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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, i am trying to get part list for set 8043-1 using the API call /api/v3/lego/sets/8043-1/parts/?page=1 and i get the part list for the v2 inventory. I could not figure out how to get the part list of the same set for the v1 inventory, (the one i own) It is like the api is always getting the most recent inventory, and because of this it incorrectly updated my local set parts list. (i have a small integrated system to keep my sets up to date) There is a hidden parameter or something like this to indicate a specific inventory? Attached bellow a image showing the inventory options i refer.
  2. If you build a MOC ( called Build A) and you want to keep it built, what happens to your inventory? For example: you want to build another MOC (Build B) and Rebrickable says that you have 83%, if the parts of the Build A are counted into that 83% then you'll have a problem,no? Please help and thank you! P.S: i get that it wouldn't be much of a problem for mocs with around 100-300 pieces. But the MOCS on Rebrickable that i decide to do are always 1000-2000 pieces and up. Therefore, my inventory would definitely not be accurate.
  3. I want to know if it is possible to copy or transfer my inventory from bricklink to rebrickable OR is it better to enter inventory into rebrickable and transfer to bricklink. I dont want to key the inventory 2x. Please help
  4. I'm building a Modular MOC for the first time from this site. When I go to the inventory that is required on the MOC, there is a little box in the upper right hand corner of a part and it has a number in it. What does this number mean? Thanks a bunch!
  5. Hi there, inventory of Technic set 8480 does not include the pen, though it is listed in the 'All my parts" section. This way it seems not to be possible to mark the item as ''lost'. Cheers, Gábor
  6. Whom it may concern According to Rebrickable inventory, Technic set 8839 inculdes 2 pcs. of Technic flex cable 6L. In reality the set includes 2 pcs. of Technic flex cable 7L. Though if you check the data sheet for part 7L, it says that there are 2 of them in the 8839 set.
  7. I have a custom To Build list and am trying to determine if I am missing any parts. I have a Parts list that has almost all the needed parts. When I try to "Build this List," the system finds only a small number of the parts that I have in my inventory. My Parts list is set to "Use These Parts in Build calculations." I am unsure how to correct the problem or to track down the cause. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I wanted to know if anyone had objections to submitting a complete inventory of the Gen 2 Makuta that was never released. I spent about 8 hours a few months ago carefully analyzing all of the official images created of the unreleased Bionicle Gen 2 Makuta. I am 100% confident I managed to recreate the set exactly as it was designed. The only discrepancies is an unavoidable redesign of the shoulder pauldron framework (they used a handful of parts excessive to what was contained in the required sets) and a 3d printed version of the custom mask. If I were to submit this inventory, should it be labeled as a MOC, or have an official combiner set listing, similar to bionicle/roborider/slizer combiners?
  9. Over the past number of weeks I had been adding a large batch of loose pieces of various shapes and colours, the usual, to my loose parts list. I only do it to keep track of pieces I have outside of sets and they typically come from bulk buys. I don't know how many pieces I've added since I started this latest round, probably in early January but I thought I had added in the order of 8000 pieces to the approximately 2000 or so I had already logged. I'm now showing a total of around 7000 pieces and there is definitely some parts that have gone missing from my list e.g. I definitely added 18x 32506 in dark tan and now my inventory shows me as having none of these. I also have added almost 200x 3020 plates in a multitude of colours but my list count seems to be around 150 or so. These were just a couple that I checked and I obviously haven't checked what is or isn't present because of the sheer quantity of parts and colours involved. I had been adding heavily around the time of the switch to V3 and the totals seemed to be fine at that time. I had taken a break before the flag went up about usability issues with v3 so I refrained from doing anything until that was rectified. It's looking now like I'm going to have to go through the painful process of cross checking every part I've added to my storage system since Christmas to see if it is in my inventory or not. If I hadn't the 2000 or so original pieces in the list which are stored in various other places I probably would just delete the list and start again. Has anyone else come across this and is there any way to retrieve the missing data? Is there any way that a historical record of parts being added i.e, part details and date/time added can be added? Also, a total count for the quantity of each part in each set list or part list would deb useful I think.
  10. Just wanting to know if there is a way to add sub-set builds from a set to a collection? I purchased a second Sentinel for my 76022 X-Men versus the Sentinel set & would like to have some form of record of it, but Brickset does not have any way to do this currently, I was hoping Rebrickable might. I have also bought a number of Dimensions packs & have parted them out, but I have built some of the builds to keep from those sets, such as the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, the DeLorean from BTTF & B.A's Van from the A-Team, while the rest of the parts from these sets have been added to my MOC parts collection.
