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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, Folks! Our LEGO parts database is organized into categories, and during the last few years, two of those categories, "Minifigs" and "Minifig Accessories" have grown into almost unmanageable sizes. So, after several month of internal discussion, we have decided to add more minifig categories. Here is a list of our new minifig category system: Minidoll Heads - Friends/Elves figures Minidoll Upper Body - Friends/Elves figures Minidoll Lower Body - Friends/Elves figures Minifig Heads - incl specials like minecraft, molded character, etc... Minifig Upper Body - incl. odd Torsos) Minifig Lower Body - incl. specials, skirts, etc... Minifig Headwear - incl Hats & Hair, anything that utilizes the top stud of a minifig head Minifig Accessories - incl. Tools, weapons, etc... Minifigs - temporary container (for now) The most obvious parts are already moved to their proper categories, and we are now working on the remaining parts within Minifigs and Accessories to move them to their right place. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT CATEGORY CHANGE REQUESTS FOR MINIFIGS OR MINIFIG ACCESSORIES FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! We are working on full speed to get this massive operation completed, and having to spend our time on individual change requests for these parts is a waste of previous time - we know that these parts need to be moved, and we are working on it as fast as we we can. Any category change requests for minifigs or minifig accessories submitted during the next few weeks will be rejected. I will update this post when, as far as we know, all parts have been moved, and new category change requests for minifigs or minifig accessories will be accepted again. Take care, Simon
  2. BrickLink gives minifigs their own identifiers and lists their component parts, but Rebrickable seems to allow only specifying the individual parts. Is there a method for adding an entire minifig to a parts list?