP by other user.
  11. I had same problem here - http://rebrickable.com/forum/index.php/topic/1100-cant-add-new-sets-becuase-other-user-is-already-adding-it-not/ You need ask admin to accept that set.
  12. I stuck on step 3. Got like 5k loose parts. How to add them to LDDManager?
  13. Oh, thanks! Haven't seen it! I will test it soon!
  14. Hello, is there any way to import my part's list from rebricable to LDD? It would make much easier designing MOCs from choosen brick's list. I see LDD got option of import .lxfml file. I think it is some XML file type? Maybe there is some way to reformat some current XML export format from Rrbrciable and make from it LDD compatible file. The file with all bricks just laying randomly around the scene in LDD. Cheers!