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Found 16 results

  1. Thomas Jensen

    Set versions

    Could set versions be added to the API ?
  2. So I am new to the program and am interested in becoming a seller/poster of my creations and sets, but my question is can I use models I have made in the program created by Bricklink,, and insert them into the instructions section as files for instructions?
  3. Hi! So I have several small sets I plan to build in the near future and was curious if there is a way to save these somewhere in a list. If so then I can go to that list and see all the models I plan to build without having to individually find them all again via search or build. For instance I may want to build 31027 and 31033 in the near future. I would like to have them somewhere in a list so I can go right to that list without having to track those sets down through search, build etc. Is there a way to do this or perhaps something similar? Like maybe a planned to build list? I don't want to mark sets as assembled though because I use parts from other sets to make these. Just something as a list that I plan/hope to build eventually. Thanks in advance for any help or solution Regards, TeagueO
  4. ArendDik

    Assembled Sets

    From a specific Set I own two. When I mark this set as Assembled it looks like only one of the two is marked as Assembled. How can I mark the second one as Assembled to? Can't find the answer on the following page:
  5. Can I get a List of Set(s) from My Set Lists in which a specified Part (for example: 2577 Brick Round Corner 4x4 Full Brick) exists.
  6. I picked up the 10254 Winter Holiday Train along with the individual power functions add-ons all at my local Lego store. 8879, 8884, 88000 & 88002. I just realized some power functions components are considered both Sets and Parts and can be added to your inventory as either or. When should they add the individual parts as sets and when should they be added as parts? I am extremely confused. How can 1 part be a set or is this specific to just power functions? As of right now I simply added the 4 components to my spare parts list.
  7. TmoneyTechnic

    Sets into parts

    Is there a way for me to move entire sets into the parts category? I don't think there is but I just started using rebrickable, so maybe I'm wrong.
  8. I have more than one set of some of my models and am running into two problems. First, I can't show that one set is built while the others are still boxed. Second, I want to add notes specific to each set but can't figure out how to do it. Are these limitations with the system, or am I not clever enough to figure out how to do them? If it's the latter, I would appreciate any suggestions for doing what I want to do.
  9. Whats the best way to add the parts from an almost complete set? For example, I have the Fun with Building Tub 4496-1 but I'm missing 2 of the bright orange 1x3 bricks. Is there a way to add the set and then take out those two or do I have to go through the set and add each part individually to get an accurate inventory? Thanks!
  10. Hi! Not sure this is a right forum and does topic like this has been posted. But, I wan't to ask: "How to submit a sets if the parts aren't in here yet?"
  11. I have my build search results ordered by Highest Percentage and it gives me the list of sets I can build... normal. However, when I search a specific LEGO piece I own and match it to a possible set I can build, it has a completion of 91% yet does not show up in my BUILD search results.... WHY? Thanks for any help.
  12. When I am in the screen for a particular part - say 87087 - at the bottom it says n parts in x sets - or words to that effect. Selecting a colour (Dark Bluish Grey for example) shows me 1-60 of a possible 87. The sets I own are in green, which makes it easier to locate them. So far so good. My suggestion is that all the ones in Green are shown 1st, or an option to change the 'Sort By' to 'My Sets First' be possible. This is especially useful if there are hundreds of sets for the part and colour I selected. If this is not too tedious to do I would find it very helpful.
  13. I have added a bunch of sets to my set list and set them to NOT be used when looking for possible builds. But it looks like they are still being used to calculate what I can build. How is this possible? I really want them excluded as I don’t want to disassemble them to make new things. I want to know if this is a bug before I take the time to enter all of my loose parts (20k). Thanks!
  14. Hi, I have several set lists, and one loose parts list. I would like to show my loose parts, in addition to a subset of my set lists. As shown in the attached file, it seems it's only possible to show all set lists. If there's a good workaround, someone please enlighten me. Chris
  15. Can you include your own mocs as owned sets? Say I drew something on LDD then bought all the parts from bricklink or pickabrick (or stole them from my parents lego collection...) and now have a stand alone set of these parts. I submit it as a MOC. For other peoples MOCs I can add to my list of owned sets, but not my own MOC. Am I missing something?
  16. A bit in the extension of the favorite button I mentioned before. At a moc or set page, make a "I build it!" button. This way moc builders can see how many people build it and liked their moc. Also at the myRB you could make an item with moc's I build.