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Found 29 results

  1. Hello everybody! I am looking for a feature I haven't found yet, maybe it doesn't exist, maybe I just overlooked it. My aim is to catalogue all my loose LEGO parts in one single part list. For creating MOCs I want to use custom lists including the needed parts. So far, so good. Now I want my lists to do virtually what I would do in real life: Separate the parts I already have right from my collection so that I cannot use them for other builds anymore. I'm afraid that this is currently not possible but hope dies last. Thank you in anticipation and greetings, 8fifty
  2. after checking several available databases, I could not find any reference to this part...any help to identify it, would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance(the wheels are nondetachable) PS. topic also in BL
  3. Hi, I am trying to build MOCs 10857 and 10858, but after 10857 I miss parts for 10858. Is there a way to combine 2 parts list and check it with my parts list? Thanks.
  4. I picked up the 10254 Winter Holiday Train along with the individual power functions add-ons all at my local Lego store. 8879, 8884, 88000 & 88002. I just realized some power functions components are considered both Sets and Parts and can be added to your inventory as either or. When should they add the individual parts as sets and when should they be added as parts? I am extremely confused. How can 1 part be a set or is this specific to just power functions? As of right now I simply added the 4 components to my spare parts list.
  5. TmoneyTechnic

    Sets into parts

    Is there a way for me to move entire sets into the parts category? I don't think there is but I just started using rebrickable, so maybe I'm wrong.
  6. I added at first. Then I added and deleted log loader. I can not remember in which order. But now some parts are marked as missing even I own them. Eg. I own 50163, 3650c and 6629 from excavator set. I am missing 75c12. Why are parts which I own marked as missing? They are not listed in page. Please, help me. Thank you. Best Regards B.

