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Found 9 results

  1. I'm a new user who added only 1 part. When I use "BUILD SEARCH", it shows that I can partially build 500 sets with up to 22% completion. This is obviously wrong. The root problem seems to be with handling minifigs and stickers - the numbers are as if I had all the required minifigs/stickers, which inflates the numbers. If the set has 1000 parts and 100 are minifig-related, then the set would be shown as 10% complete, since 100=10% of the parts are "not missing". A better way to handle this would be to ignore minifigs in both the number of required parts and the number of available parts. This way I'd get 0% for all sets. An example with current behavior (remember, I do not have any parts): 22.0% Missing: 893 of 1145 parts Build Story Starter Core Set 45100-1(1145 parts) Educational and Dacta2013
  2. Hello! Lots of great changes on V3 but I'm going to focus on some of the less than great ones! We typically print out the list of parts to complete sets and are no longer able to do this. All of the html code is being picked up - both when you just choose print screen or if you highlight area to be printed. We have resorted to highlighting parts, copying into Word, and formatting into columns. Not a great solution though as the rows vary in height between columns and it's hard to use this way. thanks!
  3. I was happy for the full parts list, and was planning to print out, to make any inventory of my parts, but unfortunately could not print the exported HTML correctly, instead i needed to capture the screen, and print out the pictures, which of course are worse quality. Would be nice to print the HTML export view as it looks in the browser. Happens in both Firefox (45.7.0) and Chrome (55.0.2883.87), both 64-bit. OS is Linux RHEL 7.3 with Gnome 3.14.2
  4. I am not completely sure if this is a bug, but whenever I switch over to the forum from Rebrickable, it logs me out. Is this fixable? P.S. I clicked on the Remember Me button.
  5. First of all, thanks for creating this website. I've just came across it yesterday. A minor bug is that some forms don't seem to properly display or sanitise user-generated input. In particular, if you name a custome set "My daughter's Lego", save it, and click on the link, the name in the properties form will be displayed as "My daughter". I suspect because the quote if not properly htmlified (and rendered as <input name='descr' class='long' maxlength='100' value='My daughter's Lego'> instead of <input name='descr' class='long' maxlength='100' value='My daughter"s Lego'>). I suspect something similar goes astray when there is a quote character in a password, but haven't time to examine this much further.
  6. Hello, I've found that for some parts, the related parts section is very bugged. Some relations are duplicated and sometimes the same part id has two different types (e.g. mold and pair). Also sometimes the relations are outright wrong. For example, with the part 4265 'Technic Bush 1/2 Toothed', the API returns '87414' (a tire) as a mold variant. (This part also have duplicated relations) The problem clearly comes from a bug in the API because the web page for the parts show the rights relations, so this is not due to wrong data in the database.
  7. Hi. Just found what I think is a bug in your excellent website... Trying to work out which bits I need to build 10143 (Death Star II). I can see in the main page you need 460 of brick 3004 in dark bluish grey, but when I press "build this set", I am now told that they are "light bluish grey". This can't be right! I've tried in Firefox and IE on my Windows 7 machine. Cheers, Steve
  8. When trying to find parts to build my private MOC with pieces from sets I own nothing is shown. I currently have 54 sets in my collection and this functionality works fine with official and other people's public MOCs. Sequence of actions to reproduce bug. 1. Navigate to 2. Select private MOC to open, in this case mine is titled "PRIV-003631 (145 parts) - Mech1" 3. From the private MOC page select the link "Build this MOC with your sets and parts" 4. From this page select the red button "Find Parts to Build" 5. See attached screenshot for result. Does this work for anyone else? Is there some limitation for private MOCs?
  9. I'm not sure whether the bug is in the code that sets the password, in the code that validates a password, or possibly different bugs in both. I changed my password to [email protected]{g5o'/o\6 and it was accepted but I was not able to log in using that password. Since you require the current password to change the password, I was also unable to simply change my password, forcing me to use the 'forgot password' feature to change it yet again.