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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everybody! I am looking for a feature I haven't found yet, maybe it doesn't exist, maybe I just overlooked it. My aim is to catalogue all my loose LEGO parts in one single part list. For creating MOCs I want to use custom lists including the needed parts. So far, so good. Now I want my lists to do virtually what I would do in real life: Separate the parts I already have right from my collection so that I cannot use them for other builds anymore. I'm afraid that this is currently not possible but hope dies last. Thank you in anticipation and greetings, 8fifty
  2. One of the many suggestions often received is for more parts categories. Now is the time! Categories are based on Lego standards, but less idiosyncratic, and you should find most sections self-explanatory as to their contents. All parts will be sorted manually, and if there's any parts that you think are in the wrong category just shout out in this forum. Parts are now split into the following categories:- Axles Bars and Fences Baseplates Beams - Technic full and half beams Beams Special - beams with modifications, like the Bionicle/HF parts that are almost Technic, but not quite Bricks Bricks Curved - includes arches. Bricks Printed Bricks Sloped - normal and inverts. Bricks Special - bricks with modifications. Bricks Wedged - All compound wedges, normal and inverted. Bushes Containers Gears Hinges Minifig Accessories Minifigs Non-LEGO - Game cards, pencils etc Other - All that weird stuff I have no idea where else to put, mostly string. Panels - LURPs, BURPs, fairings and panels. Pins Plants and Animals Plates Plates Special - Plates with holes, lumps and bumps modified plates. Power and Pneumatic Functions Technic Bricks Technic Special - Technic that's not a brick/beam/special e.g. engine blocks, disks Tiles Tiles Printed Tiles Special Transportation - Car, boat and plane specific parts. Tubes and Hoses Wheels and Tyres - You're kidding, you know what these are! Windows and Doors Wings This is about as far as we would like to split categories up, to keep it manageable, coherent and stop it from sprawling into subsections of infinite complexity. Feedback is welcome, enjoy!