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Found 5 results

  1. Hello While exporting my missing parts to bricklink I got a message that there is an error in xml but nothing specific. What could be the reason for this? Have you experienced the same thing?
  2. Hello, I have in the past exported my collection from Brickset without any issues. However today I attempted to export my collection from Brickset and after clicking "Send my sets to Rebrickable" I received the message " Invalid password: Check the details in your profile and try again. ". I've not changed my passwords or login details on either site. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Alex
  3. Would be great to just export the parts needed to create a build (bricks remaining after pushing build this moc) into a brickowl wishlist. And after receiving your orders be able to import the brickowl order into my parts, like what is now possible from bricklink. With a api command it is pretty easy to export the order data. so maybe you should build something to add your brickowl API key into your profile.
  4. Hi, I love the lists functionality and the current export to HTML. However, I would love it if e.g. "Type/Theme" (Technic, Star Wars...), Year released and Number of parts could be included. That would help me a lot with my own cataloging and keeping track in Excel. /Mich
  5. When building an alternate MOC in LDD, I often need to check the instructions and put all the parts in a file myself, to use it as a template. But I was wondering, since this website has part lists of a lot of official sets, whether it is possible to get those some way or another into a template for LDD. Has this something to do with those export options? Anyway, that would save me a lot of work, so thank you in advance.