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Found 4 results

  1. Test car 8865 is 30 years now. I celebrate that with a new Studless model. That one has 4speed gearbox, 4wd, V8 engine, and all original functions. Little more advanced seats also. This I am soon finish with and I shall submit my MOC with good instructions.
  2. We have Crowkillers that made 8860 Revival. I love it when old becomes New. Also 8865 has came in a new version now - I constructed 8865 Revival. I also constructed a Retro 8860. We need more of these kind of cars, for examlple the blue tractor from 1981 and others. The Picture show my car, 8865 Revival:
  3. All, Just want to draw your attention to one of my MOC's on Rebrickable that I have recenty submitted to Lego Ideas. It concerns a replication of a Rolls Royce Phantom II Coupe from 1934 that I have tried to make as close to authentic but still remaining compact and filled with functions. It features Remote control, working engine and turning steering wheel, opening bonnet, "suicide doors" and trunk and suspension on the back-side. All of that in a package only 17 studs wide and 50 studs long. Jesuskyr from Eurobricks forum made me an MLCad file and rendered it in Pov-ray and then the model is even more impressive: As Rebrickable has clearly a fan-base for Technic models I hope you will find the time to support this idea on Lego Ideas en get this model official. Thanks, Martijn Nab
  4. I'm 53 when I was 4 my family went to Denmark we brought home a starter box it could be set 810 I've still got the big set boxes - 2 x 070, 2x 050, 060 + 040 plus a big boot/shoe box for the 8's. by 1969 I was getting some of the planpacks mostly big & small vehicles plus lots of red & white 8's (about 350 of each) I tried adding my sets but it automatically added an extra number then told me I had 98.5% of a jazz baseball set that looks totally alien to what I have so how do I add old sets - I can easily list over 30 sets but they are all three figure ones