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Found 6 results

  1. Massi

    Delete a set list

    Hi there, How to delete an entire set list? Accidentally created one which I have no use for… Cheers, Massimo
  2. Could there be an option to change the default order of parts lists showing in the drop down boxes, or to change it to the last list used? I have several parts lists and quite often when I add hundreds of parts I have to select the part list I need in every part details popup. Even if I rename this lists, the ones created first are always on top, meaning it adds time to every part I add - very frustrating! This is more taxing with touch devices than with a keyboard. Would anyone else see this as an advantage?
  3. Hi, I searched for similar topic, I thought someone might already asked for this but didn't found any topic for this. If my search was wrong and there is suggestion like this, I apologize for doubling and please delete this one. After calculation if I can build MOC, when there are some missing parts, there is possibility to buy them directly, add to BrickLink and BrickOwl lists, export to HTML table, formats for BrickLink, BrickStore, CSV... It might be handy to be able to add these missing parts directly to list of parts on Rebrickable - create new one or add to existing. This will be my "future shopping list" and if I set it to include list with these parts to calculation (which I assume it will only grow with parts that I'm "newly" missing after purchase from this list when evaluating other MOCs. Thanks a lot Kind regards, Milan
  4. Hello, I am wondering if something is possible. As it is, I keep one set list as a "wishlist" of sorts. I have it set not to be included in my build counts. Is there some way, however, to hide it from my profile and/or have it not show up in my stats? If not, maybe implementing some kind of secondary set list section as a wishlist would be something others would also want?
  5. When building an alternate MOC in LDD, I often need to check the instructions and put all the parts in a file myself, to use it as a template. But I was wondering, since this website has part lists of a lot of official sets, whether it is possible to get those some way or another into a template for LDD. Has this something to do with those export options? Anyway, that would save me a lot of work, so thank you in advance.
  6. When i go to bricklink and I paste the XML code for a wanted list, Bricklink site says : Oops! There was a problem processing your request: Invalid File Format. How I can solve this error/bug? Thanks a lot!! Sorry for the bad english