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Found 14 results

  1. Hello i just wanted to ask if there is an endpoint to get the Original / current price of a lego set?
  2. Im thinking about buying the instructions of a moc for the first time, and i dont know how it works. I think its a Rebrickable Hosted Premium moc. You just pay with paypal and then you can download the instructions? Any help given wil be appreciated. Please help me. Thanks
  3. I have been looking for help on this topic for weeks now, any help is appreciated. I used build on minecraft creative servers all the time and have been wanting to start using my designing ability to make and sell lego MOC designs. I made a chess set on LDD but after reaching out to LDD customer support it doesnt seem like im allowed to sell instructions made through their program. I am wondering what program i can use that allows their users to then sell the instructions to mocs they design on the program. I have Bricklinks Studio 2.0 but the last thing i want to do is redesign the whole chess set on their just to find out i dont have the right to sell instructions on studio 2.0 either. Please someone with experience selling their moc designs i would some help!
  4. benskat1

    What is this part

    I have this weird part that used to make a noise but now it just buzzes, any idea what part it is?
  5. Hi all, how can i make a new Moc and privat? So Only i can see it, i want to upload a ldd project, and then add what parts I have to see what parts i am missing...
  6. MOCMaker

    Change Request

    I Can't Figure Out How To Submit A Change Request
  7. Ich komme aus Deutschland, und suche von Lego Amerika, den Ferrari 312 T.
  8. i am going to make a modified version of the 42054 with instructions and i was woundering if i can use pics of the instructions for the bonnet and cab and other bits that wont be changed as its easier and better quality then it would be if i made instructions for those bits! thanks!
  9. What color are the bricks in the picture? I want to know what the color name in lego classification.
  10. I have my build search results ordered by Highest Percentage and it gives me the list of sets I can build... normal. However, when I search a specific LEGO piece I own and match it to a possible set I can build, it has a completion of 91% yet does not show up in my BUILD search results.... WHY? Thanks for any help.
  11. Rebrickable needs your help! If you own a printed part whose entry on Rebrickable has no base part (i.e. this entry is not marked as a print or pattern of some other part) and you were able to find a 4- or 5-digit number imprinted on the surface of the part (not the production code like 3-15, 31-01 etc.), please post this number in this thread. This will help us to improve parts catalog on Rebrickable. Thank you!
  12. Not much of a MOC builder and this is the first time I am trying to rebuild something I have seen, but am really stumped on one particular part of my build. I have no idea how to build the parts shown in the attachment which is a creation from someone. Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA!
  13. WHAT DOES SET TO WIP mean on the moc submission page
  14. So. I find this website popular and I have created an account. But how exactly do I use this? Please answer. Help!