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  1. lisaastrup

    level 3

    I'm at level 3,how to level up? If I add a moc,doI have to make a #how to # build, becurse I can't do that I think ? what else can I do ? another MOC of mine
  2. Danish Lego lover for years

  3. lisaastrup

    can't find out

    I can't find out how this site works, whateverI do it does not work.... My patience is lost now,tryed to place a small moc with no luck,its to complicated if you are not very good in english.
  4. MOC, means own creation. ???
  5. Yes, I'm sure you are right - but I don't have the power to do so, and I know its a very limited group, it was just a thought
  6. I could make a DuplÄ moc, but I have only the figs, but I like Duplo also, but it would take a lot of spce to have them in lots of colors like the small bricks. Also if some Lego AFOL suffering from arthritis / partial sight or otherwise - Duplo is a good option for them. So think again
  7. hi. I have more times looked to find a duplo minifig / duplo people, but even if I have a number ( sometimes) it will not show up. Is the duplo info very low ? I do know that the duplo is not that polular with afols, but I like them, the are cute and fun - the figs I mean.