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Found 43 results

  1. Good morning, I recently published my very first MOC, (A modification of an existing MOC). The MOC is currently linked to lego set 10242-1 (MINI Cooper), however, I'd also like to link it to set 10242-2 (MINI Cooper (Late 2015 Re-Issue)). Is it possible to link my MOC to multiple different LEGO sets? Or is it acceptable to re-upload it for the re-issued set?
  2. I am trying to find the moc for the Stephen Hawkins wheelchair, I have searched endlessly for it and the only ones I can find are kits on ebay. Thanks for any help with this. Simon
  3. Hi All, I'm new to the community and to the idea of MOC's, however have several that I am going to work on and wondered what other MOC designers thought around using stickers in their designs. several of my ideas would benefit from the use of stickers, however I am also not sure what the best way would be of generating the stickers. if you have had any experience with this and possibly know of good ways to get the stickers, I would be grateful to ear from you. Many Thanks
  4. I'm building a Modular MOC for the first time from this site. When I go to the inventory that is required on the MOC, there is a little box in the upper right hand corner of a part and it has a number in it. What does this number mean? Thanks a bunch!
  5. Hello, can anybody help me .... Within Studio 2. I have been trying to fit two shock absorbers at an angle into my steering module, however they need to be pushed into place under compression, is there anyway that this can be done? There seems to be no way to ungroup the components that make up a strut. Thanks, Ian
  6. Hello, I just wanted to submit my first premium MOC of my Venator-Class Star Destroyer, only to find out that it can not have 'star destroyer' in its name. Yet if I browse through existing premium mocs, there are dozens with such name. Not sure if this restriction is some new cause, but it feels quite discriminating towards new MOCs, given how strong keyword 'star destroyer' is. I would like to get some clarification/explanation on this. Thanks
  7. Hello guys and girls.. I thought I'd create an account and see what the score is :) I've been off work with a Slipped disc so decided Lego technics was the answer to keep me entertained. Anyhoo... I spent the last week building a Lowloader trailer based on Nooteboom motorised detachable bed. I've also modified the technic arocs B model and added double drive axles and better hitch, storage box and a motorised (hydraulic) lift. It's all Roughly to scale. I own the volvo excavator, Mercedes arocs and the claas tractor. All of with were dismantled and parts used for this Lowloader apart from 4 extra wheels for the tractor unit. Let me know what you think and wether or not It's worth creating instructions and submitting a MOC.. Here is a YouTube video... I know it's a pretty pants video when editing is concerned. It was late and all I had was my phone for pics, vid and editing.. I can make better vids and pics if needed P.s If it it worth creating a mod I could do with some direction on how to create instructions. Muchos thanks James :)
  8. Yobb

    Editing my MOC description

    Hello, I search for an answer but I could find any. Is it possible to edit the description of my MOC after it has been approved? I could find the edit button anywhere and the description I made for one of my MOC is quite poor. Thank you for the help :)
  9. Hello everybody! I am looking for a feature I haven't found yet, maybe it doesn't exist, maybe I just overlooked it. My aim is to catalogue all my loose LEGO parts in one single part list. For creating MOCs I want to use custom lists including the needed parts. So far, so good. Now I want my lists to do virtually what I would do in real life: Separate the parts I already have right from my collection so that I cannot use them for other builds anymore. I'm afraid that this is currently not possible but hope dies last. Thank you in anticipation and greetings, 8fifty
  10. Working on a MOC for the adventure time set and have ended up using a lot of the spare parts. Will this count as an alternate build for that set or not? Thanks
  11. Hey all, I have an existing MOC that I've created custom instructions for in PDF format and would like to use the Premium Hosted option. However I can't find where to turn this on for an existing published MOC. I've done it for new posts fine. I've considered removing the current post and reposting, but I'd rather not loose the existing comments and ratings etc. So if someone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome? Thank you!
  12. Does anyone know why all of the most recent MOCs including my have 21350 views?
  13. Hi all, how can i make a new Moc and privat? So Only i can see it, i want to upload a ldd project, and then add what parts I have to see what parts i am missing...
  14. How can I change my MOC after it was approved? I haven't found any button or link that would allow me to do it except submitting change request. I know that I was able to do it in previous version of rebrickable but I don't know how to do it now. I would like to add or remove few parts from inventories of my old MOCs, change links to building instructions and more info about MOC or add links to videos. Thanks for reply
  15. The "Save and Next Step" button on step 1 of MOC submissions doesn't work...
  16. Forgive me, I'm new here. So there was this article on All About the Brick in which a builder didn't get approved for a MOC through Ideas, so he gives away the LDD for free. My question is, does that become an okay MOC to upload here? I've been trying to fix some issues with unknown parts and someone suggested parting it out here to fix them.
  17. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The Eastland Disaster (July 24, 1915) is Chicago's (and the Great Lakes') greatest loss of life tragedy. While 844 people died in a matter of minutes, tens of thousands more were affected by it. Most were 1st- and 2nd-generation immigrant laborers. The Eastland Disaster Historical Society exists to win a place in history for these every-day, ordinary people. As part of our long-term strategy, we would like to have a LEGO model of the S.S. Eastland designed such that we can sell the instructions and parts to those people and families who wish to build this ship in commemoration of what happened. Motion picture footage (60 seconds) from the tragedy. To learn about the tragedy and to see images of the ship. If you are interested and can assist us in designing a replica of the S.S. Eastland, please contact us. Email us now.
  18. I am looking for someone that are willing to design a Volvo 760 GLE in Technic. Volvo 760 has grey grill (740 had black grill) and the GLE version was the only one that had a V6 engine. (3 litre) I wish somebody could design it for me. Tell if you want. Getting pictures of Vovlo 760 GLE is no problem - use Google.
  19. Check out this Collosseum that I created inspired from the real thing. I had a lit of fun building it but I would like to make the upper walls more solid. They are all independant sections so they can fall off easily. Your advice is appreciated and welcomed!
  20. So, I've been going through my pieces and I've built a really cool MOC using pieces mostly consisting of Kopaka Toa of Ice, and Stormer (Brain Attack), it also has pieces from Furno XL, Kaxium V3, and Gelu. Once I have taken pictures of it, i will post it not only in the MOCs but also post the pictures here.
  21. The building instructions for most of my MOCs are a link to download the .ldr file from bricksafe, but clicking on the link only yields a "blank page" with what seems to be the data readout of the file instead of downloading the file to the user's desktop. How can this be changed so that the user can download an .ldr file instead of opening the contents of it in a new tab?
  22. Hi! I'm not sure how to search for alternate instructions for LEGO sets, so, if anybody has intructions for 60101 or 31036, that'd be great, because those are my only sets that O have all the parts in one place currently.
  23. I've been working on "bricklinking" parts for several MOCs for quite some time now, only to realize that the MOCs now have disappeared from Rebrickable. So much for harvesting bricks I don't need anymore (of course, I'll find use for them in other MOCs) Why can't MOCs be made just as sticky as official sets?
  24. Hi! I was browsing through the MOCs and I noticed something. What are the dollar signs ($$$) doing on some of the MOCs? I looked at the sites for these MOCs but I did not see an option to purchase it. Thanks, MyNameIsPhip
  25. Hi guys I would like to announce - for those who do render of their LDD virtual models and may already know my work - that there is finally official page of my SunFlow MOD for BlueRender. So, make the story short: anyone who cares can grab it for free at (there are separate WIN and MAC versions and lot more!) regards bublible