    Export Parts

    I was trying to export my parts list over the last 2 days and I keep getting Error 504? Screen shot has the button I am using....I have tried all the options.
  8. How are part prices determined when they are displayed in my loose parts inventory? I ask because the minifigure legs in the link below are reported in my inventory to be worth about $120.00. But if you check the link below, you can clearly see that the price of most sellers seems to be closer to $2.00. How would this discrepancy come about? This would seem to imply to me that perhaps the prices displayed on the inventory page and thus the expected value of the whole inventory would be inflated. In short it would be helpful to know how these parts are valued, so that I can judge how close the stated value is to what I can expect to sell the part for. Thank you very much in advance for any response. And v3 is very awesome. Thank you so much for the effort you put forward in adding alot of functionality that I have been looking for. Cheers, Dan
  9. Whats the best way to add the parts from an almost complete set? For example, I have the Fun with Building Tub 4496-1 but I'm missing 2 of the bright orange 1x3 bricks. Is there a way to add the set and then take out those two or do I have to go through the set and add each part individually to get an accurate inventory? Thanks!
  10. I noticed a part that usually categorizes as a "Bricks Curved" but this special one categorizes as "Bricks Sloped". I would think it will be hard to find this part. Slope Curved 6 x 1 with Black Vent Print (SW Republic Gunship) 42022pb02 • Bricks Sloped
  11. I have alot of parts in my inventory for which I have the bricklink-IDs (written on paper :-) ). As an example let's take 4592c02, which, when entered in the search-box on V3, leads me to: This page clearly states the bricklink ID correctly. Now I want to do the same over API: entering the bricklink-ID and calling an API-function which returns me the correct Rebrickable-ID (298c02 in the example) and a list of external IDs. I tried /api/v3/lego/parts/ with the search-parameter also, but I cannot find any API-function which returns me the external IDs like it was returned by the V2-function get_part and parameter inc_ext=1. In V2 I could use the Bricklink-ID in the part_id of get_part and it returned me the rebrickable_part_ids, if the part_id was a non Rebrickable-ID. I think there are different solutions: Use the search-parameter of /api/v3/lego/parts and extend the result with the external IDs (like in V2); part_ids in the result are clearly Rebrickable-IDs and it is up to the consuming client to evaluate the result; in conjunction with that extend also the result of GET /api/v3/lego/parts/{part_num} so that it contains the external IDs (like it does for print, molds and alternates) Make /api/v3/lego/parts/{part_num} also react on Bricklink-IDs (and maybe others like ldraw, brickowl,...) and have an external-array in the result (this is pretty much the same behaviour like in V2) Add extra-functions like /api/v3/lego/bricklinkparts/{part_num} (and the same for maybe LDRAW, BrickOwl, LEGO (designid)), which return at least the Rebrickable-ID of the part Alternative 2 would suite best to my needs (not much change in my use of the API). From an architectural point of view, 3 would be the best solution (clear separation of concerns). 1 makes sense at all to me (search should search for "everything" (like search on the site) :-) ) Everthing said is just IMHO.. :-) Best regards Dietmar
  12. Just wanting to know if there is a way to add sub-set builds from a set to a collection? I purchased a second Sentinel for my 76022 X-Men versus the Sentinel set & would like to have some form of record of it, but Brickset does not have any way to do this currently, I was hoping Rebrickable might. I have also bought a number of Dimensions packs & have parted them out, but I have built some of the builds to keep from those sets, such as the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, the DeLorean from BTTF & B.A's Van from the A-Team, while the rest of the parts from these sets have been added to my MOC parts collection.
  13. Hello- I love your site. One suggestion on the "Search for Parts" page. I often use the advanced search features, but sometimes forget to completely reset my search parameters. For example, I might search for a piece in a specific color, find my piece, and then move on to my next piece by typing in its part number. The database will then respond "Part Not Found" because I still have the specific color selected, and my new piece does not happen to exist in that specific color. However, it might be helpful (especially in cases where "Part Not Found" is the database's response), to provide a list of "Approximate Matches" or Suggestions. These would be listed below the "Part Not Found", but especially in cases where an exact part number can clearly be found in the database (for example), this could streamline searching a bit.
  14. Could there be an option to change the default order of parts lists showing in the drop down boxes, or to change it to the last list used? I have several parts lists and quite often when I add hundreds of parts I have to select the part list I need in every part details popup. Even if I rename this lists, the ones created first are always on top, meaning it adds time to every part I add - very frustrating! This is more taxing with touch devices than with a keyboard. Would anyone else see this as an advantage?
  15. It would be good to be able to ignore colour for certain parts. Personally, I never care about the colour of seats or steering wheels, and if these could be universally ignored, that would be great.
  16. I would very much like a richer API for managing lost parts. Working at the set level would be a good addition (instead of the entire list). i.e. get or set the list of lost parts for one set at a time. Thanks.
  17. I would welcome possibility to compare MOCs between each other and MOCs and sets. I mean now I can compare two sets and find out which parts are same and which are different in them. I would like to do same with MOCs or MOCs vs sets. If this comparison is possible right now let me know how to do it, please.
  18. i have thousands of pars where my children have had sets over the years and all of the lego has been mixed how to i enter in my oparts to find out what sets can be made?
  19. I am new, so forgive me if my question has been answered, I did look but could not find it. I am entering Parts, when I select a color from the drop down list, there are numbers in parenthesis following the color. For example, Red (23). What does the number in parenthesis represent? Thank you!
  20. When I am in the screen for a particular part - say 87087 - at the bottom it says n parts in x sets - or words to that effect. Selecting a colour (Dark Bluish Grey for example) shows me 1-60 of a possible 87. The sets I own are in green, which makes it easier to locate them. So far so good. My suggestion is that all the ones in Green are shown 1st, or an option to change the 'Sort By' to 'My Sets First' be possible. This is especially useful if there are hundreds of sets for the part and colour I selected. If this is not too tedious to do I would find it very helpful.
  21. Hello!!! How about return the element_id for the parts that come with "no image avaiable"? It will be very hellpfull! Tks in advance!
  22. There is an error in the percentage of parts in the newsletter. It is way off!
  23. I am looking at either starting my inventory in OpenERP or Rebrickable. In addition to inventorying every set and every part, I am hoping to confirm if Rebrickable has the option (or suggestion) to implement custom fields so we can make inventory location references. I use the Plano style plastic container for organizing. I am hoping to make reference to the container (e.g. GR001 for Green organizer 1). I was hoping for a secondary location ID that would reference what spot in the container it would be (e.g. 012-03 would be the 3rd row, 12th organizer to the right) I am also printing a small image with the barcode (element ID) for each part. I am going with Element ID for organizing all individual part by individual color. My journey is about to begin and hope Rerickable might consider implementing location ID's to help me organize. Or if you have it, might someone point out how to do this?
  24. I have added a bunch of sets to my set list and set them to NOT be used when looking for possible builds. But it looks like they are still being used to calculate what I can build. How is this possible? I really want them excluded as I don’t want to disassemble them to make new things. I want to know if this is a bug before I take the time to enter all of my loose parts (20k). Thanks!
  25. I'm new here so please bare with me. On my stats page, underneath total parts, it says "unique parts" and gives a quantity. How are bricks classified as unique and how can I view which parts of mine are listed as unique?