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Found 11 results

  1. PG7

    Inventory help

    I am trying to update my inventory list of all my sets and their parts. I have been carefully marking the pieces that are missing, etc. Now I'm at the end of the project and when I look back on sets I inventoried earlier, most of the parts in a given set are surrounded by red boxes with the message "You do not have this part/color in your buildable parts collection." When I worked on this set previously, most parts were surrounded by green and showing near 100% complete in inventory. What happened? Will I need to inventory these sets again? When I add these parts to a parts list, they return to showing green, but it erases my efforts to find missing parts. Any help is appreciated!
  2. I had been working on set 60152-1 (so far, I have checked that all the parts listed in the instruction manual part list are present) but now I "need a minimum of Level 3 to Submit Sets" so I can't even continue my working-through to figure out which parts are spare. I was sent an email saying I had seven days to finish... and this was seven days ago. I knew I didn't have time until today to work on it but now with this problem it appears my work might disappear. Could someone go into that set-submitting page and just submit it for me? Or could the timer on it be reset to another few days, and could I have Level 3 permissions temporarily so I can continue attempting to figure out which parts are spare? (I don't even know if the process I was using would work; I was going through the manual instructions and checking if all the parts needed were listed in the part listing, hoping to see some extras listed in the part listing. Hadn't encountered any spares yet so I'm not sure if this would reveal any. But I'm willing to continue if it will help!)
  3. Over the past number of weeks I had been adding a large batch of loose pieces of various shapes and colours, the usual, to my loose parts list. I only do it to keep track of pieces I have outside of sets and they typically come from bulk buys. I don't know how many pieces I've added since I started this latest round, probably in early January but I thought I had added in the order of 8000 pieces to the approximately 2000 or so I had already logged. I'm now showing a total of around 7000 pieces and there is definitely some parts that have gone missing from my list e.g. I definitely added 18x 32506 in dark tan and now my inventory shows me as having none of these. I also have added almost 200x 3020 plates in a multitude of colours but my list count seems to be around 150 or so. These were just a couple that I checked and I obviously haven't checked what is or isn't present because of the sheer quantity of parts and colours involved. I had been adding heavily around the time of the switch to V3 and the totals seemed to be fine at that time. I had taken a break before the flag went up about usability issues with v3 so I refrained from doing anything until that was rectified. It's looking now like I'm going to have to go through the painful process of cross checking every part I've added to my storage system since Christmas to see if it is in my inventory or not. If I hadn't the 2000 or so original pieces in the list which are stored in various other places I probably would just delete the list and start again. Has anyone else come across this and is there any way to retrieve the missing data? Is there any way that a historical record of parts being added i.e, part details and date/time added can be added? Also, a total count for the quantity of each part in each set list or part list would deb useful I think.
  4. Hi. I'm trying to import a file I'd saved from Rebrickable before the upgrade, in Rebrickable csv format. When it finishes, it gives the following warning: Any idea why? I'm fairly sure that I really do have exactly 200 of that part/colour. I thought maybe it was suggesting that the part count had been truncated down to 200, but other parts in the file have more and they import without problem. Any ideas? I've just ignored it for now, since it seems to have imported successfully, but would be good to know if there really is a problem, or maybe a faulty warning. Nathan
  5. Maybe I am just missing it but I created a parts list that I have used all the parts in and now would like it be deleted, I was able to do this in Version 2 but I must be missing it in Version 3.
  6. On the my parts page on an ipad or iphone the click to load parts does not open the grouping browser safari
  7. Hello, I stumbled onto this site yesterday. Wonderful! Could someone please help me with how to establish my parts list? thank you
  8. I tried to import a csv file into a parts list. The system reports "Successfully loaded 403 of 403 parts." However, nothing shows up in the actual list. The system reports that the list has 403 parts on the page for the parts list and also shows 403 parts in the list of lists. When I try to export the list into another format, there aren't any parts in the product. Here's the top of the file that I'm trying to import: Part,Color,Num 6074033,26,2 4619599,37,6 6001806,21,12 4558886,21,4 246521,21,3 300421,21,8 6019155,21,12 301021,21,2 300921,21,2 300821,21,2
  9. Hi I am new to Rebrickable so I hope this is the right location for this question. I am purchasing parts to make the Fire Brigade and have a question. The way I have been doing it is going to the Fire Brigade Set, jump to parts and then enter the ones I have. But is there a way to remove the parts that I have complete parts for or would show how many I have out of what I need. Example, need 4 of 3004 but as I have two, 2/4 of 3004? I am finding it hard to find at a glance what I need. Also, is there a video tutorial on how to use the site? Thanks.
  10. I've sorted my bricks partwise and not colourwise. The inventory list in Rebrickable as wel as the list provided by LEGO in their instruction booklets is based on colour. When collecting the parts for a set, it happens quite a lot that I have to open the same box several times to fetch the same part but in a different colour. It would really be a great help if Rebrickable could offer the possibility to sort the parts by their part number. E.g. set 75002: part 4073 (plate 1x1 round) in yellow, light bluish gray and dark bluish gray appear next to eachother so I have to open this box only once. This would really be a time saver and is a bonus only an online platform can provide. I'm sure i'm not the only one with this problem. I don't know how your database is concieved but I think this should be possible since the part name is identical. Thanks already
  11. I notice that my parts are automatically filed into "My First Parts List". Is it possible to have multiple parts lists? And, if so, can we try and build using JUST a specific parts list as opposed to all loose parts? I am thinking this may help those who buy large bags (like myself) to see what they can build inherent without adding any of our loose parts and easier identify sets that we may have. Thoughts, gentlemen? Rock on.