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Found 41 results

  1. Click images for FullHD resolution... Buildable version for real LEGO bricks (see Rebrickable link below): Find out story plot behind this model and even more on set's official webpage: http://lego.queryen....681522.php Rebrickable - official building instruction: You can see it also at MOC Pages here: LEGO Ideas direct link for those interested:
  2. Just wondering how often thumbnails are refreshed, if ever. I've learned how to use MLCad and have been working to render my models. As you can see here, I've added a nice new render, but the thumbnail on my user-page still shows the horrible photo I had to use out of necessity. Anyone know the answer? Forgive my MOC's - I'm just a newbie, back into the hobby as an adult!
  3. Hi all, I've created a VTOL variant of the recent 42029 Technic cargo plane (using only the parts from the 42029 set - including maybe 1 spare part from the set). The engines can pivot while the rotor blades are spinning. To do so I used the linear actuators from the cockpit bay and the cargo bay and placed them in the engines. The axis powering the rotor blades also serves the purpose as engine tilt axis to reduce parts use. See this short Youtube fragment for engine and tilt operation. Now comes the model generation part. I already started with LDD but the model complexity makes this job rather awkward so I could use some guidance on how to produce the model and instructions. Any comments are welcome of course. Best regards, Olivier
  4. ​hi, I've uploaded my first alternate build yesterday and I want to improve the images I used by using some hi-res renders. Is there anyway to change the images of the MOC I have submitted? I have used the search option and browsed through the helkp topic, but could not find it. Thanks!
  5. Hello chaps and chapettes I've always thought about using software to design some lego models, now I've just read about MOC. Can someone point this newbee in the direction of some windows 7 compatible software that would help me to design some fresh Technics models? Any kind of advice would be appreciated, Thanks
  6. Hi, Im new here and I want to try to submit a MOC/Rebuilt of a model. I have picture, description, extracted part list via 'my custom MOC's' page, but how do I add 3D lxf file to it?
  7. All, Just want to draw your attention to one of my MOC's on Rebrickable that I have recenty submitted to Lego Ideas. It concerns a replication of a Rolls Royce Phantom II Coupe from 1934 that I have tried to make as close to authentic but still remaining compact and filled with functions. It features Remote control, working engine and turning steering wheel, opening bonnet, "suicide doors" and trunk and suspension on the back-side. All of that in a package only 17 studs wide and 50 studs long. Jesuskyr from Eurobricks forum made me an MLCad file and rendered it in Pov-ray and then the model is even more impressive: As Rebrickable has clearly a fan-base for Technic models I hope you will find the time to support this idea on Lego Ideas en get this model official. Thanks, Martijn Nab
  8. Is it possible to create and submit an MOC under two or more members' names, like if the MOC was a joint effort of several builders?
  9. Can you include your own mocs as owned sets? Say I drew something on LDD then bought all the parts from bricklink or pickabrick (or stole them from my parents lego collection...) and now have a stand alone set of these parts. I submit it as a MOC. For other peoples MOCs I can add to my list of owned sets, but not my own MOC. Am I missing something?
  10. Is there a way to delete your own MOC? If not, why not? When I first found this site, I got excited that I could post MOCs and posted any old (ugly) thing I created. Now I want to delete those worthless MOCs and only post good ones. Thanks.
  11. Here's my The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Bridge of Eldin project on LEGO Ideas! You can support it here! Thanks!
  12. A bit in the extension of the favorite button I mentioned before. At a moc or set page, make a "I build it!" button. This way moc builders can see how many people build it and liked their moc. Also at the myRB you could make an item with moc's I build.
  13. Hi, First of all, thanks for setting up this great site. It really helped me to come out of my "dark ages" One feature that I think could be really useful would be: add a favorite button to moc's and sets. If you would favorite a moc or set it would be added to some sort of favorite items list under myRB. This way I can quickly find favorite moc's or sets to build. Now if find a moc that i like, I have to remember it, or make a bookmark for it. Another cool thing about it is that you could show it on the moc or set page, so you can view how many people have Favorited it. Keep up the good work, enjoy NZ (loved it myself), and looking forward to v2... TechAd
  14. Hi, My first two MOCs have just been published ( ), but when I went to the home pages of them I couldn't click on a link that would take me to the page with detailed photo sequence. Could this be fixed in some way? I'm afraid that little number of people that go there can be discouraged when they won't be able to see instructions. It does work when you right click and select to open in a new tab, but not everyone will try to do that. The links to the MOCs in question are: Thanks!
  15. It would be good if we could search MOCs which have been marked as alternates for sets directly.
  16. I have posted this in the Eurobricks forum already. Currently, it is possible when watching the details of a part to display the sets where the part occured, even sorted by color. So I thought it would be cool to also show the MOCs where the part occured. For example here: When you scroll down you see the set numbers. Here could be a second "box" that shows the MOCs it appears in. I would expect this to not be a hard change. The data is there. I guess it is a simple additional database query, or not? The discussion on EB indicated this to be a rather "simple" addition with the only problem being how to display the list. I have thought about this for a moment and this is really a tough question. In the case of sets, it is easy, since every set has a unique number and sets are easy to identify that way. I guess the MOC ID would be sufficient there if the rest looks the same as for the sets. A simple additional box should do fine, holding the list of MOC IDs. If I look for sets where a specific part has occured and I do not know directly from the set number what it is, I simply open a new tab, often resulting in a lot of new tabs. I'd do it the same for MOCs, even if I have no idea by the ID what it is. Of course, the list of MOCs would be better if it held the name of the MOC. But on the other hand, there are MOCs with ridiculously long names which would clutter the list, so I'd go for the ID. What do you guys think about that?