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  1. Do you think it's worth me making change requests on the affected inventories, or would it be better to wait until an admin drops in and comments?
  2. If your advice is to wait for v3/Nathan to drop in, I'm happy to do that Thea. I've rectified the problems on my end by just adding everything to the ignored list, but I appreciate that that isn't a great all-round solution for everyone and was interested in making it simpler for newer members.
  3. The thing is, I'm happy to go across the database submitting change requests, but I'd want to know which way they should be changed before doing so. An admin's definitive answer would be useful.
  4. What are the qualifications for something to be classed as a Supplementary/Accessory set? Currently, Advent Calendar sets (for instance this and this) , boxes of bricks (this and this), First Lego League Challenge sets (this and this) and tiny (<10 parts) promo sets (this and this) all split across the categories. Which should they be?
  5. The two different types of old motorcycle frames (30187 and 4480) are inconsistently listed across the database. Sometimes the wheels are included as a complete assembly (see 30187c01 and x81c02), and sometimes they're not in inventories. This makes them more difficult to include in searches. The modern motorcycle frames are consistently split up and never include the wheels. Could the old frames please be changed to this too? (Or alternatively, someone explain to me why they can't be changed). EDIT: On the subject of 30187, every single instance of 30187c04 listed on the database is wrong. That assembly only appeared in 6732 where it is listed as the separate parts - highlighting my problem with the current system! All of the current 30187c04 should be 30187c01 - I can submit change requests on each set if necessary. Or again, ideally just all split up nicely.
  6. Could either this motorcycle (x81c02) have its constituent parts linked to (namely 4480c01, 3641 and 3464), or ideally it be split down into those parts in all the inventories please?
  7. This old 1x8 brick (part 3008a) currently has a 3D image as the main image that is a technic piece.
  8. It would be good to be able to ignore colour for certain parts. Personally, I never care about the colour of seats or steering wheels, and if these could be universally ignored, that would be great.
  9. +1 to this. Would be particularly useful for things like transparent parts where the colours really don't matter that much so long as they're all the same.
  10. +1 for this. I'd love to be able to just ignore Duplo all round
  11. Please add 30371 - Knight's Cycle (
  12. I've just come out of my dark ages and have catalogued my collection over the summer. While doing that, I've found that I have a few (and I mean a few - sub 100) odds and ends that I want to get rid of in some way. It includes: Four sets of instructions (quality ranging from v. good to poor) A few 1960s pieces which I can see no personal use for Various slightly damaged pieces which are still perfectly usable but that I'm replacing A tiny selection of compatible but non-Lego pieces which have somehow snuck in over the years (although I feel 13 in a ~15000 piece collection isn't too bad) I guess my first question is, are these sort of things easy to sell on to other people. I'm not looking to make a profit - happy to just cover my postage. Second question is, which sites would be most appropriate to sell these off on? I have made brief searches, but the AFOL web community is very large and I'd appreciate some help in my initial steps in it. Thanks in advance guys!