  11. Hi, I was trying to add the new set 42057, but it had new parts in it. It said that you have to be admin to create new parts. Can an admin upload this set for me?
  12. Hi! Not sure this is a right forum and does topic like this has been posted. But, I wan't to ask: "How to submit a sets if the parts aren't in here yet?"
  13. Hi! Would it be possible for you guys to somehow add the instructies guides to the sets inventory lists? For example 4 instruction guides gives 4 extra parts? Many times, the instructions guides are missing parts from sets... At this moment I miss a possibility to add instructions to my missing parts... Happy to hear from you. Best regards Rogier
  14. Hello, Seeking help in identifying the factory supplied sealed bag inventory for the retired 10224 Town Hall kit. Also contents of bags numbered 1. I picked this kit up as part of a mix of more sets with many sealed bags, but these bags are used for other kits as well. Some of the kit's 1st storey is built. I have many sealed bags numbered 2-3. Does anyone know how many sealed 1, 2, 3 and other bags kit 10224 was supplied with, and how to identify them? Also how to identify what parts I might be missing from bags numbered 1. Thanks!
  15. I've sorted my bricks partwise and not colourwise. The inventory list in Rebrickable as wel as the list provided by LEGO in their instruction booklets is based on colour. When collecting the parts for a set, it happens quite a lot that I have to open the same box several times to fetch the same part but in a different colour. It would really be a great help if Rebrickable could offer the possibility to sort the parts by their part number. E.g. set 75002: part 4073 (plate 1x1 round) in yellow, light bluish gray and dark bluish gray appear next to eachother so I have to open this box only once. This would really be a time saver and is a bonus only an online platform can provide. I'm sure i'm not the only one with this problem. I don't know how your database is concieved but I think this should be possible since the part name is identical. Thanks already
  16. I am looking at either starting my inventory in OpenERP or Rebrickable. In addition to inventorying every set and every part, I am hoping to confirm if Rebrickable has the option (or suggestion) to implement custom fields so we can make inventory location references. I use the Plano style plastic container for organizing. I am hoping to make reference to the container (e.g. GR001 for Green organizer 1). I was hoping for a secondary location ID that would reference what spot in the container it would be (e.g. 012-03 would be the 3rd row, 12th organizer to the right) I am also printing a small image with the barcode (element ID) for each part. I am going with Element ID for organizing all individual part by individual color. My journey is about to begin and hope Rerickable might consider implementing location ID's to help me organize. Or if you have it, might someone point out how to do this?
  17. To help better keep physical and virtual Lego inventories in sync, it would be useful if Rebrickable had an option to receive (email?) notifications when there is a change to the parts inventory for any of "My Sets." For example, say I own an "initial release" of set XXXXX and Rebrickable currently uses this version 1 inventory. Then, Lego subsequently releases an updated version to correct a build issue, etc. When (if) Rebrickable updates to the version 2 inventory, my physical inventory will be out of sync with Rebrickable. Currently, I don't think there is any way to catch these changes unless I periodically review the inventory change logs for each of my sets. With notifications, I'd immediately be able to see whether a change applies to my physical set and use the "lost parts" or add spare parts accordingly, always keeping everything in sync. (The same things happens with routine parts inventory changes for sets.) I don't know how frequently this happens, but I have at least two sets in my (small) collection where it has occurred. Thanks, J
  18. Hi all, I've been a member of the site for a little while and absolutely love it. Thanks to the creators of Rebrickable; I've been spreading the word to friends and family about how awesome this site is. Anyway, on to my topic: I picked up a Lego collection from a garage sale a few years ago and never inventoried it...add to that a bunch of other used Lego, new Pick A Brick pieces, and disassembled sets, and I've got a LOT of pieces. Now I am wanting to fully inventory everything, but when I click on a particular piece, I can't see exactly what colors I have from what sets very easily. That is to say, I don't know if I can separate the pieces that go with my disassembled sets from the random non-set pieces I have bought along the way if I am just looking them up for the purpose of inventorying them. Is there an easier way to inventory my loose parts without having to rebuild each of my sets (and I have a lot)? I only have a certain amount of time to dedicate to this each day and would love to know exactly what I have so that I can start building more elaborate things with my kids. I'm not sure if this even makes sense, and I apologize if a similar topic has been posted previously. I'll put in whatever work I need to, but anything that might save me a little bit of time would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Kerry-