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  1. Thanks, I’ve started doing what most people must be doing and checking off the received lot against my lost parts list individually.
  2. Hello, After completing a large BL order to replace lost parts from my list (assisted with Rebrickables export function), how can I "upload" the order back to Reblickable to deduct from my lost parts list? Thanks for a great site too, love it.
  3. Hi all First post, I am just coming out of the dark ages, with my children re-igniting my passion for lego I have not bought anything on bricklink or brickowl yet, but I have created a wishlist of a number of items (both missing from sets and new items to do a few little projects with) I would like to import my wishlist for these parts into rebrickable to use the Multi-buy feature, as it looks great for finding the best muix of stores to get the ietms and save postage. Is this possible? Thanks