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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I'm new to the community and to the idea of MOC's, however have several that I am going to work on and wondered what other MOC designers thought around using stickers in their designs. several of my ideas would benefit from the use of stickers, however I am also not sure what the best way would be of generating the stickers. if you have had any experience with this and possibly know of good ways to get the stickers, I would be grateful to ear from you. Many Thanks
  2. Welcome everyone! I have all my sets added to rebrickable, so I should have complete list of owned parts. Is there any design/cad tool to create MOCs on Mac OS, which would allow to build from owned bricks only? I researched ldd and I think there's no way to do that. I also tried which support building from specified bricks, but couldn't find a way to limit usage of individual bricks to the number I actualy own. Any info will be appreciated! Regards
  3. I have been looking for help on this topic for weeks now, any help is appreciated. I used build on minecraft creative servers all the time and have been wanting to start using my designing ability to make and sell lego MOC designs. I made a chess set on LDD but after reaching out to LDD customer support it doesnt seem like im allowed to sell instructions made through their program. I am wondering what program i can use that allows their users to then sell the instructions to mocs they design on the program. I have Bricklinks Studio 2.0 but the last thing i want to do is redesign the whole chess set on their just to find out i dont have the right to sell instructions on studio 2.0 either. Please someone with experience selling their moc designs i would some help!
  4. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The Eastland Disaster (July 24, 1915) is Chicago's (and the Great Lakes') greatest loss of life tragedy. While 844 people died in a matter of minutes, tens of thousands more were affected by it. Most were 1st- and 2nd-generation immigrant laborers. The Eastland Disaster Historical Society exists to win a place in history for these every-day, ordinary people. As part of our long-term strategy, we would like to have a LEGO model of the S.S. Eastland designed such that we can sell the instructions and parts to those people and families who wish to build this ship in commemoration of what happened. Motion picture footage (60 seconds) from the tragedy. To learn about the tragedy and to see images of the ship. If you are interested and can assist us in designing a replica of the S.S. Eastland, please contact us. Email us now.
  5. Hello chaps and chapettes I've always thought about using software to design some lego models, now I've just read about MOC. Can someone point this newbee in the direction of some windows 7 compatible software that would help me to design some fresh Technics models? Any kind of advice would be appreciated, Thanks