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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, First off, great site. Loving it. Signed up for a month of Pro to see what is possible and I'm really enjoying it. My question: Is there anywhere I can see the "Storage Location" when I choose to build a "Lego Set" or "MOC" from my parts list? I know I can see it when I browse my parts list. Right now I have added a few small sets (100 parts or less) to a custom list. Example set - 30285. Is there a way in the inventory of this set to see the "My Part Notes - Storage Location" or do I need to add the parts to a "Part List" or is there some other way. I can'f find an API call that exposes the "My Part Notes". I also know I can "Build This Set" > "Find My Parts" > "Find Parts" and this will show me in what Part List (Row 02) my parts are but I have a lower level such as Part List "02-03" (Row 2, Box 3) If you need any more info just let me know, any help would be appreciated. Steven
  2. When I want to build a moc or search based on how many parts i have to build a moc or set the search does not include my parts list despite it being selected. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  3. New issue that has shown up is when I use the build option and change the "number of parts" option to anything above 400 the error 504 code comes up. Any clue how to combat this?
  4. Would it be possible for Rebrickable to establish an option in BUILD that would let us know what official LEGO minifigs we could build (from all sets). I think this would be awesome!
  5. Just wanting to know if there is a way to add sub-set builds from a set to a collection? I purchased a second Sentinel for my 76022 X-Men versus the Sentinel set & would like to have some form of record of it, but Brickset does not have any way to do this currently, I was hoping Rebrickable might. I have also bought a number of Dimensions packs & have parted them out, but I have built some of the builds to keep from those sets, such as the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, the DeLorean from BTTF & B.A's Van from the A-Team, while the rest of the parts from these sets have been added to my MOC parts collection.
  6. DISREGARD, I'M A MORON I searched but could not find an answer for this. I know for a fact that in my loose parts inventory I have 100% of the parts for 6980-1 Galaxy Commander, but the build search tells me that I am missing 11 pieces. When I go to the list of missing pieces, it says I am missing 9x 4081a (Blue) and 2x 3066 (Trans Dark Blue). When I click on either part to see what I have in inventory, it says that I have 11x 4081a (Blue) and 6x 3066 (Trans Dark Blue) in inventory. If I increase the parts count for either part by the number it says I am missing, it then registers that I have enough to be at 100% parts for 6980-1, but that leaves me with incorrect parts counts. If I then reduce the number of parts to the correct number, it reverts back to telling me that I don't have those parts for that build. Is there a fix for this? Is it a known issue? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  7. I have my build search results ordered by Highest Percentage and it gives me the list of sets I can build... normal. However, when I search a specific LEGO piece I own and match it to a possible set I can build, it has a completion of 91% yet does not show up in my BUILD search results.... WHY? Thanks for any help.
  8. Ok, this has now happened 2 times on 2 nights on different sets... 6211 - finished last night Just finished a full by-hand input of all the pieces for this still says I have 65 pieces missing. When I go and add those specific pieces from the build screen it still lists them as missing. Also says I need part 2780 (see below). 8096 - finished tonight Again, I input every piece by hand and it still shows that I need pieces to build it. One piece it says I "need" is part 2780 (black pin)...I have over 1,600+ in loose parts. Suggestions? I'm wondering if this is happening in other sets as well...
  9. I'm usually looking for older sets to build (mostly 80's ones) from my large collection of old bricks. It's a bit annoying having to set all the relevant parameters each time i do a search (year range, set usage, skip MOCs, etc) Would be useful to have a 'save as default' button when setting up a build search.
  10. I'd like to suggest changing the way Build page works. Right now we first select the exact / close / ignore options and then click on build, which immediately starts to run the algorithm to check what we can build. But there are other options to choose later on and very frequently I want to change the defaults. This makes the first run through the database unnecessary. Why not have all the options available right from the start? This would save computing powers and make the page run faster. (Similar change could be introduced to my parts section. If I want to see all parts instead of loose I hit the the Data Base twice.) Another thing about the build is I lack the possibility to ignore for build all sets belonging to given category all at once. If that is not possible then it should be faster to be able to click on the Ignore button and have the page not reload & recompute all build options.
  11. When you check only looseparts and builds, why isn't there a option to disable owned sets. You must use your owned set for them to be excluded. Right now I basically need to duplicate my own set list in my ignore list to make it work. This should of course be optional sometimes you want to find duplicates.