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Found 10 results

  1. Forgive me if this question has already been asked and answered. Whenever I open Lego Digital Designer, I get the following error message. What does this mean? Am I supposed to have internet access from within LDD? My internet is fine but I still get this message every time I open LDD. I guess I have two questions. How do I fix this? And, if fixed, what value is there in having such access while in LDD? Or, is it perhaps for updates or something? Sorry for my ignorance here. David
  2. Forgive me, I'm new here. So there was this article on All About the Brick in which a builder didn't get approved for a MOC through Ideas, so he gives away the LDD for free. My question is, does that become an okay MOC to upload here? I've been trying to fix some issues with unknown parts and someone suggested parting it out here to fix them.
  3. Several colors are being incorrectly imported from LDD: 50 Phosphorescent White - imported as Glow in Dark Trans instead of Glow in Dark Opaque 113 Tr.Medium Reddish Violet - not recognized (should be Trans-Dark Pink) 182 Tr. Bright Orange - imported as Trans-Neon Orange instead of Trans-Orange 294 Phosph.Green - imported as Glow in Dark Opaque instead of Glow in Dark Trans 315 Silver Metallic - imported as Metallic Silver instead of Flat Silver 324 Medium Lavender - not recognized 325 Lavender - not recognized 329 White Glow - not recognized (should be Glow in Dark White)
  4. (Moderator: Please do not post MOC images with the LEGO logo as it violates our (and LEGO's) terms: I have created new highly modular MOC - if you like what you see above you can find more over at
  5. I have created new highly modular MOC - if you like what you see above you can find more over at
  6. Click images for FullHD resolution... Buildable version for real LEGO bricks (see Rebrickable link below): Find out story plot behind this model and even more on set's official webpage: http://lego.queryen....681522.php Rebrickable - official building instruction: You can see it also at MOC Pages here: LEGO Ideas direct link for those interested:
  7. Hello, is there any way to import my part's list from rebricable to LDD? It would make much easier designing MOCs from choosen brick's list. I see LDD got option of import .lxfml file. I think it is some XML file type? Maybe there is some way to reformat some current XML export format from Rrbrciable and make from it LDD compatible file. The file with all bricks just laying randomly around the scene in LDD. Cheers!
  8. Hi, I want to build MOC-1723 but its instructions are only available as an LXF file. I know you can download LDD to a PC or Mac, but is there any way to open and view an LXF file on an iPad? Thanks. Jill
  9. Hi! I'm not a coder but I'm very familiar with the Unreal Engine 4's visual scripting system which I used to create a tool that will help you to convert Rebrickable part lists to LDD user palettes, This is how it looks right now: Features: One-click converting of Rebrickable CSV files to LDD user palettes Features coming soon: Converting decorations (prints) correctly Converting rarely used colors correctly to colors available in LDD Merging mold variations to bricks available in LDDSupport for old colors Limitations/Disadvantages: Since it's running on a video game engine, it's quite heavy in terms of file size (102 MB) and requires a modern PC All bricks are placed at 0 0 0 so if you try to open the palette file, LDD will remove all but one brick. Every part of a multi-part brick like power function components will have everything colored in the main color. DOWNLOAD Decide yourself if the relatively large file size is worth the time you may save in comparison to LDD manager's palette process (which is still a great tool!). Right now it only uses Rebrickable IDs for the LDD IDs but that is going to change when I get through each file and check it for mold variations and decorations. The colors IDs have been translated manually which is why I need feedback regarding the colors. Sometimes It wasn't easy to decide which color in LDD is which color on Rebrickable. Is it worth continuing? Let me know what you think!
  10. When building an alternate MOC in LDD, I often need to check the instructions and put all the parts in a file myself, to use it as a template. But I was wondering, since this website has part lists of a lot of official sets, whether it is possible to get those some way or another into a template for LDD. Has this something to do with those export options? Anyway, that would save me a lot of work, so thank you in advance.