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Found 19 results

  1. Hello all - I'm new to this forum and this is my first post but thought I'd come here for some ideas. I recently finished my first 2 Star Wars mosaics (Boba Fett and Stormtrooper - see pics attached), and am absolutely in love with how they turned out. I was wondering if anybody had some other Star Wars Mosaic designs that I could build to pass the time during all this craziness. It would be very helpful if there were Studio/LDD files and/or part lists to make ordering parts and building easier . . . I'm not very creative but am GREAT at following instructions =) I found a great Darth Vader mosaic on BrickLink Studio but it's waaaaaaaaaaaaay too big (160 x 160): The Stormtrooper mosaic that I built was 96 x 96 and that's about as big as I'd want to go. My Boba Fett Mosaic is 48 x 48. Any ideas and designs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance! Steve
  2. Hi I'm L, still mainly play with PF1 motor even PF2 has been released for now With the PF2(new electrical system that broke the old lego paradigm) PF1 motor are no longer likely to come out anymore Imao So I'd like to make compatible motor for the PF1 electric building system myself consider the proper shapes, specifications, and placement of the wires and while im making it, i wanna make it really good and nice to use, over lego motor to acieve it, I want to hear the user's reaction or wish. I look forward to hearing from your idea Question here 1. Which is more important (1) Torque (2) RPM(Speed) 2. Size(Size and torques are in semi-parallel relationship) (1) 2x2(Micro motor size) (2) 2x4(S size) (3) PF Series's was fine, just need more torque 3. Shape (1) Round (Like XL Motor) (2) Square(Like Old Lego Motor) (3) Oval(Like M Motor, Flat Bottom Type) 4. Building type (1) Pin & Hole (2) Stud & Tube (3) Axle & Axle Hole 5. the unit of length (1) odd number(etc. 3x5x5) (2) even number(etc. 2x4x4) 6. Power Supply Method (1)PF1 (2)PF2 and last, I'm going to post it on the crowdfunding site if it's a good response after I've made the motor brick prototype. So what if there was a third-party motor with better performance? 1) If the performance is good, can buy. 2) Because it is not Lego, never buy it thanks for your asnwer and have a nice day~ and any critical, basic ideas are always welcome from L
  3. Hello! I am an advertising student at the University of Technology Sydney and are conducting research for an assignment about Lego and its branding strategy and would appreciate some responses for my research. This survey will take roughly 3-4 minutes and all participation would be greatly appreciated. Your participation in this research is voluntary, and you are free to refuse to participate or quit the survey at any time. If you have any enquiries or would like to be informed of the results of our research, please contact us at [email protected]
  4. This is MOC Lego stop motion video about Indonesia 74th Independence Day ceremony Youtube : Lego MOC Video About 74th Indonesia
  5. I have been looking for help on this topic for weeks now, any help is appreciated. I used build on minecraft creative servers all the time and have been wanting to start using my designing ability to make and sell lego MOC designs. I made a chess set on LDD but after reaching out to LDD customer support it doesnt seem like im allowed to sell instructions made through their program. I am wondering what program i can use that allows their users to then sell the instructions to mocs they design on the program. I have Bricklinks Studio 2.0 but the last thing i want to do is redesign the whole chess set on their just to find out i dont have the right to sell instructions on studio 2.0 either. Please someone with experience selling their moc designs i would some help!
  6. Hi, I just got a new 3D printer! Any suggestions on any good pieces that I can print? -TechnicRCRacer
  7. OK this is a long shot at creating a place for Technic lover to share discuss, buy, sell and or trade. It's a long shot but I've struggled to find anywhere on the Internet where we can talk technic.. Many forums are dead, unused or just pants. I want a place where its free, easy accessible and just lego technic related.. No one wants to pay for ideas or Instructions, I'm assuming most of us want to chat about ideas, gearboxes, pneumatics or how we did this and that to create a master piece. Anyhoo, you get the idea.. Join the page if you want or don't if you feel it's un needed, either way I'm giving it a shot Here's the link :
  8. Hi All, Well, I've finally build a new version of the Test Car (8865-2) model 2. It has taken some years to build on and off, Last week I decided to sort the live axle and some my own design as the borrowed one with heavy modifications was bowing a little. Somehow what came next was a completely new Jeep. About 85% in new compared to my last build which took about four months to complete. One thing that this model has over MOC Red Jeep is the inclusion of a torsion bar at the front due to the Macpherson Suspension just not being sturdy enough. With this, I had to create a new part by destroying another part (something which I hated doing, but the design is 100% better with it than without it). Enjoy! Trio of Jeep Designs from the original 8865-2 almost 30 years young to my MOC Red Jeep and my latest Chassis Jeep
  9. TechnicRCRacer

    Strange Part

    Hi, I found this part in a pile of bulk legos. I think that it is related to Minecraft because of the small print, but I cannot find it.
  10. I added all of the parts to the my brick owl wishlist but whenever i click add to cart from multi buy nothing happens, is their a way to sync both accounts or something?
  11. Hi, I got some strange z24 gears from a LEGO meeting. Can someone determine it for me? It has two large injection marks. It is also made of a softer material than normal lego plastic. I know it is from LEGO so it is not a fake. I have attached a link to the image. Image shows front and back. I think I may have found a 3648b type 3!
  12. Yay! I expanded my blog to include not just MOCs, but set reviews and MOC spotlights (with creator's permission)! I renamed it from RClegotechnicracers (too long a URL) to Technic Speed. I can't wait until people suggest changes! Here is a link:
  13. Hi, I was trying to add the new set 42057, but it had new parts in it. It said that you have to be admin to create new parts. Can an admin upload this set for me?
  14. Hi! I'm not sure how to search for alternate instructions for LEGO sets, so, if anybody has intructions for 60101 or 31036, that'd be great, because those are my only sets that O have all the parts in one place currently.
  15. More photos you can see there: If you like this idea, and my project, please click "SUPPORT"!! Dear friends! I want to present you my new project "Modular pedestrian street". I really like the modular buildings, which makes LEGO company. Each new official LEGO modular building is not similar to the previous one. Each new set is an interesting building, which occupies a large part of the standard base plate 32*32. Pedestrians, in turn, have to huddle on a narrow strip of sidewalk. In such a small space it is difficult to create something interesting from the life of minifigures. I want to propose to build a long pedestrian street which there is in every city. The most interesting is always happening on a pedestrian streets: street performers, musicians, artists, street cafes with the cheerful companies and so on. My project is fully compatible with the official Lego modular buildings. If you make several these sets, you can create a long pedestrian street where you will be able to create all sorts of interesting stories and situation with your minifigures. This is a very exciting and interesting! My project is the begin of walking street. In the buildings there are a jewelry store with a jeweler's office, a hostel, a souvenir shop and a small cafe. I think the pictures will tell you about my project more than I can write. See images and if you liked the project, support it on! Enjoy!
  16. Hi everyone, im new to the forums and just wanted to share the work iv been doing over the past few months
  17. Hi All. I am new to the forums here, but I wanted to share a project I've been working on. I'm a CS student at the UofA. Me and a friend have been working on a data-vis project using the rebrickable set database for one of our classes. Here's the link: I figured I would share with this group, since you are all experts on the topic! (Please note that currently, the UI is a bit laggy. This will hopefully be worked out in the future). If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know! I'm always looking for ways to make it better. Also, it has not been rigorously tested, so if you uncover any bugs, holler at me!
  18. See all the F1 races in Lego: I have made 10 races so far and still practicing making Stop Motion Video: I make the video's with Stop Motion using IRL race highlights. Please feedback so I can improve the video's and make them even better.
  19. Less than a week to go Aussies!