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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everybody! I am looking for a feature I haven't found yet, maybe it doesn't exist, maybe I just overlooked it. My aim is to catalogue all my loose LEGO parts in one single part list. For creating MOCs I want to use custom lists including the needed parts. So far, so good. Now I want my lists to do virtually what I would do in real life: Separate the parts I already have right from my collection so that I cannot use them for other builds anymore. I'm afraid that this is currently not possible but hope dies last. Thank you in anticipation and greetings, 8fifty
  2. I have several part lists that made sense when inventorizing loose parts that came in from different buys. Now i would like to combine them all in one bigger list, as the separation makes no sense anymore. Is there a way to do this other than re-assigning each part manually (which would be very tedious)? My last resort thought was to export them as csv and re-import them to the new list, but maybe there is a official way and i just have not found it yet? Thanks for your help Tom
  3. I was happy for the full parts list, and was planning to print out, to make any inventory of my parts, but unfortunately could not print the exported HTML correctly, instead i needed to capture the screen, and print out the pictures, which of course are worse quality. Would be nice to print the HTML export view as it looks in the browser. Happens in both Firefox (45.7.0) and Chrome (55.0.2883.87), both 64-bit. OS is Linux RHEL 7.3 with Gnome 3.14.2
  4. Is there a way that I can add multiple different parts to my parts list. It will take too long to search each individual part and add them. I also don't know what sets these parts are from, so can do that either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have written out the part numbers that i have Thank you.
  5. it would be useful to me to have a field for how much I paid for bricks that are in my brick lists. not for each part, but for the whole list. for instance I went to garage sales one day and came out of it with over 1000 parts for $10 total. it would be nice to have the ability to store that little piece of data with the title of the list. additionally it would be great if I could put in a note about the list as well, just a small text field would do.