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Found 3 results

  1. Remote controlled studless 8860 With 5speed gearbox with reverse. It has 10 cylinder motor and suspention on all Wheels. it also has working steering Wheel. It is driven by one L-motor and a servo for steering. The battery is inside the grey "Box" in the front. I have not made seats yet but shall have the same red seats that crowkillers used on their model, but a little modified. Now I build it in real and make instructions
  2. Good day y'all, Im new to the whole lego scene so please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this. I recently rolled in the 'serious side' of lego. I've had a few lego sets over the years and they're still on the planks in my room. But as of last week I got really insterested in making my own lego RC car. So I went on and bought a bunch of stuff: SBrick, Servo motor, some extra lights and a secondhand 42039 set (because it was cheap and the guy even gave me the power functions that he build into it) Which makes a pretty decent base to build on. And i found a RC motor (5292). Also used but it works well. Really neat condition it seems. So I started building and building and I ended up with a rat-rod design. I think it looks pretty dope. Problem is. I think it's too heavy for the 5292 motor to handle. Which I thought he would be able to because when looking on youtube for RC cars people tend to use that one a lot. So I kind of assumed it was an awesome motor to build with. How do i go further with this? Is it because the 6 AA batteries are too heavy and not giving the motor enough power? If so what would i need to do? Or is it better to ditch the 5292 and buy 2 power functions XL motors and gear up to a decent speed? Kind regards, Tim
  3. Hello there I'm new to this site but I think I'll be back often as I have boy triplets who have just turned five and, as every good mother does, I'm encouraging exploration with Lego. My problem, and based on,, and a bazillion of other reviews and comments, is that I'd like to get them to build a very simple vehicle using the Power Functions 8293 set. If I put this set into my list of sets, I see no MOC's that fit this task. Could someone please help me get started on a simple building idea?