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Found 1 result

  1. Okay it's time to pick another ideabook, while I try to get my hand on the missing parts of 250-1. And I have choosen to start with the first technic ideabook. it's already in rebrickables system and I know that there is plenty of technic building community members around. I will simply start by dividing the book down to it's subparts, before I start building and submitting what i can. so here is 8888-1 scope: 8888-1-x4a-1 (MOC yellow/red crane) [submitted] 8888-1-p4b-1 Small Harbor Crane 8888-1-p4b-2 Subset blue/red/yellow crane (with motors) 8888-1-p12a-1 Blue crane (no motors) 8888-1-p12a-2 Blue crane (with motors) 8888-1-p12b-1 Small Construction Crane 8888-1-p12c-1 Tall version Blue crane 8888-1-x20-1 Crane 8888-1-p21-1 (Yellow scale) The tractor is set 851-1 so that one is excluded. 8888-1-x22-1 (MOC manure spreader) 8888-1-p24-1 Harrow? 8888-1-p26-1 Harvester 8888-1-x28-1 MOC Harvester combine 8888-1-p30-1 Excavator 8888-1-p38-1 Helicopter 8888-1-x39-1 MOC Airplane 8888-1-p44-1 Blue Truck 8888-1-x45-1 MOC Yellow Car 8888-1-x62-1 MOC Blue jeep 8888-1-p64-1 Yellow Car 8888-1-p69-1 pullback vechicle 8888-1-p70-1 clock 8888-1-p74-1 walking dog 8888-1-p78-1 slot card programmable crane 8888-1-x94-1 MOC Printer I can more or less build them all, i just have one issue with my parts, my motors are the black 12V engines, not the Grey 4.5V and my battery box is also black. so i miss some motor parts that's all.