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Found 9 results

  1. I go to my parts list, click on the import/delete parts button. Then I click on the from-website-Bricklink-order button. The popup occurs. I select the order I want with the tickbox. Then I click append, nothing happens. None of the buttons/links do anything. Never done this before... am I missing something simple? Thanks for any advice...
  2. I've imported my Brickset data into a default set list. I'd like to split out all of my CMF sets into a separate list, but I haven't found any UI to do anything to more than one set at a time. I don't see myself clicking through ~100 CMFs to move them to another list. Is there no bulk operation to move things from one list to another? What's the intended process? Thanks, kono
  3. Hi. I'm trying to import a file I'd saved from Rebrickable before the upgrade, in Rebrickable csv format. When it finishes, it gives the following warning: Any idea why? I'm fairly sure that I really do have exactly 200 of that part/colour. I thought maybe it was suggesting that the part count had been truncated down to 200, but other parts in the file have more and they import without problem. Any ideas? I've just ignored it for now, since it seems to have imported successfully, but would be good to know if there really is a problem, or maybe a faulty warning. Nathan
  4. Hi, Just discovered Rebrickable. It's awesome. I've managed to add my sets and bricklink orders to parts but I am stuck on how to import parts I've purchased from Lego Pick'a'brck and Bricks'n'pieces. There are a lot of parts so I really need a process which isn't completely manual. I have digital copies of the ordes which would be easy to convert into a file of element id and quantity. The challenge lies in coverting the element id into a design/colour pair. Does anyone know a way to achieve this? I'm comfortale writing code to automate tasks if APIs are available. Many thanks, Tas
  5. Hello- I created a parts list, and populated it by importing three orders through the bricklink API method. Now, this parts list shows 14 parts, but when I drill into the categories, only 6 parts are listed. The others are wheels with group part numbers (32247c01 for example). I don't see any errors reported during the import. Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks!
  6. Would be great to just export the parts needed to create a build (bricks remaining after pushing build this moc) into a brickowl wishlist. And after receiving your orders be able to import the brickowl order into my parts, like what is now possible from bricklink. With a api command it is pretty easy to export the order data. so maybe you should build something to add your brickowl API key into your profile.
  7. I'm having trouble with importing new sets from Brickset, where I keep my hub list of all the sets I own. Lately, I've aquired several new sets, and listed them at Brickset. However, after attempting to import them "Via Web File" (through the link in My Sets), it repeatedly does not add any new sets. (I have 'attached' the two accounts through the appropriate methods.) It only gives me a list of sets it did not add (sets I have previously listed at Rebrickable). Is there a way to easily import sets from Brickset, or am I just doing this wrong? Thanks!
  8. Hi! I created an import file manually matching the format of the Rebrickable CSV. While the site says all my parts were uploaded, it only shows 2 parts. I thought maybe it was something about my formatting, but when I reduce the file to just 2 lines of parts, the site still tells me the parts were added, but nothing shows in my parts list. I've attached a screenshot of the issue and a link to the file I've been trying to upload. Maybe someone can see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  9. hi, trying to tech rebrickable about my PAB items. I wrote a bricklink inventory file using the colors from The part-ids are what is printed on the brick / what bricklink shows. Now when I import this I get the errors below. I am attaching the bricklink file. The weird thing is that I think the parts are correct ... Any ideas? Stefan There were errors or warnings processing the file as shown below. Loaded 131 of 423 parts. Part 3039 (12) changed to 0 Part 3039 not recognised Part 60603 (12) changed to 0 Part 60603 not recognised Part 3004 (13) changed to 0 Part 3004 not recognised Part 54200 (98) changed to 50746 Part 4589 (17) changed to 0 Part 4589 not recognised Part 30153 (17) changed to 0 Part 30153 not recognised Part 3070b (17) changed to 0 Part 3070b not recognised Part 3024 (17) changed to 0 Part 3024 not recognised Part 4073 (14) changed to 0 Part 4073 not recognised Part 30046 (115) changed to 0 Part 30046 not recognised Part 92947 (1) changed to 0 Part 92947 not recognised Part 3794 (3) changed to 0 Part 3794 not recognised Part 54200 (155) changed to 50746 Part 3034 (2) changed to 0 Part 3034 not recognised Part 30136 (2) changed to 0 Part 30136 not recognised Part 44301 (86) changed to 0 Part 44301 not recognised Part 44302 (86) changed to 0 Part 44302 not recognised Part 98282 (85) changed to 0 Part 98282 not recognised Part 2555 (85) changed to 0 Part 2555 not recognised Part 98284 (88) changed to 0 Part 98284 not recognised Part 3022 (11) changed to 0 Part 3022 not recognised Part 2540 (11) changed to 0 Part 2540 not recognised Part 2432 (11) changed to 0 Part 2432 not recognised Part 3037 (11) changed to 0 Part 3037 not recognised Part 3040 (11) changed to 3040b Part 4286 (11) changed to 0 Part 4286 not recognised Part 3298 (11) changed to 0 Part 3298 not recognised Part 3660 (11) changed to 0 Part 3660 not recognised Part 2877 (11) changed to 0 Part 2877 not recognised Part 74698 (11) changed to 0 Part 74698 not recognised pab.20140118.xml