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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, I'm new to the community and to the idea of MOC's, however have several that I am going to work on and wondered what other MOC designers thought around using stickers in their designs. several of my ideas would benefit from the use of stickers, however I am also not sure what the best way would be of generating the stickers. if you have had any experience with this and possibly know of good ways to get the stickers, I would be grateful to ear from you. Many Thanks
  2. I have been looking for help on this topic for weeks now, any help is appreciated. I used build on minecraft creative servers all the time and have been wanting to start using my designing ability to make and sell lego MOC designs. I made a chess set on LDD but after reaching out to LDD customer support it doesnt seem like im allowed to sell instructions made through their program. I am wondering what program i can use that allows their users to then sell the instructions to mocs they design on the program. I have Bricklinks Studio 2.0 but the last thing i want to do is redesign the whole chess set on their just to find out i dont have the right to sell instructions on studio 2.0 either. Please someone with experience selling their moc designs i would some help!
  3. So I am new to the program and am interested in becoming a seller/poster of my creations and sets, but my question is can I use models I have made in the program created by Bricklink,, and insert them into the instructions section as files for instructions?
  4. Hi! So I have several small sets I plan to build in the near future and was curious if there is a way to save these somewhere in a list. If so then I can go to that list and see all the models I plan to build without having to individually find them all again via search or build. For instance I may want to build 31027 and 31033 in the near future. I would like to have them somewhere in a list so I can go right to that list without having to track those sets down through search, build etc. Is there a way to do this or perhaps something similar? Like maybe a planned to build list? I don't want to mark sets as assembled though because I use parts from other sets to make these. Just something as a list that I plan/hope to build eventually. Thanks in advance for any help or solution Regards, TeagueO
  5. Hello. I've been looking around for some information about the Premium Moc's that are "Rebrickable Hosted" but I haven't been able to find much information. Maybe someone knows where I can consult the "Terms and Conditions". For now, I have two questions: 1. What kind of rights are the designer transferring to Rebrickable? 2. What happen if the designer closes his/her account? How long after the designer closes his/her Rebrickable account are the PDF's hosted for the buyers? I have another questions but it's about the process of uploading the Instructions. There are two options: "From disk" (limited to 100MB) and "From URL" (limited to 1024MB). How the second option works? I have try with links from Google Drive and pCloud, but neither of them worked. My PDF's are usually about 200MB to 400MB. Thank you in advance for any help.
  6. I was working on a MOC and I accidentally clicked 'cancel and delete this MOC' so a lot of my work was wasted. If it would be possible to have a pop-up asking if one was sure about deleting one's MOC, I think that would be really helpful. Or perhaps have the button located at the bottom of the page? If someone could help I would appreciate it
  7. Hi, I really want to post MOCs, but I can't find a reliable way to create instructions. I used to build my MOCs in LDD and use it to create instructions, but the instructions are always faulty. Does anyone know how to create reliable instructions reliably and in a non time-consuming way? Thanks.
  8. Do any other programs exist for making step-by-step instructions from ldr/mpd files, apart from LPub? I find it really unintuitive, buggy, and sluggish - for example, when I try and drag a box containing a callout, or arrange things on a page, it bugs out and things jump around all over the page, often outside the page borders. I make sure as I've learned to use LDraw better and better, that I include steps and rotations in the files themselves, but even then LPub is a nightmare to use. Blueprint seems to only be for LDD. So what can I do? Is it a case of get good with LPub or go home? Edit: I should also mention, about 75% of the time, the program crashes on startup (at the splash screen), and 100% of the time, it gives redundant error messages when I open a file, move something, edit a page, or perform any action, saying it failed to open, for example C:/Users/Name/Desktop/MOCs/LPub3D/tmp/c:\users\name\desktop\mocname.ldr.
  9. The list is showing the first twenty MOCS only. I can see a reason to limit the list but wouldn't it be better to use the 20 latest or 20 top most viewed. It usually the latest additions that is built or looked at. not something that has been around for months/years.