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Found 3 results

  1. TobyMac

    LDraw line images

    Offtooic, so I made a new topic. I'm currently sorting my kids LEGO. I have a lot of containers with parts, that I need to label. Is it possible to render LDraw images like it is a drawing for a coloring book? Example: Quality doesn't have to be high. The labels will be max 3cm high
  2. Aimeeaa

    .pbg Part list export

    When you click 'Export Parts' in a parts list, you're given the option to export the parts list to an LDCad Parts Bin PBG. I've been looking around (furtive googling) but I can't find out how to use this file in LCad or MLCad. Any help?
  3. Do any other programs exist for making step-by-step instructions from ldr/mpd files, apart from LPub? I find it really unintuitive, buggy, and sluggish - for example, when I try and drag a box containing a callout, or arrange things on a page, it bugs out and things jump around all over the page, often outside the page borders. I make sure as I've learned to use LDraw better and better, that I include steps and rotations in the files themselves, but even then LPub is a nightmare to use. Blueprint seems to only be for LDD. So what can I do? Is it a case of get good with LPub or go home? Edit: I should also mention, about 75% of the time, the program crashes on startup (at the splash screen), and 100% of the time, it gives redundant error messages when I open a file, move something, edit a page, or perform any action, saying it failed to open, for example C:/Users/Name/Desktop/MOCs/LPub3D/tmp/c:\users\name\desktop\mocname.ldr.