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Found 3 results

  1. Simon

    Christmas is Coming

    Greetings, Folks; The busiest time of the year is approaching for you, for us, and for the LEGO Company: Christmas. For LEGO it seems all personnel is put on sales for that period, while also a lot of new sets come out. For the last two years, and probably even before that, this resulted in some issues with our automatic part retrieval and inventory update system. It takes well into February for new Element IDs to become active, and for LEGO inventories to become available to us. This is one of the reasons why last year we decided to add sets prematurely with the 'Pending' tag, and Nathan added the Submit Inventory feature. This allows our users to add new sets to say a Wanted List, even though the inventories for those sets are not yet available. It also allows users to add new 'empty sets' (thank you, Diniz -smile-). Last year there were a few users that put in hundreds of Change Requests to manually add new element IDs to existing parts (based on instruction pds of newly released set that were still without inventory) and others who submitted (partial) inventories for the December/January wave of sets, which was a lot of work for us, even though, of course, it was very nice that users took the time and effort to do this. And this year, with our new Levels System and Level Prizes, we fear that there is even more incentive to submit change requests and new empty sets. Now, for sets released in 2018 or earlier, it is relatively simple: we only accept complete sets, with all set info, image and inventory. For newly released 2019 sets we will accept sets without an inventory, but only with all info and image. Newly released 2019 sets without an image will be put on hold until an official image become available and is added by whomever submitted the set. Obviously, the set number and set name need to be correct. We do not accept sets with confidential or prematurely leaked images. We will not accept single part change request for new sets without an inventory. If you have bought such a new set, and you really want that inventory to be available, you have to use Submit Inventory for the full inventory of that set. We ask respectfully that you do not submit Element ID Change Requests for new sets, as long as we don't have an element image for that particular part/combination. Our automatic update system will add Element IDs and element images simultaneously when LEGO releases that information. Obviously, if you spot errors in 2018 or older sets, we really appreciate your input, and submitting a Change Request in those cases will still get you additional points. Thanks for your cooperation, Take care, Simon
  2. MOCMaker

    Change Request

    I Can't Figure Out How To Submit A Change Request
  3. Just add this as a reminder for Nathan. When you have done a "Change request" add it to a list just like pending MOC/Sets on your homepage so you can keep track of them and in some cases edit them/remove them. Unless your really good at manageing Emails it's hard to know which has been changed, which you have sent in and which one you still need to send in. The email saying that change request as been made as you suggested doesn't help much if you can't read what you suggested in the same email.