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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, kind builders! I'm new here, and have just finished using the Lego Digital Designer to build my first ever file to share. That said, I am wondering how I would do that, and what it takes to have something qualify as "Premium" so that I might get paid in some way (eventually). So far, I have a single build of a B'Omarr Monk that might be of interest to some Star Wars fans out there, and don't want it to get "appropriated" by someone else as their own. After all, it could be worthy of entering into a contest, so I would like to be careful. Helpful suggestions greatly appreciated! Basic specs are as follows: 30 Bricks Includes 1 "special" pre-printed tile that can easily be ignored. Has 21 steps, but repeat building of the leg units is easy... I have a "complete" .MHT file of the build instructions that includes the brick inventory, as well as the example "render" pics. Hoping to not give everything away if there's a chance to earn decent points here somewhere. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing where this goes!
  2. Hi all, how can i make a new Moc and privat? So Only i can see it, i want to upload a ldd project, and then add what parts I have to see what parts i am missing...
  3. So my son is busily building a fleet of planes / spaceships, and suggested I try and build a spaceship that I've always liked. Except when I was little, I've never tried to build anything substantial from scratch but I'm actually pleasantly surprised by how it's going, to the extent that I've gone to BrickOwl to try and gather parts that my son won't let me borrow! So, as I wait for them to arrive, I'm pondering whether I could put this potential set on Lego Ideas just by taking photographs of it. I would also like to put it up here in due course, so if I read the requirements correctly, I'd need to figure out the parts I've used (!) and create a part list to tie in with actual build instructions either "in real life" or as something more equivalent to printed Lego instructions? I've read a little around LDraw and Lego Digital Designer but my spare time is quite limited. The model is using hinged elements at 45 degree angles and such like, so I'm not sure what the best tool to use is? It's not technic, I just need the angles to display right for the sake of the instructions. The alternative would be to take a photo of the finished model, make instructions for the components, then just advise on how to put it all together, but I just wondered if any of the digital tools could handle it if I could get my head round them? I'm quite excited about this as a concept, but I'd like to try and get it right if at all possible... Also, do people generally try things on Lego Ideas and then post the MOCs more widely if they don't get taken up as sets? Many thanks.