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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I really want to post MOCs, but I can't find a reliable way to create instructions. I used to build my MOCs in LDD and use it to create instructions, but the instructions are always faulty. Does anyone know how to create reliable instructions reliably and in a non time-consuming way? Thanks.
  2. Hi! I'm not sure how to search for alternate instructions for LEGO sets, so, if anybody has intructions for 60101 or 31036, that'd be great, because those are my only sets that O have all the parts in one place currently.
  3. i am going to make a modified version of the 42054 with instructions and i was woundering if i can use pics of the instructions for the bonnet and cab and other bits that wont be changed as its easier and better quality then it would be if i made instructions for those bits! thanks!
  4. Do any other programs exist for making step-by-step instructions from ldr/mpd files, apart from LPub? I find it really unintuitive, buggy, and sluggish - for example, when I try and drag a box containing a callout, or arrange things on a page, it bugs out and things jump around all over the page, often outside the page borders. I make sure as I've learned to use LDraw better and better, that I include steps and rotations in the files themselves, but even then LPub is a nightmare to use. Blueprint seems to only be for LDD. So what can I do? Is it a case of get good with LPub or go home? Edit: I should also mention, about 75% of the time, the program crashes on startup (at the splash screen), and 100% of the time, it gives redundant error messages when I open a file, move something, edit a page, or perform any action, saying it failed to open, for example C:/Users/Name/Desktop/MOCs/LPub3D/tmp/c:\users\name\desktop\mocname.ldr.
  5. Hello, when using the usual lego instructions on a computer screen, I've found that they are not very convenient. I have to change page too often, and I have difficulties to get the whole picture. Hence I tried to create images (see an example in the attachment for the beginning of lego 21303) more usuable on a screen, and they permit to divide by between 6 and 10 the number of pages. I would like to know if someone found it reasonnably interesting. Best regards.
  6. There were a lot of official alternate builds photographed on the backside (sometimes inside) the box mostly back in the 80's and 90's but you can find "some" out of this era too. These alt builds normally didn't have instructions. I just tried the B-model feature to submit some of these, but I couldn't give a location for the instruction steps I made. Talking about Town, Homemaker, Expert Builder, Paradisa etc. themes, it is mostly impossible to find B-model instructions on Brickset and totally impossible on Lego (for example, 850 Forklift doesn't have any instructions /not even for the main model/ on any of these two). It would be great if one could set an URL for instructions (scan, high res PDF, photo sequence, ldd etc), just as in the case of submitting a MOC. This would make sense to submit B-models, as without instructions these are degraded to simple photos/pictures. I know, sometimes the pics are not clear or too small to make correct reverse engineering on them, so the final instructions may lead to a slightly different model than it was originally built by LEGO. It might disturb someone, but hopefully more people would like even these not fully correct instructions, than nothing. (as you might not call these to "MOC", as theye are based on that tiny official idea)
  7. How do you download MOC instructions on sets? I am able to click on download but nothing happens.
  8. Hi, My first two MOCs have just been published ( ), but when I went to the home pages of them I couldn't click on a link that would take me to the page with detailed photo sequence. Could this be fixed in some way? I'm afraid that little number of people that go there can be discouraged when they won't be able to see instructions. It does work when you right click and select to open in a new tab, but not everyone will try to do that. The links to the MOCs in question are: Thanks!