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Found 5 results

  1. Remote controlled studless 8860 With 5speed gearbox with reverse. It has 10 cylinder motor and suspention on all Wheels. it also has working steering Wheel. It is driven by one L-motor and a servo for steering. The battery is inside the grey "Box" in the front. I have not made seats yet but shall have the same red seats that crowkillers used on their model, but a little modified. Now I build it in real and make instructions
  2. after checking several available databases, I could not find any reference to this part...any help to identify it, would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance(the wheels are nondetachable) PS. topic also in BL
  3. Hi All, Well, I've finally build a new version of the Test Car (8865-2) model 2. It has taken some years to build on and off, Last week I decided to sort the live axle and some my own design as the borrowed one with heavy modifications was bowing a little. Somehow what came next was a completely new Jeep. About 85% in new compared to my last build which took about four months to complete. One thing that this model has over MOC Red Jeep is the inclusion of a torsion bar at the front due to the Macpherson Suspension just not being sturdy enough. With this, I had to create a new part by destroying another part (something which I hated doing, but the design is 100% better with it than without it). Enjoy! Trio of Jeep Designs from the original 8865-2 almost 30 years young to my MOC Red Jeep and my latest Chassis Jeep
  4. Hi there, just to update you with our Lego Land Rover progress that we put on Lego Ideas. We have over 5,300 supporters now but need to get to 10,000 for Lego review stage as a product. Hope you like it, please support us if you do. We will be exhibiting at Bricktastic in Manchester this weekend so come say hi if you are going and have a better look! Here is the link for you, every vote is appreciated!
  5. All, Just want to draw your attention to one of my MOC's on Rebrickable that I have recenty submitted to Lego Ideas. It concerns a replication of a Rolls Royce Phantom II Coupe from 1934 that I have tried to make as close to authentic but still remaining compact and filled with functions. It features Remote control, working engine and turning steering wheel, opening bonnet, "suicide doors" and trunk and suspension on the back-side. All of that in a package only 17 studs wide and 50 studs long. Jesuskyr from Eurobricks forum made me an MLCad file and rendered it in Pov-ray and then the model is even more impressive: As Rebrickable has clearly a fan-base for Technic models I hope you will find the time to support this idea on Lego Ideas en get this model official. Thanks, Martijn Nab